Halal is an Islamic cuisine that has an exclusive method of cooking and a delicious taste. It’s now very popular among the Saigonese in Ho Chi Minh since there are several Muslims of the Mekong Delta as well as other countries. Some of the places that you can find Halal meals at in Ho Chi Minh are Kampung Melayu, Kampung Pandan, The Daun, and more.

Halal, in the Arabic language, refers to legal or acceptable. Halal food items must adhere to the Islamic diet as defined within the Qur’an. If you’re having trouble finding shops that allow you to savor Halal foods at Ho Chi Minh city, keep scrolling to find the answers you’re looking for.

1. Kampung Melayu

Just near right next to Ben Thanh Market, this Malaysian-owned restaurant will serve the best Halal food. When you visit, you’ll receive a variety of choices. In particular, chicken rice, as well as Malay milk teas, are highly recommended. The soft, wet-fried rice paired with tasty chicken slices and a cup of sweet milk tea will give you a distinct rich flavor. This combination is available to one person for $3.43 (79,000 VND).

If you are in a or group you may choose an additional Tom Yum soup, a Sayur Goreng, as well as a Nasi Goreng Telur, which are equally delicious. The Halal Restaurant is not open during the evening and it would be ideal to dine in the cozy-styled Malay space, and then chat with your pals. Something to be aware of is that the tiny capacities for Kampung Melayu might make coming in large groups a little uncomfortable. So, having 2-3 friends is suggested.

2. Kampung Pandan

Rated 4 stars by Tripadvisor. Kampung Pandan can be highly valued for its food, service, as well as price. This Malaysian-owned restaurant serves an array of dishes and beverages, that range from Malaysian Halal, to Vietnamese food fusion. So, it appears that everyone of all cultures will find something to be a part of.

Those who want to experience authentic Halal food such as the Nasi Goreng Pattaya, Roti Canai, and Roti Telur (served along with the chicken curry) are well-known here. If you’re trying something new that you like, try eating the Halal Pho, a combination of Halal beef and Vietnamese traditional Pho.

Every dish is unique in its flavor and is amplified by a cup of Iced milk tea. The majority of the time, the portion is substantial and will fill you up for the entire day. It is worth the cost.

The restaurant’s opening hours are very long, which means that you are able to visit for lunch, breakfast or dinner, and even dinner. A further benefit is that the inside is nicely decorated and welcoming to foreigners. With all of the features, Kampung Pandan seems to be the most reputable restaurant for Halal meals at Ho Chi Minh, so why not stop by and enjoy a meal there.

3. The Daun

It is renowned all over the world for its astounding Halal food, the Daun Restaurant is considered to be on consideration to be the most efficient restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City by many visitors, which is why it was awarded the Tripadvisor food awards from 2015 until 2019.

If you’re located in Ho Chi Minh City and you’re looking for Halal foods, this restaurant is the right one for you. It serves Asian, Vietnamese, and Singaporean cuisines and is famous as a place to enjoy Vietnamese Beef Pho and drinks. The food is reasonably priced and the staff and proprietor are friendly and friendly, which means that the restaurant an absolute must for anyone who loves food.

4. Saigon Green House

The restaurant is located in the center, Saigon Green House will serve you authentic and delicious Halal dishes to satisfy your palate.

When you arrive, you’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of choices for food which you can pick and taste. The most recommended dishes include Sayur Goreng, Nasi Goreng Telur along with curry noodles. Since the restaurant holds the Halal certification, each dish is delicious and authentic.

Apart from the superb Halal cuisine, the most notable aspect of the establishment is the professional service. Although the restaurant is frequently busy, the service of food is quick. So, you won’t need to wait a long time to take your time enjoying your dinner. The interior is tidy and spacious and is perfect for family or friend gatherings. You are welcome to dine here with family or friends.

5. Kedai Muslim Al-Amin

As one of the top sought-after Halal establishments within Ho Chi Minh city, Kedai Muslim Al-Amin provides Halal dishes at a fair price. This restaurant is likely to be an absolute favorite for people on a budget Muslim travelers since it has a menu that is affordable for a restaurant in Ben Thanh. Ben Thanh area.

When you visit, you will enjoy food that is priced affordable but offers a variety of foods. If Muslims are looking to taste Vietnamese food, then you must consider trying Beef Pho, as well as milk coffee since they are extremely popular as well as popular dishes like Beef Pho and milk coffees, are a perfect combination that fills you up for the entire day. With the cost of food items served, they are certainly worth the price. The restaurant is perfect for family meals because of its warm indoor space, so you can dine here with your family and enjoy an enjoyable time with them.

6. Restaurant Halal Osman

Another Halal restaurant located in Ho Chi Minh for you to visit can be found at Halal Osman. It’s also in the area that is near to Ben Thanh market. Ben Thanh market. For Muslim visitors who have been to Ho Chi Minh City, this isn’t a new name.

If you dine here there, you’ll have the chance to take your time eating at the restaurant or, in case you’re busy, take it home. In this restaurant, you can pick a variety of culinary dishes from Asian countries such as Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, or even certain Western countries. Bun Cha Gio – Vietnamese dishes are among the most delicious dishes to try while visiting. In addition, you’ll be able to select beef pho as well as spring rolls.


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