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Almost always, installing WordPress themes enhances both the process of creating a website and the final product of creating an intended website much more easily with WordPress themes for business.

 However, merely performing those two tasks “better” isn’t always sufficient. Faster website development does not always equate to greater performance. It’s not necessary for anything to seem better to be beautiful—or even very enticing to visitors.

 It takes a lot of effort to choose a WordPress theme that can elevate your creative work to a new level. Many of the best WordPress themes already accomplish this. Finding them among the countless popular and best free WordPress themes might prove to be a difficult chore, so it is best to avoid it if at all possible or leave it to a WordPress theme agency.

 However, we have the solution to your issue, which is to select one of the top 13 best WordPress themes for 2022. Finding the one that best serves your needs may take some time, but they all function effectively. 

The top 13 WordPress themes for businesses that have what you need are listed below: 

We evaluated and tested 13 of the best WordPress themes for your business to assist you in selecting the best one, and then we narrowed the list down to the top 13 to give you only the best. 

Following intensive testing, we identified only the top 13 best WordPress business themes, both free and paid. 

Are you prepared to choose the ideal and best WordPress themes for your company? Let’s get going. 

In 2022, the top 13 WordPress themes for businesses are listed below. But before that, let’s see what important qualities one has to keep in mind when choosing good business WordPress themes. 

Important Qualities of a Good Business WordPress Theme 

You must design a strong company or business website that inspires confidence in potential clients and drives up sales. You must seem professional and act flawlessly if you want to succeed in these areas. 

A WordPress business theme should include the following essential characteristics: 

  • Overall performance enhancement.
  • several opportunities for customisation 
  • Dedicated assistance from theme developers
  • Using social media and Google Maps together for commercial objectives like sales and marketing
  • Simple setup and use

In the end, you’re searching for a modern, adaptable WordPress theme for business. Without the hassles of bad implementation or a lack of support, you ought to be able to create practically any form of website you want.

  • The largest WordPress theme with 650+ prebuilt websites is BeTheme 

BeTheme-built websites are totally and incredibly responsive, as well as SEO-friendly. The tools are available, but the final result will partly depend on the goals of the website designer. The 650+ pre-built websites offered by Betheme are responsive, adaptable, and can be set up to target any website type, style, or specialty and kickstart your website building project. 

Users of Be have access to a wide range of design tools, aspects, and choices thanks to its more than 40 key features, which include those mentioned below.

  • With sophisticated page building tools including live content editing, autosave, refresh, and backup options, Live Builder is quick and simple to use.
  • The WooCommerce Builder offers a practical collection of tools for making templates, unique product layouts, and numerous other features and aspects for your clients.
  • A live search function, a muffin and header builder, and other tools are also available. BeTheme is prepared for Elementor and is mobile-friendly.

This premium WordPress theme comes with lifetime free updates and is constantly updated.  

  • The Total WordPress theme for developing your Complete company website 

Total is a full-featured WordPress theme that simplifies the process of building beautiful, completely responsive websites, as over 48,000 users have already done. 

These users should make use of the following tools: 

  • 45 rapid import demonstrations and 90+ quick start section templates are included in the template collection.
  • With more than 100 elements to create layouts in the advanced WPBakery page builder, you can reuse page layouts and designs with Tempatera.
  • Adding fonts from several sources using a font manager

Total offers users virtually limitless styling and design options, including animations, unique backgrounds, and more. It is also responsive and developer-friendly. 

  • woodmart theme for building The homepage of your business or company 

Building an interesting online store is simple and enjoyable with WoodMart. While a first peek at the landing page would lead you to believe you’ve found a real-world store, what you see is really something you can simply do on your own with the help of the woodmart theme. 

  • A complete e-commerce solution is offered with the WoodMart WooCommerce theme.
  • Both Google Page Speed and complete customization are supported by Woodmart. Additionally, it is responsive and Retina ready. Additionally, WoodMart makes use of the powerful AJAX technology to provide you and the customers of your website with a cutting-edge online shopping experience.
  • Woodmart provides a wide range of demo layouts and more than 370 pre-designed sections to help you get started. 
  • Rey-theme for WooCommerce 

Rey has mastered the foundational elements of e-commerce, including filtering, search, display, and navigation, and has given you access to the results. With features like these, Rey will let you experience design, performance, and drive innovation in a completely new light for your business or company. 

  • Elementor, a page builder, and useful extensions
  • SEO-friendly plugins
  • Integrations between Google and Adobe typefaces

This responsive, developer-friendly, and performance-focused WooCommerce theme includes all of the aforementioned features and more. 

Get in touch for Customize WordPress Theme 

  • TheGem: a one-of-a-kind, multi-purpose, WooCommerce WordPress theme 

TheGem, the final WordPress toolkit, has earned its well-deserved reputation by offering interesting website-building features like those mentioned below: 

  • More than 400 ready-to-use single-and multi-page websites are available.
  • Web developers using Elementor and WPBakery could customize everything, including TheGem’s library of pre-designed page parts and mind-blowing WooCommerce designs and capabilities for expanding high-converting online stores.

TheGem is a popular five-star rated theme that has captured the attention of all 60,000+ of its users.

