things to do in Fruitland
things to do in Fruitland

Fruitland is a beautiful small city in the Ontario Micropolitan Area, also known as ‘The Big Apple of Idaho.’ Oregon is a few miles away from the city and features the best dining, cultural amenities, and shopping complexes open for public visits. Moreover, three beautiful rivers flow through the area, including the Snake, Malheur, and Payette, and attract people towards fun activities of fishing, boating, hiking, and sightseeing. 

There are plenty of amusement parks, zoos, museums, bars, artsy places, fairgrounds, coffee places, restaurants, art houses, farms and gardens, and beautiful tourist attractions to explore in Fruitland. While you are here, don’t miss going to Malheur Job Corps Conservation Center, Cedar Grove Botanical Area, Appaloosa Horse Club and museum, Herrett Museum, or Bruce Memorial Museum.

Going to the museum will help you know the place better and learn about its historical significance and heritage. If you want to grab something tasty at night, go to the Dairy Queen or Belly Buster Sandwich Shop and satisfy your cravings. For more interesting tastes and flavors, try Raspberry Margarita or Citrus Sour. 

Best 6 Things to Do in Fruitland

Here are some of the fun and epic things to do in Fruitland that you can experience during your trip. 

Head to the Four Rivers Cultural Center and Museum 

There is no shortage of historical and cultural attractions in Ontario, which is easily accessible and takes only ten minutes from Fruitland. If you want to discover the unique heritage of the Treasure Valley, go to The Four Rivers Cultural Center, which shares its roots in the Basque Country of Spain and Japanese Internment in the Second World War. It features an art gallery, theatre, Japanese gardens and event venues, and museums.  

While you are here, you can also catch a show, take a tour of the museum, check out the art gallery exhibition, or simply enjoy the surreal beauty of the place. In addition, there are historical dioramas, including Hispanic, Japanese, Basque, and European American immigrants.

Chill in the Downtown Ontario, Oregon

There are bars, cafes, big-box stores, restaurants, shopping centers, and almost everything arranged in a row on the west bank. The vibrant nightlife is widely popular among youngsters, and therefore, a large crowd is seen at clubs and bars partying with their friends and boozing. If you are a party person, head to the Downtown and drink amazing beers and other beverages and party like there is no tomorrow. Here, you will also find pop stores of fashionable attires, musical instruments, craft supplies, furniture, jewelry, glasses, flowers, homewares, and so many other shops. 

Once you have explored the place and purchased unique items, stop and taste the best food in any of the restaurants opened there. They serve palatable pizza, sandwiches, crepes, American classics, Mexican cuisine, and whatnot. 

Meet and Interact with Animals in Babby Farms 

The Babby Farms is an extensive zoo and a habitat of many jungle creatures, which is open for public visits from May to October. The zoo is run and operated by a non-profit organization with the aim to preserve the lives of animals and provide them a natural shelter. It is a special place that offers a unique opportunity for disabled children or adults to interact and interact with animals, and it is probably one of the best things to do in Fruitland. 

Visitors can pet and feed monkeys, donkeys, kangaroos, zebras, pygmy goats, lemurs, pigs, deer, sloths, alpacas, a yak, camels, etc. Besides animal interaction, you can also be a part of Jr. Zookeeper classes available for children under the age groups of five to twelve. The courses are run by Babby Farms from October to April, only on Saturdays. So, make British airways booking and don’t miss the exciting opportunity to see the best of your life. 

Witness the Natural Beauty and Wilderness in the Old Fort Boise Park 

The Old Fort Boise Park was first built in 1834 with the support of Hudson’s Bay Company. Since then, it became an important stop on the Oregon Trail before it got prohibited in 1854 due to excessive flooding and the attack that killed around 18 people. Visitors can take a tour of the place for vital trading from the pioneer days. In the neighborhood of Boise park, there is a small playground and a picnic spot best for spending quality time with friends or families in the midst of nature. 

Other campgrounds or RV parks to explore within 16 miles of the Old Fort Bisok Park include Country Corners RV Park, Neat Retreat RV Park, Caldwell Campground and RV Park, Canyon Springs RV Resort Snake River RV Resort, and Wilder River’s Edge RV Park. It also features Fort Boise Wildlife Management Area, Mobile Park, Martin Landing, Malheur County Fairgrounds, Farewell Bend State Park, Eagle Island State Park, and so on. 

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Visit the Payette River Wildlife Management Area

More than 30 Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) are located within Idaho, built to preserve the animal species of the state park. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game first bought the land in 1960. It covers around 1200 acres of land and is located near New Plymouth along the Payette River. There is a Birding Islands which lies a few minutes away from the eastern part of Fruitland and plenty of other islands featuring shorebirds, and you can witness the exquisite beauty of the park and the animals. 

You may be lucky enough to spot mallards, widgeons, great blue herons, snow egrets, night herons, and Canada geese. The place is easily accessible from four different locations, and there is a series of three ponds suitable for warm-water fishing for the entire year. 

Say your prayers at St. John’s United Methodist Church, Fruitland, Maryland

The St. John’s United Methodist Church is an important and popular cultural site to explore in Fruitland, built-in 1849. The ministry of the city served the best interests of preserving and maintaining the church since it was first established. People can come between 10:00 am till the evening and say their prayers in front of Jesus Christ. 

There are Sunday school classes arranged for children and youngsters, and they can also be a part of a choir that sings prayers between September to May. Make Air Canada Booking from the authorized sources and explore the best activities and places in the beautiful city of Fruitland. 


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