WooCommerce Quick Reference

WooCommerce is like a standalone system on top of WordPress that turns a blogging platform into a powerful ecommerce platform. A kind of Shopify, but with a WP flavor. For many years, WooCommerce has been one of the most popular solutions for working with online stores.

At some point, WooCommerce grew so much that add-ons began to appear not for WP, but specifically for WC. They significantly expanded the functionality of the platform, in particular, simplified the collection of statistical data and their analysis.

Below are the top ten plugins designed to collect and use various metrics to help grow your store.

The plugins are not ranked, but in random order.


Cost:  1500 rubles per month

Metorik is a service application for collecting analytical data from WooCommerce and generating related reports. It was developed by one of the programmers who worked directly on WooCommerce.

Metorik app interface

Adams’ brainchild differs from most plugins, as it is a full-fledged application, not an extension for WooCommerce. In this regard, it has two important advantages:

  1. The interface visually looks nicer, clearer and at the same time contains more useful information. Also the number of features is higher, since Metorik is not subject to WordPress restrictions.
  2. The Metorik database is separate from the one stored in WordPress, so the data loads much faster. You don’t have to wait long for large reports and up-to-date statistics to be displayed.

With Metorik, you can easily divide the report into segments that are convenient for analysis. The application itself will tell you which segments to start collecting information and generating reports. Metorik will show which products are selling better and which ones spoil the overall statistics. Also, through Metorik, you can manage orders, integrate alerts with Slack and connect to HelpDesk systems to communicate with customers without going to WooCommerce itself.


Cost:  8890 rubles per month

Like Metorik, Metrilo is a standalone application that runs outside of WordPress. It communicates with WooCommerce through a specialized plugin that transfers data from the site to the program.

Metrilo allows you to conduct an in-depth analysis of several elements of the system at once and evaluate how effectively each of the available marketing channels works (you can separately analyze the traffic flow from Google, for example).

Metrilo also knows how to measure how effectively you manage to retain customers in your store. That is, turn the buyers who once visited your site into regular guests who regularly make purchases. Here you can also access a cohort analysis of several user groups and evaluate the effectiveness of individual advertising campaigns.

Metrilo also has a full-fledged CRM system and tools for email marketing automation.

WooCommerce Ultimate Reports

Cost  2616 rubles per month

Another great tool that helps you get access to detailed analytics without unnecessary gestures. WooCommerce Ultimate Reports was created as a service to work exclusively with Woocommerce Development Agency in Lahore, so it can be easily integrated into WP and does not require additional configuration for data collection and full-fledged work.

Plugin interface WooCommerce Ultimate Reports & nbsp;

The plugin is good because it clearly shows the data you really need. No husks, in a neat interface.

Other features of WooCommerce Ultimate Reports include:

  • The function of connecting many frequently used channels to collect data into a single dashboard .
  • Display of all “funnels”, at the stage of interaction with which some customers are cut off and profit is lost.
  • The ability to view the history of visits to individual customers (helps to find out how often they return and how often they make a purchase).
  • Detailed statistics on dates, prices, territory of residence of buyers, etc.

Putler WooCommerce

Cost:  from 2168 rubles per month

Putler is a powerful system that combines all the popular tools for managing an online store, tracking sales statistics, controlling transactions, and so on.

Services such as the following can be integrated into the Putler WooCommerce dashboard:

  • PayPal and Stripe for tracking payments,
  • Google Analytics to collect data about store visitors,
  • MailChimp for email marketing management,
  • Easy Digital Downloads for digital products trading.

According to users, Putler helps to noticeably increase store sales. Profits are growing, the number of orders being placed increases by almost half, the number of unique buyers is increasing by 30%. All this thanks to advanced Putler WooCommerce reports, guaranteed to provide up-to-date and correct information necessary to adjust advertising campaigns and improve the product.

The developers call the main advantage of the service the correctness of the data (unlike other analytical systems, Putler combines information from several sources and creates accurate reports on their basis).

Monster insights

Cost:  from 7400 rubles per year

Monster Insights analytics system was not created as an exclusive plugin for working with WooCommerce, but at the same time it is regularly included in the tops of the best tools for collecting statistics from online stores on WordPress. Users consider this plugin to be one of the best tools of its kind.

Monster Insights Plugin Interface

The utility displays a lot of useful information about literally every page, about every customer and product. Monster Insights tracks ad clicks and affiliate links, and tightly integrates with Google Optimize for A / B testing. When using the Google Analytics eCommerce add-on, you can access metrics such as:

  1. total store income,
  2. the average cost of one order from the site,
  3. percentage of successful conversions,
  4. all transactions of buyers,
  5. referral links,
  6. list of the most popular products.

