Gynecomastia Treatment in Mumbai

Enlarged male breasts can have huge psychological, social, and emotional trauma on a male person. This can further lead to body image issues. But getting rid of the excess fat requires surgery and a quality health care treatment can burn a hole in your pockets. Worry not, get the best Gynecomastia Treatment in Delhi. Men suffering from it generally go through low self-esteem and avoid activities like swimming, hitting the gym, wearing tank tops, or getting their pictures clicked as this is a condition that is pretty visible and can’t be hidden easily.

What they need to know is that this condition is pretty common. It can affect newborn male babies, almost half of the young boys undergoing puberty have it, and 70% of men above 50 years have varying degrees of gynecomastia. While having man breasts is a problem that is physically visible, a person suffering from it can get affected mentally and emotionally. The Mental trauma caused by this can lead to self-consciousness, social anxiety, eating disorders, and even bullying.  You don’t have to let conditions like Gynecomastia keep you from feeling the best version of yourself.

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia or man breasts is a very common condition affecting males. This disorder leads to the over-development of breast tissues, causing the breasts to enlarge. Gynecomastia is the strange and abnormal enlargement of the male chest due to the changes in the male body. an imbalance between hormones like estrogen and androgen affects the male chest. Gynecomastia causes huge pain and uneasiness among men.

Gynecomastia is the most common disorder and affects a majority of men. Gynecomastia is prevalent between the age of 50 to 69. The treatment and the medication depend on the different stages of gynecomastia. Even though this condition of ‘man-boobs’ is not considered very serious in medical terms, it still has severe effects on the mental health of a person, and a person going through it may often start to feel isolated at times. This can also lead to depression in younger boys.

Gynecomastia is generally caused by a hormonal imbalance in a male body. Reducing levels of male hormones called testosterone or an increase in female hormones called estrogen, which leads to swollen breast tissues and even breast tenderness.


What are the Causes of Gynecomastia?

There are many reasons for gynecomastia to occur in a male person, the most common causes include:

  • Hormonal changes in the body
  • Being Overweight
  • Fluctuating Hormonal Levels at Puberty
  • Age
  • Drug Intake
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Medicine side-effects
  • Testicle infection
  • Other medical issues


What are the Symptoms of Gynecomastia?

  • Swelling in the chest art
  • Nipple sensitivity
  • Pain and tenderness
  • Tenderness in Areola that is painful
  • Swollen or puffy chests
  • A mound or disc of glandular tissue in the chest that is firm to the touch
  • Occasionally, soft fatty tissue beneath the chest


What are the treatments available for Gynecomastia?

While regular exercising, medications, and following a proper diet will marginally reduce the swelling, but in certain cases, one might need to turn to male breast reduction surgery.

If you’ve had Gynecomastia for a long time, it can be very socially and emotionally stressful. Therefore, it is important to seek medical advice to get treated as soon as possible and avoid it from causing other health issues.

The surgeries available for Gynecomastia Treatment in Delhi are:

Liposuction: This procedure removes only fat in the breasts and not the breast gland tissue that caused the development of breast buds. Therefore, this Procedure is limited in its effectiveness.

Mastectomy: Here, the surgery is done on an endoscopic basis where the glandular breast tissue that resulted in the enlargements of breasts is removed using only small incisions. This surgery takes less recovery time for the patient.

Gynecomastia laser surgery in Delhi is considered one of the best methods as it uses the latest advanced technology and is preferred by most surgeons and doctors. It is advanced as well as affordable. Providing quality Gynecomastia surgery in Delhi our health care experts make sure that the patients go through the least stress & discomfort possible.


What is the cost of Gynecomastia Cost?

The Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi ranges from Rs. 50000 to Rs. 150000, depending on the choice of hospital and doctors. It includes several components such as Pre-surgery cost, surgery cost, and post-surgery cost, medical cost, and daycare, etc.

The cost may vary from one person to another due to many following factors:

  • Anesthesia fees
  • Hospital or surgical facility costs
  • Gynecomastia Grade
  • Medical tests
  • Type of Surgery
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Prescriptions for medication
  • Surgeon’s fee

NOTE: In some cases, a combination of both mastectomy and liposuction is required to get the desired results.

Thus, your doctor will decide the best method of surgery depending on your condition. Surgery for gynecomastia is recommended by the doctors as it is the only permanent solution to treat this condition. Ignoring the treatment can cause more complications and there are chances of recurrence of the condition.

Need for Removal of chest fat at the right time :

Gynecomastia affects an individual’s confidence. Gyencomastia is visible and affects the physical appearance also as the male chest enlarges and is often called “Man boobs”. This affects the overall personality of the man.

Glamyo Health offers you a team of skilled and qualified cosmetic surgeons to restore your chest’s natural appearance. The latest advanced technology allows short surgery and a quick recovery time.

We provide you with a team of health care consultants that assists patients throughout their surgical journey from booking an appointment, diagnosis, hospital admissions, to discharge, and even helping them out with the Insurance paperwork. The focus is to make the patients feel valued & satisfied for a hassle-free experience.

Doctors from Glamyo health are expert plastic surgeons having an overall experience of more than 9 years in painless laser surgery. They are specifically specialized in treating Gynecomastia in different cities of India. Gynecomastia treatment at Glamyo health is available with a 0% EMI facility.

Book an appointment with Glamyo Health for the best Gynecomastia Treatment in Bangalore and learn more about male breast reduction surgery.


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