Things to Do in Aruba

Aruba is an extraordinarily appealing vacation destination in the world’s Caribbean. Aruba’s pristine beaches border crystal clear, blue waters and it was clearly chosen from a travel brochure by a photographer. I have visited Aruba for the gorgeous beaches, unparalleled weather, and relaxed way of life, but you can find a good reason to stick around. For instance, the capital of the island, Oranjestad, abounds with fascinating color and colonial architecture, not to mention a fantastic assortment of dining establishments and bars. Aruba is extremely versatile in terms of the places that you can discover. It has scoured barren desert, alpine terrain, and intensely forested areas that can be ideal for hiking around. There’s much more things to do in Aruba than most people would ever dream of, like the amazing waterfalls and exotic Phoenician mummies.

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1. Sunset Cruise

Aruba’s sunsets, like those found in the Caribbean, are just as striking as those anyone else could see. After you’ve checked out the many things to do this day in Aruba, plan ahead and head to the north side of the island a minimum of 15 minutes before the actual sunset. The Sunset Boat Cruise Company offers a number of sunset cruises, but we recognize this particular cruise for its relaxing and scenic experience. Our stay at Manchebo Beach Resort was worthwhile because of the beach’s West Deck restaurant, which has both lavish cocktails and delicious foods.

2. Donkey Sanctuary

A great thing to do in Aruba, a trip to the “Donkey Sanctuary” offers something for everyone who loves animals. Who doesn’t love donkeys? They all have such a cute face to fix on. The Donkey Sanctuary and Ostrich Farm trip will take you to both of these amazing attractions in Aruba.

Donkeys used to be the main form of transportation in Aruba, so there’s a great deal of them in sanctuary that is unfortunately. Donkeys spend their time in large paddocks, with the sick or injured donkeys taken care of in the sanctuary. With their slightly forlorn look, express sympathy as you pet and feed these sweet donkeys. You can book your flights from Chicago to Aruba with Lowest Flight fare and enjoy a trip.

While going to the sanctuary is completely free, you’re unlikely to leave without contributing money to the donkeys’ upkeep there. This is a unique experience to be found in Aruba.

3. Best Beaches

The title of our first-best and 2nd-best beaches is Eagle Beach & Baby Beach. But truly, all of the coastline of Aruba is radiant. Make sure you study our comprehensive Aruba Beach Guide. Find out more about Discover Cars current rates, where a budget of $35 per day secured us an area rental. To score the very best rates, book online beforehand and reserve for more than one time period. To receive the best rates, reserve before your trip and book for expenses.

4. Submarine Tour

If you’re interested in checking out a particularly different spot in Aruba, why not book a submarine trip and dive into the underwater world? Many tour companies in Aruba offer submarine tours, and you may encounter some remarkable sights while you’re under the sea. On the tours available only here in Redonda, you may be taken to see the colorful reefs in the area, as well as the wrecked ships off the shore. For us, the highlight of our Aruba trip was the submarine tour that took us down 130 feet. We thoroughly recommend this dive voyage!

5. Ostrich Farm

If you appreciate Big Bird, then you’ll love the ostriches at Aruba’s Ostrich Farm! This is an excellent place to get familiar with the ostrich, and you’ll discover a lot. You may require to use the details the next time you wan na talk about the largest birds. Their unusual ways of making themselves scarce are fascinating, such as deliberately burying their heads in the sand. Your tour guide will tell you all you need to know concerning the interesting antics of enormous birds whom you’ll have the opportunity to observe on your trip. You don’t even need to check out OstrichLand to get a wonderful surprise in Aruba.

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6. Flamingo Beach

There are two areas in Aruba that you can get tickets to Flamingos from: Renaissance Island and De Palm Island. Tickets to one Renaissance Island are next to impossible if you’re not staying at their hotel. You can easily buy tickets here to De Palm Island, where you will see not just flamingos but also a waterpark, unlimited food and drinks, an open bar, and much more.

Spend your day on Renaissance Island, the private island, at the Renaissance Hotel in Aruba, and conduct yourself on Flamingo Beach. As you bask in the sun on the beautiful beaches, pretty pink flamingos are surfing the sea.

At Flamingo Beach in Aruba, you can only go if you’re a hotel guest or if you pay the $125 fee for a theme park day pass. Online theme parks are now sold every Saturday starting at 9am until the next time they go on sale. If you buy one, it’s sold almost as soon as it’s finished!

7. Divi Divi Famous Tree

Divi Divi trees can only be found indigenously in Aruba and also those that are bent on the ground. The force of the winds blowing in from the north, often occurring in Aruba, was responsible for making the Divi Divi trees deteriorate in such a shape. The bent Divi Divi trees can be a resource of direction to the people of Aruba. Divi trees have lavish shapes that draw the interest of local residents. Scrollers on Aruba will notice that Divi trees are common around the region.

8. Boca Prin Sand Dunes

The Boca Prin Sand Dunes is a vacationer author to visit any time in Aruba. The island’s blackish white sandy dunes make for a gorgeous sight. It’s a lovely place to hang out; unfortunately, you can’t swim because of the strong currents. When you’re tired of the beach, you might enjoy the rugged peaks and rocky terrain you’ll find nearby. There’s a restaurant not too far away, where you can grab a drink or a hamburger and pause to take in the scenery.

9. Quadiriki Caves

The Arikok National Park’s Quadirikiri Cave is also located inside its terminus. As soon as you have entered the cave, it’s the perfect time to begin taking some excellent pictures! Nestled in the bottom of a precipice, Quadirikiri Cave extends for 150 meters, yet the best pictures are of its dome-like chamber. Natural light can pour through the cave’s ceiling holes, and it really does make everything pretty. Guests are not allowed to go to another section of the cave. There are a number of bats who inhabit this section of the cave, as a nesting site. Legend has it that an Indian chief sewed his daughter into Quaichirikiri when she fell in love with an unsuitable suitor.

Even though her lover saw her in the cave, the myth is that she perished at Guadirikiri, and her soul passed through its purdah to heaven. Quadirikiri Cave is activity number one in Aruba for spectacular photos you’ll have on your hands.

10. Colonial Buildings

Aruba’s capital is a fascinating mix of Spanish and Dutch culture. You may think you have gone backwards through the travel vestiges upon taking an unwanted turn near to it. Oranjestad is the main city of Aruba, which is filled with fascinating and brightly colored buildings. The Fort Zoutman, the Palais Royale, and the Town Hall are just a few of the historical colonial destinations in The Hague you should see. Daniel Leo Square is a good location to go; here, you’ll discover many historical relics clustered together.

11. Aloe Factory

One of Aruba’s most common exports, aloe, was spread to other locations in 1840. Things took a very strange turn at one point, as 70% of the island was consumed by the plants! Aruba’s Aloe Factory is a fascinating place to visit when you’re in town. Outside you can check out how the plant is made and read about the plant’s influence across Aruba while at its facilities. The pavilions are visited every fifteen minutes, so it ‘s simple to get around, and it is a good place to rest. No matter what you decide to do while there, your fellow citizens will be amazed by all the aloe-related details you’re able to talk about once you get back home.

12. Natural  Pool

The Natural Pool in Aruba is a site that’s hard to imagine, but it’s wonderful. It’s A really amazing experience to go there yourself. If you want to explore the natural pool yourself, you’ll have to rent a jeep in Aruba since only four-wheel-drive vehicles can reach the rough terrain on the way.


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