10 Web Development and Web Design Facts That You Should Know

Web development has gained a lot of attention as of today. But the question arises as to why he has gained such a massive following over the past decade. So here is the answer: Web development is the basic creation and maintenance of websites; this is the whole process that goes into making a website that looks great, responsive, smooth, and performing with a seamless user experience.

Web developers use a variety of languages ​​depending on the task. Web development is in high demand mainly due to its high salary range around the world. It’s also one of the easiest areas that don’t necessarily require a college degree to prove you’re qualified. Custom website development is generally divided into two main sections namely: Front-end and Back-end. The front end deals with what the user will see while the back end deals with everything server-related. Now let’s take an in-depth look at the interesting facts about web development and web design:


  1. The first impression is the last impression

It takes less than a second for a user to get his point of view on the organization through his initial experience through his web page. It is very important to make the first impression as the best for everyone who arrives on the page using a background theme, fonts, icon designs, color schemes, colors, ‘Appropriate animations (if necessary), layout, and maintenance of the sections of the page in a well-designed manner. The first and most important role to stand out through digital means is played by web development.


  1. Easy, easier, easier

Web development uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create responsive and engaging websites that are much easier than software development or Android app development in comparison because in native apps the code has to be programmed to match. Of the platform due to the significant difference in language and process resulting in additional resources and skills to become familiar with it. But a webpage has to be created once with cross-browser support, which not only makes it ready to use on all devices but also reaches more audiences. After all, numbers matter most to an organization.


  1. Interrelation of code and referencing

Your website should be the one that can stand out. Many developers don’t keep this point in mind when writing the codes, but every word can have a big impact on the reach of the page. The source code should be written taking into account SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which increases search engine rankings. Page titles and tags should be targeted during development.


  1. More lists and fewer paragraphs

A large page with gigantic paragraphs is optimized for SEO, but too much text reduces responsiveness and is avoided by users. No user would prefer voluminous texts, but they will surely run through the whole page if the details are mentioned in the form of lists with sub-points, underlining the specialties, and with this suitable multimedia materials enhance it.


  1. The older, the worse

The average lifespan of a website is between two or three years because digital technologies are constantly evolving. Aspects all over the internet never remain constant, so there is a need to adapt to change. Constant support and modifications according to trends are necessary to attract the public.


  1. You can learn everything in a week

Learning web development from scratch is not a difficult task at all as HTML, CSS, and Javascript are much easier and you can easily get used to it in a week. After learning the basics, building a normal responsive website is just a task in under an hour. One can become an expert from a beginner in a short time, which has been a great choice among developers.


  1. Won’t go out of your budget

Building and maintaining a responsive design and making the web page search engine friendly can come at a lower cost compared to native apps that require separate work for multiple platforms. The majority organization opts for a webpage over an Android app to spread the brand to its target audience, as it only takes a few seconds to load and run on any type of device due to of its cross-browser support. So you don’t need to worry about the budget.


  1. Target DemoGraphics

Proper research of user demographics should be done and the design should be presented based on it so that your largest audience group connects well with your webpage. Different places with different people and their different standards, due to which reactions to technology may differ. Themes and page backgrounds should be considered based on demographics.


  1. Improve performance with smartphones

According to research reports, two-thirds of users surf web pages on their smartphones. So it is necessary to use things like CSS Flexbox or other tags that change pages depending on screen ratio and do not compromise on quality. Surely not all users have desktops and laptops, so good communication with smartphone audiences with chatbot function could play a good role.


  1. Web development is not web design

A lot of people might think that web design and web development are synonymous. It is completely misleading. Web design is a subset of web development because there is much more to the web design and development services provider than just designing and writing code. Responsive web design services providers are those who focus on the look and finish of a website; while web developers have the larger responsibility to ensure that all aspects (back-end and front-end) of the site operate without error. These myths were brought up because of the similarity between front-end development and web design.

All of these facts should be kept in mind as you go along with your web presence. Always try to experiment with innovative approaches, but remember to consider the facts. Now you must have been clear on what web developers are doing? Do web developers make a lot of money? Why should I go? So don’t just sit back, start learning and building web pages.

In short, by knowing these facts, you will not only have a great website but also run your business successfully.


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