13 Things That You Need to Carry for Backpacker hostel

Embracing the hostel culture, where you could occasionally find yourself in shady quarters, is a big part of backpacking. However, staying in hostels is an excellent opportunity to make friends and meet new people while on the road. You should make sure to fill your rucksack with these top 10 hostel necessities before you go on your vacation as it doesn’t offer much amenities like any Hotel. For more information you can check this Hostel in Rishikesh. We have prepared a list of 13 Things That You Need to Carry for Backpacker hostel.

1. Earplugs

There is a decent possibility that one of the eight occupants in your hostel dorm room snores. You’ll need earplugs, especially the sort with the small string attached so you don’t lose them as quickly, unless that person happens to be you.

Many people consider earplugs to be the greatest earplugs to buy since they’re exceptionally comfortable and effective at blocking out sound, despite the fact that they don’t come with a string attached.

2. LED Flashlight

Whether you travel or not, once you have one of these on your keychain, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

In the dark of a hostel room late at night, a flashlight comes in particularly handy for reading a map or searching through your bag (don’t be one of those individuals who turns on the lights when others are sleeping to find a toothbrush).

Purchase a keychain light that uses a “white LED” bulb. One tiny battery will power them for nearly an eternity because they are small, brilliant, and extremely efficient. You can purchase one of them at a variety of stores or online.

3. Hand Towel

Unlike hotels, not all hostels provide towels, it’s a good idea to carry your own (and the ones that do often charge a fee). However, there is no requirement that you bring a full-size towel with you. One little hand towel will do.

It will work just fine if you remember to shake off a little before you begin towel drying. Alternately, if you’d like, you can get a real travel towel.

4. Playing Cards

In a hostel, playing cards and having a few beers together is always a wonderful way to socialise and meet new people. Additionally, I’ve stayed in hostels that didn’t have a stack of games and cards stored away on a shelf. Playing cards are a convenient way to pass some time at the hostel before venturing out and explore and they hardly take up any room in your backpack.

Bring a standard deck of playing cards or the widely used UNO Cards. Its guidelines are already well known to many travellers. And if not, explaining it is quick and simple.

5. Quick Dry Travel Towel

A travel towel that dries quickly will free up a tonne of room in your bag. They are portable and very useful.

The last thing you want to do before checking out of the hostel is stuff a heavy, wet towel into your bag after your morning shower. A quick-dry towel actually dries quickly as promised.

6. Powerbank

Unlike hostel in goa not every hostel offers power outlets near the beds where you can plug in your phone, tablet, or laptop, despite the fact that most do.

Even if they do, a powerbank will come in handy if you intend to spend a lot of time outside the hostel or if you have a long bus ride on a vehicle without outlets

Even while it’s not the end of the world if your phone runs out of battery, having maps handy can help you locate yourself and figure out how to get where you’re going.

I do, however, enjoy exploring a city the old-fashioned manner, with a paper map and courteous questions for passersby. In light of the foregoing, here is a solid, trustworthy powerbank that is sufficiently portable and has a large charging capacity, two features to consider when purchasing one.

7. Head Lamp

Despite not being as useful or space-saving as a little LED light for hostel stays. Since I enjoy camping and multi-day excursions, a head lamp is one item I ALWAYS take. A headlamp is ideal for camping because it frees up your arms for gathering firewood at night. Additionally, you can use it to read a book in your hostel room.

Choose one with different settings so you may use the softer light in your room and avoid annoying your fellow travellers to no end. Here is a headlamp that many love.

8. Water Bottle with Filter to Refill

Bringing your own water bottle for refilling is the newest trendy travel item. This has happened a lot lately. Refillable water bottles first became popular in 2018 and 2019, and as of 2020, they appear to be the must-have travel accessory.

This water bottle and filter are made of hard-sided, sturdy, BPA-free plastic. The filter is incredibly simple to clean on its own. Personally, I considered refilling a water bottle to be a hassle and an additional burden. That “logic,” meanwhile, did not make a lot of sense. Every traveller is aware that you should always take a water bottle with you.

9. Sandals (flip-flops)

Even dirty than your feet are the flooring in some hostel showers. However, if you’re travelling on a tight budget in the middle of nowhere, you’ll occasionally have to stay in one of these hostels. Even if they appear clean, you could still have athlete’s foot. Shower without concern by purchasing a cheap pair of lightweight flip-flop sandals. Actually, wearing open-toed shoes while travelling is always a good idea. Your feet can breathe and unwind in this manner. Continuously donning closed-toe footwear is not recommended. Therefore, purchase a pair of flip flops or lightweight sandals.

10. Travel Plug Adapter

You should include a universal travel adaptor if you’re travelling the globe or just stopping in several places. These typically include the three plug kinds that are used in more than 150 different countries around the world: American, European, and Australian. Of course, some nations have their own special plug types, so do your study before travelling to make sure you select the appropriate plug adapters.

11. Foldable Travel Pillow

You could manage without this, but an inflatable pillow is great for lengthy train and aircraft rides and only takes up a little amount of space when deflated.

Additionally, it is likely more comfy than the lumps that serve as pillows in the majority of hostels.

12. Hip Pack

Few young travellers would dare to wear these belt packs in public because they have lost their “cool” factor, but they can be quite helpful for other things while travelling. Hold your toiletry in it (toothbrush, hairbrush, etc.).

The best benefit is that even if the hostel bathroom sink is unclean or lacks counter space, you can still easily access everything you need when getting ready in the morning or at night by clipping the pack around your waist. They are the perfect size for holding that goods.

13. Small Carabiner Clip

Personally, I believe that carrying a small carabiner can be even more useful than the string ball. You may occasionally hang items on your backpack or somewhere else, especially when hiking. Carabiners are always beneficial.

There are various compact and portable carabiners. One is constantly with me. Actually, I consider it a part of my backpack. And it is already there, waiting for me when I need it, prepared for use. So, certainly, you should pack a compact, lightweight carabiner.


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