The dependence on technology to boost productivity in business is on the rise. In a recent survey, 38 percent of respondents claim that software is crucial to helping them realize organizational goals. Today, technology drives sales, helps develop more effective ways to promote their brand, and accurately measure success. Also, companies rely on technology to communicate with and bring out the best in employees. Whether you’re an investment banker or a virtual IT professional, you need help with productivity. Here are five ways technology can make you more productive.

1. Enhancing communication

Communication is crucial to maintaining a healthy and productive relationship with colleagues and associates. You can make voice calls, video calls, or send urgent messages to explain certain aspects of the job so that employees understand their duties better and are guided while working. Asana and Slack are some of the standard tools for collaborating via private or group messaging in the workplace. 

These software packages also make holding group meetings easy with video conference features. When partnering with clients, a lack of communication may halt business proceedings. Likewise, you want to be sure you and the client are on the same page before continuing the next project steps. With sophisticated tools available, you can schedule a conference and make sound business conclusions from any location in real-time. This saves time and increases the likelihood of delivering quality service, leading to a continued partnership.

2. Hiring virtual employees


One of the significant differences between small businesses and large corporations is the workforce. In the United Kingdom, companies with staff strength less than 50 are small. Thus, you can elevate your business status by adding more employees to your organization. Besides increasing the payroll, securing a bigger office space may hinder a business from expanding. Therefore, hiring employees working from remote locations can make a big difference. 

Technology makes it easy to keep in touch and manage a team of workers scattered worldwide. You can perform these activities online, from advertising the position and conducting interviews to training and assigning tasks. The more professionals you have, the more work your business can handle and the faster it becomes to complete projects.

3. Better time management

Anyone is capable of mismanaging their time. However, you’re better at controlling your time when relaxed. Nowadays, you no longer have an excuse for not completing your work when due. If you feel overwhelmed with work you should try meditation retreats to calm your mind.Mount shasta spiritual retreat will definitely make you feel relaxed and help you focus on your work later.

Time management software like Time Doctor helps you track how much time you’ve spent on the day’s task. It alerts you when you’ve been “idle” and pauses. With tools such as these, you can only do serious work on your computer during working hours. For instance, the software alerts you if you open a video player while working. 

More importantly, employers can see what their workers do on their computers during a typical working hour. Thus, if an individual is watching a movie, playing a game, or not working, the manager can immediately contact the employee.

4. Improved marketing analysis

Gone are the days when you implement a marketing plan, initiate your business operation, launch a product, and hope for the best. With technology, you can keep tabs on your business proceedings, employee performance and measure success more accurately. For instance, if you’re launching a new product, technology helps you see how well or poorly the product is doing in the market. 

You can also find out who’s buying what product, which employees or departments are meeting their target, and the future for the company. These details help you discover better ways to manage operations to get the best out of employees, know your customers, and devise improved marketing plans.

5. Invest in CRM technology

Every company seeks better ways to maximize time and resources in modern-day business. With CRM technology, you can receive and manage these details in real-time from numerous sources automatically. For instance, when receiving payment, software records the information on the transaction, including the time, amount, and initiator. Likewise, you can automate incoming and outgoing emails to track and record customer communication on various media. 

These technologies collect and interpret information more accurately and provide your sales and marketing team with data for their strategies. It also enhances customer service as you can confirm the identity of customers in real-time during a consultation or inquiry to corroborate their claims.

Final thoughts


Technology is perhaps the best way to boost productivity at work or in business. Some common problems with goal setting are proper documentation, information sharing, scheduling, and remembering important activities. From automating daily operations to time management, you get work done faster and more accurately with top-class software. You’re more likely to accomplish your organizational goals, meet deadlines, and manage schedules using electronic planners, calendars, goal tracking apps, and sophisticated CRM software.


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