A leaking vape tank is one of the most frustrating things you can experience as a vaper. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a veteran vape user; the odds that you’ll experience tank leakages are pretty high. No vape lover wants to face these frustrations of tank leakages from a few drops to an entire full tank of precious e-juice. 


No one is immune from these vape tank issues, not even if your vape device is a brand new one. But luckily, there are several steps you can use to fix and prevent these all-too-common vape take issues. Therefore, don’t let tank leakages scare you from vaping your favorite vape juice. Go ahead and  learn more on top synthetic vape juice in the market to try from reliable vape vendors and enjoy your vaping experience. 


Here are 6 tips that can help you solve your vape tank leakage issues and save e-juice. 

Fill Your Vape Tank Properly 

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Refilling your tank might seem like a straightforward task, yet it is among the most probable causes of leakages. Therefore, you should use the correct filling technique. Firstly, it is vital to understand the anatomy of your vape tank. All vapes have a central air tube that runs from the coil to the mouthpiece, and it should always be left clear of e-juice. If the juice accidentally spills into this part, it becomes a recipe for leakages. 


The following are the best practices for filling up your tank: 


  • Avoid spillage into the central air tube when filling the tank. 
  • Just like pouring a beer into a glass, tilt the tank when topping up. 
  • Don’t overfill the vacuum because some air left will help hold the juice together in the chamber.  


Tilting the tank ensures the juice fills up in the right place and keeps away the juice from the air passage. Slowly straighten the tank as it fills up. However, if liquid still spills in the central air tube, clear this compartment before vaping in the following ways: 


  • Blow out the excess juice through the main tank inlet airway holes. Make sure you have a paper towel when doing this task. 
  • Flick the atomizer.  
  • It absorbs the excess liquid using a cotton swab or a paper towel. 


Replace the O-rings 

The O-ring is a rubber ring at the top and bottom parts of the tank. If these rings are damaged, the tank loses its airtight seal, making the liquid slowly start leaking. When assembling parts, overtightening the o-rings can damage them, but sometimes factory defects cause o-ring issues. However, it is not common to find a faulty device right out of the factory. Make a habit of regularly checking them so that you can discover early signs of damage and replace them to avoid leaks. 


Disassemble the tank, which involves simply unscrewing separate parts and closely observing the o-rings at the bottom of the tank and the coil head. If they appear out of position or damaged, replace them. Use a small flathead screwdriver to remove the damaged o-ring and replace it with a new one of similar size and design. 


Depending on the time and the type of tank you purchased, you may already have spare o-rings. If not, you have to buy a new set. And fortunately, you can easily get an affordable yet high-quality new set. 


Avoid Flooding Your Tank 

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Flooding is among the most common causes of vape tank leaks, especially at the airwave holes. ItsIt’s caused by excess juice drawn into the coil to vaporize, resulting in excessive liquid leaking out the housing. 

The following are some of the steps to avoid these leaks happening: 
  • Increase power settings: Switching to higher settings will increase the flame, increasing vapor production. Carefully do this and ensure you remain within the recommended range of the coil. 
  • Clean with a cotton swab: Use the cotton swab or a paper towel to absorb excess liquid in the air passage and coil. 
  • Blow out excess e-juice: You can blow out excess liquid in the coil by applying pressure by your mouth. Use a paper towel to remove excess liquid that leaks out through the air intake holes. 


Use the Right VG/PG Ratio for Your Tank 

In recent years, vape juice has gotten thicker as the e-juice manufacturers continue to skew their VG/PG ratios. Many vapers love the big, creamy clouds that a VG-heavy juice produces. As a result, manufacturers have had to make adjustments to their designs to cater to this preference. 


To accomodateaccommodate thicker juice, a typical tank has large wick openings, which ensures thick vape liquid flows efficiently to the atomizer coil. 


However, you’ll experience a challenge if thick e-juice isn’t your preference. An e-juice with high propylene glycol content tends to leak through the tank’s air intake holes. Also, it’s important to note that if your tank has a diameter bigger than an inch or so, it probably needs e-juice with at least 50% vegetable glycerin. 

Check Your Tank For Correct Assembly and Worn Parts 

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Most vapers experience tank leaks as a result of improper assembling of tank parts. When the tank has a good seal, it creates a vacuum that helps to put the e-juice in its place. However, if it lacks proper sealing, it can’t form a vacuum, leading to the tank starting to leak. 


To examine the tank’s condition, disassemble and check all the rubber gaskets to see any tearing. Usually, vape tanks come with a complete set of spare gaskets. Dig into that box and replace all the worn-out parts. 


Now it is time to reassemble the tank. Carefully put the parts together and ensure that crossed threads are smoothly twisted to form an internal vacuum. Also, avoid over-tightening; a finger-tight is enough. Over-tightening can cause the parts to warp.   

Inhale With the Right Technique 

The way you inhale could also be the reason the tank is leaking. An experienced vaper will tell you to vape softly and slowly. If you draw sharply, you may pull the e-juice faster than the coil can vaporize. The excess liquid may flow into the tube, leading to leakage. 


Another reason that may lead to leakages is long and condensed draws. It is almost impossible to inhale all the vapor when you hit the fire button and take a draw. The remaining vapor will condense and accumulate in the center tube. 


Here are the best practices to prevent this from happenings: 


  • Inhale immediately; you hit the fire button. 
  • Keep your finger away from the fire button when not inhaling 
  • Regularly clean your tank. 


There are many solutions you can use to avoid tank leakages. Get to know the anatomy of your tank and know how it works and use the tips above to minimize the vape tank leaks. Regularly clean your vape device and check the coils and replace them when worn out.  


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