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Is the daily maintenance and cleaning of your house leaving you feeling exhausted? Domestic cleaning can be a big deal for many. Does anyone want to spend their weekends vacuuming the carpets and mopping the floors? The answer is a definite no.

Then what can be a good alternative? Hiring professional services to clean your house can be your best bet in this regard. You can find several decent domestic cleaning services in Singapore providing solutions to your needs.

However, it can be a daunting task to find and hire the right cleaning company. In This article is a compilation of tips catering to the needs of hiring the best service for cleaning the house. 

What are the services you can expect from a professional service provider?

If you are planning to get external help to clean your space, you have two options. Either hire a self-employed private cleaner or a professional cleaning company. Sometimes such agencies offer cleaning office services along with domestic cleaning. You can avail of many advantages if you hire from a company rather than an individual.

Hiring private cleaners comes with its own set of problems. You will be on your own if they take a sudden leave. On the contrary, the cleaning agencies will provide a replacement. Moreover, such companies provide weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deep cleaning services based on your preferences. Thus you can have the benefit of picking the required services from them.

No matter whom you appoint it is crucial to know what services you can expect from them. Does it match your needs and preferences? Make a list of your required services and ask if they can carry out the jobs. Here is a list of cleaning tasks most companies will cover.

  • The first thing is to vacuum the carpets. Carpets are difficult and time-consuming to clean. So it will be a great idea to include this in your list.
  • Thorough dusting and cleaning of each of the surfaces and decorative pieces.
  • A deep cleaning and disinfection session for the kitchen and the bathroom.
  • Go get some steam cleaning for the floors. Nothing beats steam cleaning in making the floor germ free and squeaky clean.
  • Ask them to clean the inside surfaces of the window
  • Overall cleaning and tidying up of the place.

What should be the main criteria for hiring an efficient cleaning company?

We are done knowing about the services they can provide. Now it is time to dive into the matter of hiring a company. There are certain elements to check before appointing any domestic cleaning services in Singapore. Below are some points to look for in any cleaning company. When choosing a deep cleaning company, you want to make sure that they are reputable.

Has the company been around for a while?

Experience will speak for any service provider. Cleaning companies are no exception either. It makes checking the background of your company even more significant. Rather than hiring some newbie, find an agency that has spent considerable time in the industry. You can rely on their services as they know how to deal with any situation efficiently. Nothing can be more relieving than leaving your house in the hands of experts.

Avoid any agency lacking insurance –

Appointing domestic cleaning services in Singapore without insurance would be the last thing you want. Make sure to hire a company with extremely good coverage. It will ensure the safety of your household items while the workers will clean your space. You can never know what may go wrong when.

A company without any insurance may offer your lower prices but at the cost of the safety of your property. What if something valuable gets broken or your wooden floor gets scratched? The insurance should cover all of these for you. Otherwise, you will be the one to bear all the costs of the fixing.

Compensation for workers is as important as insurance –

A reputable company will have insurance coverage even for their workers. If someone gets injured at the time of duty, you would not be liable for that. Without insurance, you will have to bear all the expenses along with responsibilities for the mishap. You would want to avoid any such inconveniences while hiring any cleaning company.

What is the exact procedure for screening the employees?

You would want to rest assured about the workers you are letting into your house. For that, inquire about the employment procedures of the company. Ask if they undergo a thorough background check before employing anyone. Letting someone with a criminal in your house would be the last thing you would want. The good part is most reputable agencies will ensure the loyalty of their workers.

Do they undergo proper training?

The demand for the cleaning industry is pretty high. That means you may expect someone to pop up at work with no proper skill or training. It can put your valuables and property safety at risk. The workers of the best agencies however undergo extensive training sessions. They learn in these training sessions how to work on various setups and handle different situations with ease. You can expect high-quality work from these skilled professionals.

The services provided by the company should match your requirements –

Let us admit that different houses have different cleaning needs. Also, domestic cleaning will consist of different types of services for different companies. Ask beforehand what services you can expect from that company. There should not be any confusion after hiring. You deserve to know what services you are paying for. Services like doing the laundry or the dishes are not usually included. These are more like housekeeping jobs than overall cleaning.

Ask for customization –

Customization is something that can be a really good option. What if you want a part of your house cleaned? Maybe you want to clean either the living, kitchen or bathroom. A customized package will be a more economical option in this regard. You can easily cut down on many unnecessary services and save money.

Can they assure you of the quality of their work?

You must know about the quality assurance of their work. How do you know that you will be satisfied with the level of their professionalism? What measures will the company take if you are not satisfied? Do they survey to gather feedback from their customers? A reputed company will always check on you to ask about your experience with them. They even offer you follow-up services to hold onto their reputation.

Ask about the quality of cleaning supplies

Last but not least important thing is the quality of the cleaning supplies and tools. Usually, the cleaners carry their tools and supplies. Yet, it won’t hurt to clear any doubts regarding the matter. A decent company should do its job using standard cleaning supplies and equipment. Steer clear from companies using hazardous chemical cleaners. Instead, hire the ones using eco-friendly cleaning agents.


Efforts in maintaining a clean house are endless. Outsourcing some house cleaning help will surely lessen the burden. Keeping these aspects in mind you can surely hire the best domestic cleaning services in Singapore. 



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