  • Uncode WordPress Themes for WooCommerce and Creative purpose  

With Uncode, you can build websites with the same pixel-perfect features already built into the theme. 

  • A unique WooCommerce builder, an improved front-end editor, and the Wireframes plugin with 450+ section templates are just a few of the many essential parts that make up Uncode’s toolbox.
  • Users particularly adore the Impressive Posts module’s over 100 possibilities of theme options and the Uncode dynamic features and options for building unique templates and themes. 
  • Avada’s design theme for your business 

Avada is the most popular WordPress theme ever, with over 450,000 users. If you want to join the ranks, that could be all you need to know, but you’ll probably want to learn a bit more. 

  • The main attributes of Avada You have all the creative freedom you need to create anything you desire with the help of Fusion Builder, Fusion Theme Options, and Fusion Page Options.
  • You may design your website just the way you want it with Avada’s dynamic content system.
  • The Best WooCommerce WordPress Theme for Online Shopping is XStore

The first thing you’ll notice about XStore is that it comes with over 110 wonderfully stunning pre-built stores, which is maybe its most well-liked feature. The impressive cost of $39 is most likely the second. 

  • In addition, there are 550+ pre-built blocks, full XStore compatibility for Elementor and WPBakery, a header builder, and single product page builders.
  • The built-in WooCommerce email builder and $559 worth of premium plugins are also noteworthy.
  • Impeka offers innovative and adaptable WordPress themes 

You might want to create websites that are fast, responsive, and well-optimized and that function the way search engines expect them to. 

Also necessary is a website that includes the following 

  • Be assertive in the face of opposition competition websites.
  • Get the proper people’s attention.
  • Provide the content that people want to see.

With the help of Elementor, Gutenberg, the WPBakery page builder, WooCommerce functionality, and other excellent features, Impeka makes all of this a perfect fit.

  • The Litho Elementor WordPress theme is versatile for all your major needs 

Litho is a contemporary, highly adaptable, and flexible Elementor WordPress theme that can be used to build websites for any purpose, any audience, and any industry. Users have access to an almost infinite number of design possibilities because of Litho’s connection with the WordPress customizer and a variety of custom widgets in Elementor.

 Additionally, users get access to several homepage themes and innovative design components that have been expertly crafted and developed.

  • Bridge business themes for both mobile and desktop 

Bridge advances the trend of off-the-shelf demos. You may use this particular theme’s more than 400 layouts for your company website.

 These layouts include templates for practically any form of business website you want and imagine. Given the vast array of possibilities and options for themes available, it is amazing that the design itself stands out. Bridge works with both Elementor and WPBakery for customization, allowing you to change any element of your website or even start from scratch.

 With lifetime updates, the cost is $59  

  • Astra  

Astra is one of the fastest WordPress themes for businesses.Thus far, we have mostly concentrated on intricate and adaptable themes. But there is something to be said for simplicity, and Astra fits that bill. 

One of the reasons Astra is one of the WordPress themes with the fastest growth is that it is quick. You may pick and choose which features to enable, making it incredibly modular.

Despite its great performance, Astra is compatible with the majority of page builders, including Elementor and Beaver Builder. A demo that is ready to use is also included to give you a glimpse of what to expect. If speed is your top priority, this is one of the best solutions for your company. It’s also free.

 free, with a $59 pro-rated feature as an addition.

  • Neve

Neve is one of the quickest WordPress themes for businesses.Neve is the ideal theme for business websites and is a member of the Themeisle theme family.

It is extremely customisable and built to work with the most well-liked page builders, like Beaver Builder, Elementor, Visual Composer, and others.

 If you prefer to use the customizer, you can choose from a variety of layouts, headers, and footers, as well as modify every other aspect of your website. The website for your business may be simply designed with the help of Neve. Numerous pre-built business website samples, including those for digital firms, salons, and more, are included with Neve Pro. Furthermore, as the test results below demonstrate, it is engineered for performance and is AMP-compatible right out of the box.

 price: free. $49. Pro upgrade 

Choosing the ideal WordPress theme for your company

 When selecting a WordPress theme for your company, we advise caution. In light of that, here’s how to hone in on your options based on what you’re after.

 Performance: The Astra is the first thing to come to mind, and it is difficult to beat in terms of speed. It can be customized easily.

Ease of use: Neve successfully balances a variety of features with ease of usage.

choice of the majority of demos: If one-click importing of demonstrations. Or examples is of interest to you, the Bridge is unquestionably for you. 


The availability of so many well-known WordPress themes is one of its key benefits. For your WordPress theme agency or your business. Whatever your specialty, target market, or level of expertise, a top-notch best-WordPress theme is out there. These themes are developed with every consideration in mind. 

These top WordPress themes, which are mentioned above, are for you if you’ve chosen a new, lovely, and updated theme for 2022. As you have read above, these are the top 13 WordPress themes, according to popularity. Perhaps one of them was created just for you in mind.

Check out our WordPress theme agency for creating a WordPress website or selecting a theme to begin creating your company website. 

Do you have questions about WordPress themes for businesses? Ask us in the comments below!



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