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Take a look at these stunning bridal makeup looks and styles for bridal makeup for a Christian wedding!

A Christian bride dressed in all her gorgeous white gown is a stunning beauty to see. If you choose the appropriate hairstyle, makeup and accessories and accessories, a Christian bride can appear like a princess of the pages of a fairytale! We present to you three attractive makeup styles to pair with your bridal look. White shades give a gorgeous and tranquil appearance, therefore to increase the effect, proper makeup is essential.

Take a look at the three looks of these ladies:

1. The silvery-pinkish appearance:
This style will make you appear like the cutest doll, and it’s going to be difficult for your significant other to let his gaze leave you as you walk down the aisle to show your breath!

Begin by applying a good concealer that covers all dark spots as well as the under eye circles and wrinkles around your eyes. Apply it on your neck as well to achieve a uniform color across. Select a foundation that is close to or one hue lighter or darker than the complexion. Dab it all over your neck and face. Blend well. Make use of a highlighter on the jawline and cheekbones to improve the appearance that the facial features. Make sure to highlight the other areas of the face and blend them in. Make sure to use a quality press powder to give an even finish on the bottom.

Begin by applying eyeshadow. When you have applied loose powder to the lids and beneath the eyes use a highlighter of silver on the eyelids and brow bone. The shade you choose is the shade that matches your skin shade. Make use of pink eyeshadow over the eye’s inner area, while applying black eyeshadow over the crease. Apply a second coat of this combo to achieve a dark and desired look. Apply eyeliner that is powdered across both eyelids with the use of a fine brush. To create a full appearance to your eyes apply kohl to your eyebrows and blend it in with a smooth. Apply mascara to both of your lashes and draw a line around the lower part of the eye with the kohl.

Choose the light pink or non-flash blusher on your cheek apples starting inside and moving upwards toward your hairline. Make use of the same highlighter in silver for this too. Line the lips with the help of a lip brush. Fill with the shade of pink which suits your face. Apply a clear gloss to add an extra sparkle. For a complete appearance, apply shimmer to the neck and face Blend it in with brushes.

2. The romantic pink look
Christian weddings are usually an afternoon affair. It is best to design a vibrant and stunning look that compliments that white wedding dress. Purple, pink, peach and coral are some of the colors that can be used to achieve the desired appearance. A simple, soft , and elegant look is possible using these soft shades.

When you’re done using the foundation, put a white pencil or a cream-colored white eye shadow onto your brow bone and part of the eyelid that is inside. Blend it in with your fingers. Apply the liner using the use of a white eyeshadow. Apply an matt pink shadow across the lids. Choose a brown or grey eyeshadow and place it on the outer corner and the crease in the eyes. Apply the same technique to the lower line of lashes.

Apply the golden brown gel eyeliner to your lower lash line as well as the the lower line of water. Make a mess with the brush. Apply mascara both on the lower and upper lashes.

Apply a peach blush to your cheeks to highlight the apples. To make your lips appear more youthful, choose an orange shade that compliments your face most. Pick a color that is brightens your face in all. Because it’s a daytime wedding, you are able to leave the lip gloss on.

3. It’s the smoking eyes, red lips and smokey eye:
This is a timeless elegant and chic style. Make sure to highlight your lips and eyes to match your stunning white dress. Make your eyes pop with gray smokey eyes with a back or an an out smokey eye look in black.


Once you have completed the basics, you can begin by focusing on your eyes. apply the eyeshadow pencil near the eyelash line. When you’re done apply it to your eyes, blending it with an eyeshadow brush to create the smokey look. Apply your lighter color of eye shadow across the lid. Apply the darker shadow along your lash line until the middle of your eyebrow. By using an eye-catching brush, blend the colors until you get the perfect shade. Apply kohl along the lower lash line , and end with a thick layer of mascara.

Your cheek apples are a great place to shine the naked. Choose an deep red lip shadede on your lips. Line the lips with the lighter shade of a lips pencil and fill in the inner by applying the shade of red. It is possible to apply a lip gloss or keep the lips subtle in red.

Whatever look you decide to make by applying makeup, the elaborate hairstyle, including everything from flowers to tiaras, veil, and other accessories will surely give you the look that you would like to appear!


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