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Your car serves more than just transportation purposes. It represents who you really are and one of your most significant investments. You must regularly wash your new car to keep it running smoothly and looking good. In addition, using a quality car wash has additional advantages.

Professional Car Wash

Professional car washes come in self-service, touchless car wash, and 24-hour car wash varieties. DIYers’ work is incomparable to what professionals can do for us. Here are five things you should know before getting a professional to wash your automobile.

1.    After Washing, Dry The Vehicle.

After having a touchless car wash or self-service car wash, you must completely dry it. For drying your car, you can use both water and chemicals. As soon as your automobile is clean after being washed, move it forward and locate a spot where you may dry it for a while. Although some individuals advise utilizing products like cloth diapers or old t-shirts, these materials typically cause more harm than good since they have rough surfaces on a microscopic scale. Instead, it would help if you used clean chamois or microfiber cloths for drying.

2.    For Stubborn Stains, Use A Microfiber Washcloth.

Learn as much as possible about your car, including the type of paint it has. Keep in mind that not all automotive paints are produced identically. A few things may negatively impact the body paint of your vehicle. To determine a car’s painted exterior, check the VIN number. For more information, consult the owner’s manual or the door jam’s information. After visiting a self-service car wash or 24-hour car wash, check the body for any remaining stains and massage the area with a microfiber cloth. This method always works as a charm because the materials are designed to avoid scratching your car.

3.    Avoid Using Dish Soap.

Never use Windex or dish soap whenever you wash your automobile at home or in a self-service car wash. The painted surface of your car will suffer if you wash with them. Always use a soap that is made specifically for washing automobiles. Regularly cleaning your car with liquid dishwashing detergent is never a brilliant idea. When you last gave your automobile a thorough detailing, you may have applied wax, shine, and other protective coatings. However, for several reasons, some people continue to use liquid detergent. For starters, they don’t go to the auto parts store to buy car soap. Or they need to cut back on the cost of car maintenance. They nevertheless desire to test a new cleaning solution.

4.    Select A Fully Equipped Automated Car Wash.

Make sure your nearest car wash uses the necessary tools and technology if you choose one. The outdated technology might be unable to remove some blemishes from the painted body entirely and will never produce the results you want.

5.    After An Automatic Car Wash, Add The Finishing Touches.

If you choose an automated car wash, make any final adjustments at your house later. It dramatically reduces your time and energy expenditure, allowing you to focus on other tasks. Additionally, you have the opportunity to guarantee that the washing tasks are successfully finished.


With regular and accurate car wash equipment, your car will remain in perfect order. By doing this, you can later resell your car for a high price. I hope the tips helped educate you about complete car washing. You might also consider getting expert car wash near you to fulfill your needs.

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