As the need for mobile and web application development grows, so does the number of companies vying to provide such services. That said, not all web app development companies are created equal. Since the dawn of time, some firms have been around, while others spring up seemingly overnight, promising the world to anyone who hires them. Figuring out which companies are worth your time and money can be tough but not impossible if you know where to look!

Why must you embrace web app development?

Web app development is one of those things that has been on a tear lately, with more and more applications being designed with web-based apps. Why? Because they’re inexpensive and can integrate with so many different platforms. Whether you’re looking for an off-the-shelf solution or need something that goes above and beyond.

Today, there are more options than ever for web app development. With cloud-based platforms, you can have a developer build an application quickly and easily without investing heavily in hardware or infrastructure.

In fact, with many cloud-based platforms, you don’t even need a developer. With little more than a credit card and some basic knowledge of what you want, you can have an app built—and be managing it on your own—in just a few short hours. While there are advantages to hiring developers and managing your applications for you, there are also advantages to using web app development services as a launchpad for your business or start-up.


ValueCoders provides world-class web and mobile app development services. With its talented team of developers, designers, project managers, and QA professionals, ValueCoders helps businesses worldwide build their most important products and drive revenue by leveraging technology innovation. This top web app development company has extensive experience in delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions. We provide practical solutions to complex business problems while being easy to work with and putting our clients first.


MONTERAIL offers highly effective website design and web application development services. Founded in 2014, MONTERAIL is one of the top web app development companies specializing in creating industry-specific solutions, which are tailored specifically for small businesses and enterprises. Being a technology-oriented company, MONTERAIL has a very strong understanding of its client’s business requirements and offers highly scalable solutions.


Based out of India, Mentormate is one of India’s best web app development companies that provides one-stop solutions for all your web design and development needs. No matter how big or small your project is, you can always count on Mentormate’s expert developers. They make sure that their clients get their desired results within a reasonable time frame. Furthermore, every development process is handled by only highly skilled professionals with decades of experience working for some of the biggest brands.


This website application development company will help you create a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate website. With our team of web app developers at your service, you’ll be able to design and develop your website to look professional and work well. CEMTREXLABS offers web app development for all platforms. When creating a mobile app for you, we’ll use state-of-the-art technology that ensures optimal performance even on older phones.

That is why we offer website application development services tailored to your needs. We do it all, from web app development and mobile app development to software, desktop, and Internet applications. And when you partner with us for website application development, you’ll get a highly responsive, high-quality service that meets your requirements.


UNLEASHED TECHNOLOGIES is based out of Chicago, Illinois, and is one of many top web app development companies across North America. They specialize in apps for iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and Blackberry smartphones. UNLEASHED TECHNOLOGIES provides a full range of web app development services for small businesses and start-ups, including Google map integration, mobile and desktop applications development, cross-platform application solutions, custom enterprise solutions, and social media management.

For web app development, they use frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery, and Objective-C. These frameworks have helped deliver quality software products for iPhone apps, iPad apps, Android apps, and BlackBerry 10 applications for customers across North America. In fact, one of their recent projects was getting an application ready for a Fortune 500 company’s launch. As you can imagine from what you’ve learned so far about web app development companies like


This website application development company offers software solutions based on cloud technology, known for its reliability and scalability. Founded in 2017, 10CLOUDS helps small businesses launch applications quickly, using sophisticated technology that requires no previous coding experience. If you’re hiring developers for your small business web app and want a quick turnaround time without a lengthy onboarding process, 10CLOUDS is your best bet.


Highlands Solutions is a Web application development company that takes web application development to a whole new level. The team of web app developers at Highlands Solution works on projects that aim at creating highly innovative software. At Highlands Solutions, you can hire web app developers for outsourcing your project or hire them as full-time employees (even if you are based out of India).


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