epoxy floor maintenance

There are several reasons why epoxy flooring is popular. The biggest reasons for epoxy flooring’s popularity among owners of residential and commercial properties are its cost and durability. Epoxy flooring has several other advantages as well. If properly maintained and cared for, an epoxy coating can last up to ten years and even longer.

To preserve their life, beauty, and function, various floors require various cleaning methods and upkeep procedures. Cleaning epoxy floors is not a tough process; if you clean the floors regularly, the best cleaning solution for epoxy floors is a gallon of hot water and a soft cloth.

Additionally, your floor coating installer might give special instructions on how to maintain a certain floor system. However, the following list contains some of the best cleaning advice and methods, particularly for epoxy coating. Here are the 5 best tips for epoxy floor maintenance.

Daily Floor Sweeping

To clean the area and eliminate risks at the same time, it is advised that you use a mechanical sweeper or a brush with soft bristles. Sweeping is an easy technique to clean epoxy flooring since it will also assure longevity.

Weekly floor Mopping

Depending on traffic, it would be best if you mopped your epoxy flooring once a week in addition to daily sweeping. You should mop it at least once every other day if a lot of people use it every day. Mop every area thoroughly, paying greater attention to areas with heavy activity. To make sure it is fully clean, you can use a soft scrub pad or a mechanical floor scrubber with soft bristles. Epoxy flooring is easy to clean.

Clean up spills right away.

Spills should be cleaned up as soon as they happen because, as is the case with epoxy flooring, they might be dangerous and exceedingly slippery. If corrosive substances, such as acids and caustic solvents, are spilled, the floor might also sustain damage.

Avoid Sharp Objects

Even while certain high-quality epoxy flooring may be more resistant to scratching and puncturing, you must still take the required precautions to make sure that it is not harmed at all.

Avoid dragging anything over it that might pierce the floor finish. Liquids can seep into scratches and worsen the floor’s damage. As much as you can, keep the surfaces clear of grit and grime. This is especially true when moving equipment or vehicles on and off the ground. If you allow dirt and grit to remain there, they will embed or harm the epoxy floor surface.

Treat Stain Spots Properly

Compared to other floor coverings, it is quite rare that high-quality epoxy will ever become discolored. If you find a stain on your flooring, repair it right once to prevent further damage.

When liquid or chemical accidents happen, epoxy flooring is very easy to clean and very water-resistant. Any liquid that has been spilled has to be cleaned up right away.

You must refrain from using soap-based cleansers on extremely soiled areas. The haze left behind by soap-based floor cleaners on epoxy flooring will accumulate over time. With a gallon of hot water and a decent mop or deck-scrubbing brush with soft bristles, epoxy floors may be cleaned effectively without the use of soap. 

Use something like extremely mild soap and a well-diluted soapy solution to help you with the harder spills if you need extra scrubbing force on really unclean spots.

I hope the above-discussed epoxy floor care advice was helpful to you. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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