4 Art Colleges & Universities in Canada You Should Consider

These days, an artist is not just a craft. It is a profession, as complex and even important, as most of them in the labor market. Hence, contemporary education gives plenty of opportunities for creative people to hone their talents and grow in accordance with their calling. Students can choose the artistic direction of their dream and become professionals in what they truly love. 

One of the educational destinations for international students pursuing a degree in art is Canada. It offers international students from all over the world opportunities to take an artistic path turning it into a profession. Here is a hand-picked selection of such colleges and universities for those looking for a bright future in it. Plus, if you are more into practical learning, you can buy an essay paper online, and professionals will help you with the theory. Hence, here are Canadian art schools to consider. 

#1 Alberta University of the Arts (AUArts) 

Located in Calgary, Alberta, this university offers a wide variety of directions. The three major directions a student can pick from here are new media, fine art, and design. Each direction has its own programs providing students with real studio experience of practical education. As a result, students possess all the necessary hard skills to continue their paths in the creative world. The university was founded in 1973, and it already has an outstanding reputation due to its alumni. However, the most popular major that students go there to pursue is a Bachelor of Fine Arts or BFA. Students take classes in sketching, drawing, painting, sculpture, media arts technology, and many more in this course. For those who want their creativity to take a more practical direction, another popular degree at the Alberta University of the Arts is Bachelor of Design, namely BD.

If the programs of the university interest you, feel free to apply. The annual tuition fee for international students there is $13,792.80. 

#2 Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD)

This college is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and its faculties prepare professionals in five major directions. These include both applied and theoretical approaches to art and design. There are many applied courses in the college. Crafts faculty include ceramics, jewelry, and textile classes. Fine arts focus on drawing, sculpture, and painting. At the design faculty, graphic, digital, product, and interdisciplinary design is taught. Media arts is a faculty focusing on film, photography, and intermedia arts. For the students who seek a theoretical degree in arts, there are a Historical and critical studies faculty, which gives critical theory, English, and liberal arts courses.

The college has over a century-long history. Founded in 1887, it has continued its tradition since, adding new contemporary technologies and knowledge to the variety of its courses. Apply to this college if you are seeking fundamental theoretical education and solid hard skills. The annual tuition fee here is $11,408 for all students. Apart from the degree programs, the university also offers certified courses in different areas. 

#3 Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design

The Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design history soon approaches a whole century, as it was founded in 1925. Since then, the institute has gathered theoretical and critical knowledge of art and incorporates cutting-edge technology and media into its programs. Here, the most popular directions for students are the traditional Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of design. Essentially, students of this institute gain all the necessary practical knowledge. Thus, they develop their own style and apply different techniques in painting, crafting, design, or mixed media, depending on the faculty of their choice. A degree, per usual, takes four years.

The graduates with a Bachelor’s degree can enroll in a Master’s program afterward. The program takes two years and offers elevated professional knowledge and expertise in a narrower specialty of the student’s choice. The annual tuition fee for a Bachelor’s program is $11,000 for international students.

#4 Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD U)

Ontario College of Art and Design University, or OCAD U, claims to offer the widest variety of courses and directions for students worldwide. Just like in cases with other universities, this one specializes in Fine Arts and Design, which are also the most popular degrees for students to pursue. The variety of disciplines and courses is extremely attractive to students that pursue a Master’s degree. The point is, a Master’s degree requires narrower expertise, which is accessible to students here. With a Master’s degree from Ontario College of Art and Design University, its alumni have more advantages in the job market. They have more professional confidence if they want to start their own business.

The school is located in Ontario, and its tuition fee is $6,995 per semester.

How to pick a perfect school?

As one can see, the selection of the courses in the schools from our shortlist is quite similar. Each one of them offers two most wanted creative directions: fine arts and design. If your interest is within these, opt for a university or college with a better location of benefits for international students. Another thing that can help you make that choice is the online presence of its tutors and alumni. Usually, artists find the guidance they want within their communities. Thus, if there is an opportunity to communicate with any person from the university, go for it!

Finally, there are many more institutions that are worth the time and the effort to study there. In any case, there will be hours of practice in analog or digital creation. The students will turn into artists with a solid vision and creative confidence. Whichever university or college you eventually pick, the schools on this list are specifically good options for international students in terms of teaching, accommodation, and other necessary activities for productive and impressive student life.


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