A big part of your motivation to return to school was the promise of the outcome after 2nd Year Result 2022 a degree. Some students panic as graduation approaches, wondering if they’ll be able to find a job, or any job at all, with their new degree in hand. But relax – you have much to look forward to! If you haven’t already, it’s time to start seeing your degree not just as a ticket to employment, but as an investment in your future income potential.

The top law schools in the country

Back in 2016 and 2017, U.S. News & World Report ranked all ABA-accredited law schools. This year, those rankings are out again—and we’ve put together a list of schools where second-year students typically have big success on bar exams and end up in high-paying jobs after graduation.

Our Law School Journey Was Not Easy

I’m not going to sugarcoat it or say it was easy. It wasn’t. The first year of law school is tough and mentally draining. However, if you just get through that year and make it through to your second year, you’ll see a drastic change in yourself as an individual and as a student. After two years of schooling I can tell you with confidence that law school is by no means easy. So why should you be excited about 2L? Here are five reasons

Applying to our first law school

We got into our 2nd year of law school! We’re super excited to be back in Georgia but plan on spending one or two semesters abroad. Many students are not pleased by their 2nd year result but we couldn’t be happier! There’s a lot to say about your 2nd year result and how it can help you achieve your 3rd year result.

Applying to our second law school and getting into it

I know, it’s not every day you read a post titled Second Year Results: Why You Should Be Excited. But I promise there is some value to you in reading my experience—even if law school isn’t on your radar. There are four points I hope you find helpful from my story…

What did we do?

When you’re planning to write a series of posts it’s important to have a clear direction on what you want to accomplish. In other words, if you write articles just because they come naturally or are easy to research then you won’t be able to keep consistency in your writing schedule. We had developed 5 articles prior our 2nd year result post and that really helped with keeping ourselves focused and consistent. So for now my goal is set on writing 20 posts for 2017.

How did you study for the LSAT?

The LSAT is a beast of a test. It requires you to do things like logical reasoning and reading comprehension. If you’re not used to doing these things on a daily basis, it can be scary and intimidating – not only because there’s no room for error with just four multiple choice options but also because there are so many different ways to study for it! What we did was create an optimal study plan that gave us all of our bases covered when studying for each section of the test.

How did you prepare for the Credential Assembly Service evaluation?

I made sure to study everything on their website, read all of their FAQs, and reviewed sample case studies. The Credential Assembly Service evaluation is not something you can really prepare for. It’s a very subjective process. I decided to put my best foot forward and be transparent about my weaknesses as well as my strengths in order to increase my chances of becoming a CAS credentialed consultant.

To retake or not to retake – that is the question…

It’s natural to want to avoid having to retake a year of your PhD. Most students don’t enjoy the second round of exams and anxiety that comes with it. But if you haven’t already made up your mind – take a step back and think it through. In many cases, one more year can be well worth it.

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