10 Essential Oils to Relieve Your Cough

Using essential oils might appeal you due to their natural qualities. They can be extracted from the plants and help in relieving the symptoms for your health condition. This is what you call complementary alternative treatment which is outside from different medical treatments. You can use essential oils for aromatherapy which helps to stimulate your body.

Try to apply diluted oil on the body and then diffuse in the air with oil diffuser. Make sure you use essential oil with care as they can be unregulated. It is advisable to visit a doctor for serious cough or when you suffer from another health problem.

Below are some kinds of essential oils to overcome cough.

  1. Eucalyptus essential oil

    This oil is known for the treatment of coughs and other respiratory problems such as – bronchitis, pharyngitis and sinusitis. It can influence the ability of your body to fight bacteria. Eucalyptus essential oil is an anti-TB drug and various products are available to relieve congestion, including vapor rubs and cough drops. By using vapor rub, children could overcome cough and congestion for better sleep. In case of inhalation, taking 12 drops of essential oil in 3/4 cup of boiling water for three times a day is essential.

  2. Cinnamon essential oil

    It is often used as spice in baking and cooking and can help with bronchitis. Cinnamon can help to prevent respiratory tract pathogens when emitted in gas form for a short time. Cinnamon essential oil can fight against c bacteria and you may try diffusing essential oil in air or inhale a few drops diluted in steam water.

  3. Rosemary essential oil

    Rosemary is a kind of plant which can calm muscles in trachea for providing respiratory relief. It can be tied for treating asthma and rosemary is mixed in carrier oil and then applied to your skin.

  4. Nutmeg essential oil

    Nutmeg essential oil creates a difference when someone suffers from respiratory conditions. Try adding nutmeg essential oil to your diffuser and see if it can relieve your cough. Adjust the amount of nutmeg oil you diffuse according to the results of your congestion relief. Nutmeg can also help to loosen the secretions.

  5. Bergamot essential oil

    Bergamot oil has molecule camphene and can help to relieve congestion. Inhaling camphene is somewhat linked to relieving respiratory tract fluid. You may try bergamot essential oil in the humidifier or diffuser to find out if it can relieve your cough.

  6. Cypress essential oil

    Cypress oil has camphene and the molecule can lessen respiratory congestion. Try to fill hot water in a bowl and then add some drops of cypress oil to find out if it will have any effect on cough and congestion.

  7. Thyme essential oil

    This oil can be used in the form of antimicrobial agent for your respiratory conditions. It can help to determine the suitable way for using way and fighting respiratory tract pathogens. Thyme should be diffused quickly in greater concentration for a short time.

  8. Geranium essential oil

    It can help to fight infections in your upper respiratory tract including bronchitis. This can measure geranium extract with coughs. There is a connection between the use of geranium extract and relief of cough symptoms. The liquid drops of geranium extract can ease symptoms of common colds and lessen the duration of illness. You may try a few drops of geranium oil in the diffuser or diluted oil to find out if it can relieve cough and other symptoms.

  9. Peppermint essential oil

    The herb has menthol which can be used to relieve congestion. The inhalation of menthol does not ease the symptoms, but people who inhale it will feel much better. If you want to get the sensation of relief from cough, then try inhaling peppermint essential oil with the diffuser or steam water.

  10. Lavender essential oil

    Cough can be a symptom of asthma and lavender essential oil can lessen asthma. The inhalation of lavender oil will inhibit airway resistance due to bronchial asthma. You may try inhaling lavender with a diffuser, steam inhalation or diluted and then put in warm bath to see if it can help to relieve cough.

It might be beneficial to try out different kinds of essential oils and relieve your cough. You should know that there is a lack of definitive research on this treatment. Follow proper caution when using essential oils and make sure to dilute them in the most appropriate way. Try to introduce one essential oil at a time and do not postpone medical treatment when the cough becomes severe or you suffer from other symptoms. But if you are suffering from chronic dry cough then go through this blog to know more about it in details.


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