Travel Loan

Do you plan to spend a few days in an exotic destination? You could have a specific destination in mind you’ve always desired to visit. Or do you cherish a beach vacation where you can spend the entire week swimming and watching beautiful sunsets with your loved one? Or maybe, you want a perfect stay at a dream hill station to enjoy that spectacular valley view?

Whatever your travel dream is, you can actualise it with a travel loan. 

Getting a Personal Loan for travel is the smartest way to finance your holiday. You can visit all your dream destinations and enjoy them without disturbing your savings.

So, if you are still thinking, whether you should apply for Personal Loan online or not, you should read about its benefits and apply for it online. However, you should be aware of the steps to get a Personal Loan without hassles.

In this article, you will learn about the steps to avail a Personal Loan without any trouble.  

Simple Steps to Avail a Personal Travel Loan 

Analyse Your Current Financial Situation

How is your financial situation? Do you have other loan repayments? If yes, try to determine if you can include a travel loan into the mix. 

Can you afford an extra equated monthly instalment (EMI)? You should know your financial strength before applying for a travel loan. 

Remember, you’ll have to repay the loan amount with interest. Analysing your financial situation beforehand gives you a picture of how much you can take and repay without defaulting.

Don’t forget; you will need to meet other living expenses and still pay your loan. That’s why you should get precise information about your finances.

Come Up with a Travel Budget

Once you understand your financial strength, develop a travel budget. You should figure out how much you need to fund the entire trip.

First, research on where you want to go for the vacation. You can then estimate the amount you need for accommodation, meals, and sightseeing tickets.

Avoid under and overestimating your budget. Visit a travel website to get accurate information about the expenses.

If you’re new to travelling or want to go abroad for vacation, you can consider a travel agency to get a customised package. An agent can also help you get the right quotation for your trip.

Research the Requirements Set by The Lending Institution

Many financial institutions will offer you a Personal Loan for Travel, but their lending conditions may vary from other financial institutions.

You can visit the website of a reputed lending institution like Clix Capital and check the eligibility requirement to qualify for a travel loan. 

Interest rates aren’t the only factor you should consider when choosing where to borrow. Look for other queries:

  • Can I get the amount I need for the entire trip? 
  • How flexible is the travel loan repayment tenure? 
  • Are there other charges apart from the interest rates? 
  • How long will it take for my travel loan to get approved? 

You should have all these answers before you initiate the application process.

Check Your Credit Score

A credit score will determine whether you qualify for a Personal Loan for Travel or not. Check your credit score and ensure it is within the required limits before applying for a travel loan. 

For example – You qualify for a travel loan at Clix Capital with an Experian credit score of 630. Is your score lesser than 630? Try to work on improving your score by repaying the existing loans and credit bills on time.

Submit Your Travel Loan Application

Fill out a loan application form and submit the required information for loan processing. Make sure you provide identity and address proof documents for faster loan processing.

If you choose to apply online, your verification will also be done online. You can get an instant loan approval when you provide the correct information and documents to the lending institution.

Loan Disbursal

Your loan will be disbursed into your account after verification. Once you get the funds, you can enjoy your travel. However, don’t forget to repay the loan on time.

Remember, borrow only the required amount even if you qualify for more, as it comes at the cost of interest rate.


If you dream of visiting the most beautiful destinations, now is the right time. Actualise your adventure goals by getting a Personal Loan for Travel. A travel loan allows you to finance your vacation and pay it back later through EMIs. So, apply for a Personal Loan for Travel at the Clix Capital website today and get instant approval and fast disbursal.


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