All indicators are collected in an intuitive dashboard that visually displays everything you need on one screen.



Cost  from 5906 rubles

Quite expensive but popular tool for collecting data from many systems. Glew.io is literally in a couple of clicks synchronized with almost any popular eCommerce service, payment system or social network. The list of integrations includes Google Ads, Stripe, Shopify, Facebook, Google Analytics, etc.

Glew.io has the ability to segment the received data into segments based on a variety of criteria. This helps to better analyze the performance of the store and make a decision to improve its position in the market.

Also, the plugin helps to deal with logistics. You can use it to manage warehouses: monitor in real time how many goods are available in the warehouse, which ones are wasting space, etc. Also, this mode of operation helps to plan – for example, to buy before the holidays those goods that were popular on the same date a year earlier.

Another significant advantage of Glew.io is a separate list of indicators for a business, based not on the sale of individual units of goods, but on earnings through subscriptions. By analyzing them, you can adjust your payment plans to reduce the number of bounces (users who unsubscribe after a trial period or the first month of use).

HubSpot for WooCommerce

Cost: the  plugin is free, and the HubSpot account costs 3660 rubles per month

Most of the plugins from the collection are focused on collecting product data, but HubSpot collects the most useful information in the field of marketing and helps not so much in selling individual products as in promoting the store.

HubSpot Plugin Interface for WooCommerce

Of course, HubSpot for WooCommerce includes a basic set of features: the ability to create customer profiles, track inventory, and even website performance, but none of these features are as interesting in comparison to purely marketing tools that are less common in other plugins. With the help of them you can find out:

  • Which banner ads brought more buyers (useful for A / B testing).
  • Which of the existing landing pages “work” the most efficiently?
  • At what stage of interaction with the store customers usually “abandon their baskets” and leave.
  • Which of the used SEO campaigns gave the most noticeable results.

All marketing data can be segmented and analyzed in the same way as other data.

HubSpot for WooCommerce works only in conjunction with an account on HubSpot (from there all the functionality), so one plugin for data collection will not be enough.

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce

Cost:  10,000 rubles one time

The plugin with the longest title in the collection. The development team of this extension set itself the task of creating a tool that will allow to output all the necessary data from Google Analytics and at the same time supplement it with the information necessary for the successful development of the eCommerce component of the resource.

The plugin itself acts as a convenient bridge between WooCommerce and Google Analytics, but with some minor additions. With it you can:

  • Track the entire customer journey – from visiting the home page to entering payment information to pay for the order of the selected product.
  • Monitor the success in the field of logistics in order to order in-demand goods on time and eliminate “stale” items.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of existing advertising and SEO campaigns.
  • Receive notifications about customers who have added items to the cart, but for some reason have not made a purchase (using the add-on, you can contact them using email marketing tools).

This add-on is already used by more than 40 thousand online commerce organizations.


Abandoned Cart Reports For WooCommerce

Cost  Free

The most highly specialized plugin in the collection. Abandoned Cart Reports For WooCommerce focuses on one small but critical issue for many online stores – “abandoned carts”.

Abandoned Cart Reports For WooCommerce Plugin Interface

It often happens that a potential buyer is actively exploring the assortment, adds a bunch of products to the basket, is almost ready to make a purchase and, it would seem, is confidently going for it. But at some point, he drops everything and leaves the site. Online store owners do not like such accidents, and they are trying in every possible way to return the missed chance.

The Abandoned Cart Reports For WooCommerce plugin remembers such “buyers” and   sending their details to the site owner. And he, in turn, tries to get in touch with the departed customers in order to find out for what reason the refusal occurred and whether the store can do something to avoid such refusals in the future.

The main advantage of the add-on is that it is free. And for WooCommerce, “free” is rare. Even if you do not often encounter escaped buyers, you should still install this plugin without worrying about the payback of the chosen software.

Advanced WooCommerce Reporting

The cost is  2900 rubles for each site

Another reporting plugin that helps to collect statistics on an online store and adjust its work. The plugin shows a ton of useful options. These include:

  • general store performance and performance in a single dashboard,
  • recently completed orders and purchases,
  • the most “money” clients in the territory of residence,
  • list of the most demanded products.

And this is just a fraction of the data available in Advanced WooCommerce Reporting. When paying for the Premium version of the plug-in, several dozen additional parameters appear, including a convenient function for exporting reports in CSV format, as well as the ability to search and analyze data for individual trading units. The dashboard includes not only sales data, but also tax costs, the number of returns, the average daily earnings, the number of unsold goods that waste space in the warehouse.


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