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5 Tips for Home Safety in Winter Weather 

Protect your home from freezing pipes and other damage due to winter weather. As the weather outside turns colder, keeping your indoor environment warm and comfortable is a challenge. Follow these tips to protect your home from extreme temperatures and keep your family safe.

Add insulation to your home

Add more warmth to your home by upgrading your insulation this winter. Make sure to insulate the attic, walls, crawl space, and floors. Good home insulation will save you money and help protect your home against the elements. It can reduce your heating and cooling bills and improve the overall efficiency of your home.

Clean out the fireplace 

Fireplaces can be dangerous. Before you use yours this season, make sure your chimney and fireplace are cleaned properly. The last thing you want is a fire because things were left uncleaned.

Prevent snow buildup on walkways

It can be a real safety hazard to have snow, ice, and mud buildup on walkways. It is important to de-snow your walkways as soon as you can. That snow can pile up over time and become a slippery hazard, especially if you use the walkway to move around your property and clear away snow from other areas.

Monitor weather reports

Monitoring weather reports is an important aspect of staying safe during a winter storm. It gives you time to prepare for a storm instead of being caught off guard and unprepared.

Check your heating equipment

Check your heating equipment before the cold sets in. Safety first – never use your primary heating if it’s broken. By checking your equipment yourself regularly, it will help ensure that the problem is noticed sooner, reducing the risk of you being left without heat.

Invest in a new furnace installation

A new furnace installation can improve your home’s comfort, efficiency, and safety. Modern heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are more energy-efficient than older models and produce fewer indoor air pollutants. Consult the pros today to get more information about the cost of a new furnace installation in your home. Call now!


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