Youtube Tag Extractor
Youtube Tag Extractor

To use the best free youtube tag extractor tool online, Enter a Youtube video Url/ Link in the Search bar, press Extract tags. Once The tool reveals keywords just tap “copy to clipboard” and you can paste it anywhere or in your video too.

Tags are correlated metadata hidden of a video on youtube. Not necessary to have metadata in every video. It’s on a publisher who used to add tags in his video.

What is Youtube Tag Extractor Tool?

Youtube Tag Extractor Reveal Metadata from Any Public Youtube Video. That they are using to boost their video performance higher on search results.

It’s one of the easiest ways to Extract and see all the tags that have been used in a video. View analyze and implement in your videos to boost video performance.

“Tags can be useful if the content of your video is commonly misspelled”

It’s pretty simple to use our Youtube Tag Extractor tool. Just copy-paste the video URL and get your tags ready to get more views.

Follow this Step by Step Guide: Youtube Tag Extractor

  1. Copy a Youtube Video URL (want to See tags)
  2. Paste the video URL in the Search box
  3. Tap the extract tags button
  4. Once the Tags are extracted, ‘Copy to Clipboard’
  5. Once you ‘copy them to the clipboard, you can paste them directly into your Youtube channel video or elsewhere.

How do I see tags on YouTube videos?

There are several ways to see tags on YouTube shorts videos the most effective way is to use a tag Extractor, Scrapper, or Viewer online tool.

Tag finder tools are easy to use all you have to do is just copy and paste the video URL and extract tags.

Another thing you can do is use an All-in-One YouTube SEO tool extension. Tools like Vidiq and Tubebuddy provide you with tons of features to optimize YouTube videos.

As well as you can keep your eyes on competitors and analyze their growth.

How To Use Youtube Tags To Get More Views?

Tags can be useful if the content of your video is commonly misspelled. but it can also help you get found on multiple searches.

Add trending keywords that are already in search and people are willing to consume. That’s a great strategy to grow faster on youtube.

Follow the step by step guide to add tags that get more views: Youtube Tag Extractor

  1. Sign in Youtube Account
  2. Go to Youtube Studio (in case you’re uploading video: Skip next 3 steps)
  3. Tap Content to go to Videos
  4. Select a video to go to settings
  5. Scroll down and expand ‘Show More’
  6. Find tags section
  7. Pasted or add keywords (up to 500 characters)
  8. save settings or Publish Video

Where does Keyword Tool for YouTube get keywords from?

Keyword Tool pulls keyword suggestions from YouTube autocomplete, we believe it is the best source of good YouTube keyword ideas.

Displays all tags from YouTube video under the video header

The YouTube Tag Extractor extension is a handy way of extracting and revealing meta tags associated with any public video. Extracting YouTube Tags can be very insightful to understand how competitor videos and other high-performing videos are using these tags to boost their performance.

YouTube tags are the hidden meta tags associated with videos on YouTube.

Get Top Tags & Keywords Ideas For Your Youtube Videos

Youtube is still in the trend, more and more people are creating their videos, competition is getting stronger every day and because of it the amount of visitors, coming out of the search results on is getting less and less in terms of each video.

So to make your videos getting more views, they should be good optimized for search queries, and it’s not just about the titles and descriptions, but also about the tags – the keywords that describes the video.

Choose tags for the video qualitatively is difficult task, because it’s important not just to think up or find some keywords, which will characterize your video, but to fully reveal the essence of the video with a large number of tags. Manually this can be done, of course, but this process is very long and tedious, so I decided to create tools that simplify it.

FAQ – Youtube Tag Extractor

How do you copy Youtubers tags?
Once you enter a Video URL and tap extract. You’ll get keywords used in the video, click Copy to clipboard.

What are the most popular YouTube tags?
Gaming, Live, Funny, Vlog, Tech, etc are the most popular tags that could be used in almost every relevant video. But you can tubebuddy to see the keywords position on youtube.

How do I paste a tag?
Once you copy revealed keywords from our tag extractor or Generator tool. Just go back to your Video and ‘Ctrl + V’ to put those keywords in your video. You can do the same to save them elsewhere.

Do tags help on YouTube?
Tags are descriptive hidden video metadata that can’t be seen without a Tool. It helps to make your video visible to the right audience. It can be helpful if your title is misspelled, otherwise, there’s no huge impact on video discovery. But adding tags in the video is a good SEO practice.

How do I extract a YouTube channel tag?
Channel tag is different than video tags. It’s simple keywords that you put in your channel where you want to appear in search results. Use an extractor tool to view those keywords.


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