How will mobile app development technologies and mobile app developers evolve in the next decade? To predict the future, let’s look at trends from the recent past and current present day. How will mobile apps develop in the next five years? In 10 years? Keep reading to find out 5 key mobile app development technologies that will be integral to your business by 2022.

1) Blockchain
The emergence of blockchain technology will have a powerful impact on how mobile apps are built and distributed. This is because blockchain offers a new type of digital ledger that’s transparent, decentralized, and secure. Blockchain networks provide all sorts of benefits: from greater security (because there’s no single point of failure) to improved scalability (thanks to their ability to handle more transactions simultaneously). Mobile app developers can use these types of advantages by incorporating blockchain into their apps; they can even use blockchain to build entirely new types of applications, such as identity management systems or secure voting platforms. There’s no question that mobile app development technologies will be very different just a few years from now—and in an exciting way.

2) AR/VR
Augmented reality and virtual reality technologies are on a trajectory to become major platforms in mobile app development. The AR/VR market is poised to grow at an annual rate of 50% from now until 2022, according to projections by Allied Market Research. Some of these technologies will be built into smartphones and used as smartphone apps, while others will be stand-alone applications that work on VR headsets or glasses. Either way, mobile app developers need to start preparing their organizations today if they want to remain competitive tomorrow. To help you start planning ahead, here are five predictions regarding mobile app development technologies through 2022

3) Chatbots
Today, chatbots are one of most common technologies being used by businesses around the world to reach their audience. The platform allows people to engage with your business by simply messaging them on a mobile device. Chatbots will continue to grow and thrive into an entirely new communication channel that benefits both companies and customers. But what about mobile app development? Mobile apps have been around for many years now and is still one of largest growing platforms in existence. As more people use apps, developers will learn how to create better applications resulting in more advanced development over time. In 10 years, we will see some major differences when it comes to mobile app development technology and applications that businesses employ on a daily basis.

4) Fintech
You’re probably familiar with big names like Apple, Google, and Amazon. But did you know that there are over one million apps out there? And that number is increasing by more than 70% every year? With so many applications to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which ones you want—and when you download them, it’s even harder to stay engaged. The next ten years will see technological advances bringing about new ways to engage with your customers or users. Looking ahead, here are five mobile app development technologies on track to emerge as leaders in their field within 10 years Some of these predictions may seem far-fetched now, but only time will tell how far technology has advanced by 2022. It’ll be interesting to see how things change—for better or worse!
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5) ML
Machine learning-based mobile apps will get more sophisticated. Machine learning has already become a major player in mobile app development. For example, Apple’s Siri and Google’s voice assistant, as well as Microsoft’s Xbox Speech API and Nuance’s Swype keyboard, are all built with it. Many developers also use machine learning to improve their apps. But by 2022, they’ll be able to do even more—like making AI assistants that don’t need to listen or read human speech at all, but instead predict what you’re going to ask and answer without you having to speak at all! This will make them much more useful than today’s virtual assistants, which still have a long way to go before they can perform complex tasks like scheduling meetings and finding directions.

Nowadays, mobile apps are an integral part of human lives. The smartphone world has become truly interactive, and everyone—from single millennials to busy moms and dads—now has access to applications that can make their lives easier, more entertaining or just more exciting. As time goes on, new technologies keep being introduced into our daily lives. And it’s not hard to imagine what’s going to happen next: 5 years from now, you might have augmented reality features on your phone or a virtual assistant right there with you at all times. It’s impossible to predict exactly how technological development will unfold over time, but we do know that mobile app developers must be prepared for any changes that come along with it.


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