Social media marketing for hotels has seen a rise and innovation in how hotels now interact with their guests. Everyone is stepping up the hotels’ social media marketing game from hotels to hotel suppliers such as DZEE store marketing the best hotel towels in USA. Everyone wants to reach out to their customers through social media, but not everyone has the right way forward. Those who do have made the right impact. Hence, we are here to help you out with 10 effective social media marketing tips for hoteliers. So, get your hotelier marketing cap on, and let’s sort out how you can make your hotel social media marketing effective!

1.     Sort Your Hotel Social Media Marketing Strategy

When you have your basics figured out, you know where to go from there, so get that out of the way.

Think through your entire social media vision, from which platforms you would be using to the image to you want to create, to your target audience, and what you would want to let them know. As much as guests need a nice lodging place, you need them to run your hotel business. Hence, you need to be clear about the platform, target audience, and the content. The clearer your vision is, the better you are able to connect with your audience.

2.     Interactive Social Media Marketing for Hotels

Hotels social media marketing shouldn’t have any breaks because the guests are always active.

Videos, live stories, conversations through comments and in inboxes, are what make the social media platforms interesting for guests. When they feel like a part of the hotel before visiting and know that those who wait to host the are approachable, updated, and available to help you, it adds to the guest interest towards a hotel. Social media is about constant updated and conversations between your hotel and guests.

3.     The Visual Appeal

Guests see before they read, a visually pleasing social media page attracts more attention.

Post the beautiful shots of and around your hotel. Guests are traveling for the sites. The more inviting your hotel looks and the attractions look, the more likely they are to contact you. When conducting their research, guests want to know visually what they’re getting into. Ensure that is exactly what they get through your social media page.

4.     Prompt Online Customer Support

Not all guests have the time to get on call with you, you need to have a fast reply service for all online queries.

Many times, guests just send a query in your inbox or comment it on a post. Your hotel social media marketing team needs to be prompt with the response and guidance. Twitter is a great platform to answer queries and not only guide that specific guest but also let the world know of the answer.

5.     Influencer Hotels Social Media Marketing

Social media influencers have a trusted following, you want to tap into their gold reserve of people.

Find the right influencers to visit your hotel and tell their followers about it. You can also make a deal with them that prompts their followers to make a booking with you. The more people who know they are getting a trusted review online, the more they trust your hotel.

6.     Written Blog On Social Media

You want to target your audience in every way, detail the stay experience through blogs written blogs.

Social media is great way to get words across literally, so you want to cross-platform your promotions. One of the 10 effective social media marketing tips for hoteliers is to create a complete guest experience online. Reading in detail what is being offered would give guests a better idea of what they will be experiencing. It also helps with being increasing your online presence.

7.     Consistent Social Media Marketing for Hotels

Hotels social media marketing needs to be sorted, the more consistent it is; the more your guests are comfortable with your platforms.

Whether it is cross-platform content synchronization, campaigns, or even the hotel positioning; you need to ensure you never confuse your audience with the message you are giving out. Your guests are active, when they are researching, they don’t keep any stone unturned. Hence, you need to be a step ahead of them.

8.     Proof Backup for Every Promise

There is no need to get into a long argument when you have online proof guaranteeing your hard work.

Guest recommendations and reviews on hotels social media marketing platforms create the right image of the hotel online. When any customer asks you why should they trust you, by sharing those honest reviews; you can let them know what you’re claiming is being provided.

9.     Platform Specific Hotel Social Media Marketing

Every platform serves a different purpose, ensure you get the most out of every platform.

Understand the platform demographics and market yourself on them with the right approach. Twitter is quick and to the point, you want to focus on a conversational approach there. Facebook is more about events. Instagram is more about the younger audience. Create content that is centered to the audience and connects with them accordingly.

10. Ask for Audience Participation

Call to action, prompting your audience to take action helps in creating an active social media community.

Hotels social media marketing plans are created to engage audiences; prompting to take action is the best way to get them to participate. When making your hotel social media marketing plan and posting something, ask your audience to comment, share, and give you shoutouts. All social media marketing for hotels should be done with the audience engagement in mind.

Make Your Social Media Effective

Taking inspiration from different hotels social media marketing plans helps you with your marketing; but you need to put your unique touch on it.

We have share the best 10 effective social media marketing tips for hoteliers; but to really make these hotel social media marketing tips effective, you need to create a plan that is unique to you. Eacj hotel is looking at the strategies of social media marketing for hotels of their competitors. You need to let them and your guests know what makes you the better choice for guests.

What is the most effective hotel social media marketing tip according to you? Let us know in the comments below.


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