Best Workout Log Apps

As we all know that in today’s life the importance of fitness and if we are fit. Then we can do anything we want to do and if we are not fit then we feel lazy. We do not want to move from our bed or from our couch. Fitness plays a very important and effective role in our daily life. Everyone was trying to find out the Best Workout Log Apps. We can see and many peoples are very fit in the age of 60-70. But as we can see that many peoples of the age 20-30 are at this time not fit.

Because the fit peoples do any things to make their body fit. Like they do not like to lay at the same place and they do regular exercise. They jog every day and they only eat healthy food. Whereas if we some unhealthy people they are not want to do any exercise. They do not get up early for a jog. They eat whatever they like they have no issues with unhealthy food.

And after seeing this thing there are so many applications. Which may help us they are like a tutor or our coach. These applications teach or guide us how and how much we need to do work out every day. Many make a routine or collects are daily workouts.

Let’s talk about some applications that help us through our mobile phone which is android or iOS. There are many applications for iOS and as well as for android. 10 Best Workout Log Apps of 2021 for iOS and Android

Heavy-set gym workout for iOS

Simple, not basic

No one wants any interference between their workouts especially the bodybuilders. Heavyset does not allow any application to run while this application is running. This is one of the Best Workout Log Apps.

Smart values anticipate what you will add next

Personal records

Heavyset keep track of all of your current records

With the help of Heavy set, you will get to know that fro where you are getting stronger

Record history

Knowing your current records is great but Heavyset provides extra motivation. By showing all of the records you made from logging this application


It allows you to create an advanced routine this involves sets, based on intensity, training maximum, and supersets

Organize and Share

In Heavyset it is easy to keep organize your routine organized. If you created a routine of your particular so you can share your routine proudly with your friends

Data export

Healthy sets can exports all routine exercises and workouts in CS via mail or dropbox See more-: Best Vacuum Cleaners

Fit notes

This application is for android users and it is free in cost and adds free ever. This application is a cleaned and simple, powerful workout tracking application

They give so many features like

  • Workout tools
  • Progress  Tracking
  • Exercises
  • Routine
  • Calendar

body Tracker

From this application, we can see many changes in our body and any changes in our reps as well as insets. Which were recorded in that


Workit is an application that is basically known as the teacher application. Their application provides us with answers to our questions. That which we have a problem we can get any question answer their and Workit has many couches. And well-qualified trainers and they use to give every answer. This application has a very good front page which attracts many people attention. This is one of the Best Workout Log Apps.

This application is for both of the users android as well as the iOS system users, Workit pro gives no ads and pro is paid application


In this application, we can see so many things like this application is solid and have a very customizable workout planning

Very easy to operate and adaptable to available equipment, workout style and time resistance

This application is only for iOS users in this application you are your own coach you can see that you can make your own plans.

Fitbod isn’t really free.  the new users get a free trial to use this application for a specific time period and will automatically roll over into a Fitbod Elite premium


The application stacked is forever free for iOS users only. In this application, you can create your own routine and workouts or you can choose one of your old workouts for both men or women. This application is best for the peoples who want to lean their body. After logging in this will make your data secure and will save it to online data backup. One of the best things in the application is that no one wants to interfere with their workout and this application never show any add


This application is for both of the users android as well as for iOS users.

This application is very easy to use and this application s Intuitive and clean design simple and clutter-free interface to keep you in the flow to make  you for less thinking and more lifting and track your daily progress easily and you can hit a personal record and this application is free

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This application is for both of the users android as well as for the iOS users

From this application you can create a plan or train and track your workout from this help you can analyze and improve the result this application make for home and for gym workout


This application is only for the iOS users

This application has so many features like unlimited workouts, unlimited exercises, fast logging, log notes, workout control, workout timer, detailed analysis and body measurements you can add an apple watch to this application and know your health rate

Simple workout log

Simple workout application is only for android users and it is free of cost this application is made for removing your daily records which you write on paper to write on this application


This application is only for ios users and has to log first to use this application and this application have more than 250 workouts and you can create unlimited routine

Pear personal fitness coach

This application is for both of the user android as well as for the OS users at free of cost

This application is all about hand free, eye free audio coaching providing users with a rich array of guided workouts for a variety of fitness levels and intense that based on the exercises

Fitbit coach

This application is for both of the users android as well as for iOS users at a fixed cost.

This application gives you a perfect schedule for your body and you want to make your body this application is one of the best applications for workouts.

Home workout

This application is for only android users and this application is free of cost and this is one of the popular applications which is used by so many of the android users this application is basically audio this guide you how to do that exercise and how any sets for all and without equipment’s

Gym workout planner

This application is free of cost and only for android users and this application can set your records and if you will not do your record or workout you want to complete it will remind you and motivates you to keep going it is a gym application without a gym equipment’s you will not get this application useful and this is Best Workout Log Apps. See More:- Which is Better? Online or In-Person Yoga Training


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