In western Rajasthan lies the wilderness town of Bikaner, home to the Junagarh Fort, so as to enamour you with its well-preserved interiors. The fort is not the only reason you should wind up here, for Bikaner has a couple of fantastic Jain temples, purple sandstone mansions and a camel safari scene that competitors Jaisalmer.

People land up right here to get a experience of a Rajasthani metropolis that hasn’t been overrun by way of tourism. The Bikaner Camel Festival draws some of guests, however otherwise this metropolis is a old fashioned reminder, and a almost-pleasant-stored secret of Rajasthan’s rich subculture. Here’s a list of factors to do in Bikaner to be able to make your ride a memorable one. hire Taxi Service in Bikaner to reach there.

1. Be part of the psychedelic Bikaner Camel Festival

This annual January pageant that takes place within the Red City is not anything short of magical. Travellers landing up in Bikaner are mesmerised with the aid of the colours on display, and the wealthy cultural way of life of western Rajasthan.

Back inside the day, camels had been the only delivery in this vicinity and the pageant revolves across the Ship of the Desert. The camel, with its resilience to the unforgiving weather of the wasteland, epitomises the hardiness of the Rajasthani humans.

On the primary day of the festival, a kaleidoscopic procession of decked out camels makes its way from Junagarh Fort. From there, the festivities take vicinity on the Polo Ground and encompass camel dances, camel races, and fur reducing competitions. Explore this famous competition by way of tasting camel milk merchandise and staring in awe on the traditional people dances. Ghoomar dance performances (ladies in long, prismatic skirts swirl to the music of traiditonal folks contraptions) by myself is reason sufficient to be part of the Bikaner Camel Festival.

2. Don the explorer’s hat at Junagarh Fort and Lalgarh Palace

The Junagarh Fort stands out from the others in Rajasthan as it is not perched on a rocky outcrop or hill. Instead, this bastion of vintage is surrounded by means of a 986m wall, 37 ramparts and a huge moat.

The palaces, mansions, towers and balconies constitute a time when Bikaner turned into an important country of Rajasthan.

The Diwan-i-Khas has a fairy-tale gold ceiling and a silver throne of the former maharajas. The artwork of Hindu gods and a marble statue of the Sun God are worth sorting out at Phool Mahal.

Karan Mahal and Anup Mahal include top notch artwork through an artist who turned into relocated from Golconda in south India. The significant columns beside Karan Mahal were mounted by elephants 4 centuries ago. The blue tiles, imported from China and Europe, that line the walls of Hawa Mahal are testament to the opulence of Bikaner’s former royalty.

3. A camel safari within the Thar Desert and a pit stop on the National Research Centre on Camel

For those trying to pass the crowded Jaisalmer camel safaris, Bikaner is your subsequent first-class alternative. From short day journeys to overnight camping centers, Bikaner gives a camel safari that remains far from the hustle-and-bustle of popular Jaisalmer.

The villages of Sarunda, Ghantiyali, Dawa and Kakkoo are famous destinations for desolate tract camping trips from Bikaner. If you’re looking at a quick safari, a camel trip to Raisar village is a great choice. You get to explore the village, enjoy an genuine Rajasthani meal, and mingle with the locals.

For the ones seeking to camp out within the barren region, signing up for a 2/three day camel safari is an unforgettable expeirince. Live the life of a nomad, and get to recognise the Thar Desert head to head. This is the pleasant way of know-how the hardiness of the agricultural Rajasthani populace.

A camel safari is an vital a part of activities in Bikaner. Ask your tour company for alternatives at the special itineraries in and round Bikaner.

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If you have a while to spare, make the trip to the National Research Centre on Camel. The centre is doing a little essential work with appreciate to breeding of those animals and you could even experience one of the 2 hundred camels here. Don’t forget about to attempt the camel milk ice cream!

4. A culinary adventure with Bikaner’s cuisine

The raj-kachori of Bikaner is a ought to for any foodie. Stuffed with sprouts and potato, it is served with curd and chutney. A fresh morning or evening snack. The gram flour dumplings in a spicy gravy, gatte ki sabzi, is a tremendous creation to a vegetarian curry. The Bikaner version of a Rajasthani thali (platter) is what culinary desires are made from, and also you should certainly set aside a meal (or two) to try an expansion of curries, chutneys, and rotis.

5. Pilgrim’s progress and glorious temple structure

Bikaner is an crucial spiritual metropolis, however even secular travelers will locate the temples right here pretty interesting because of their historic structure.

One of the most exciting activities in Bikaner is visit the Karni Mata Temple. The shrine is domestic to lots of rats which might be worshipped by pilgrims who agree with these creatures bring them precise luck.

The pink sandstone and marble Bhandasar Temple is an essential Jain pilgrimage spot. The gold leaf partitions, three-tiered shrine, and intricately carved walls make this a have to-visit temple in Bikaner. The Sandeshwar Temple, although smaller than Bhandasar is not any much less of a beauty. The paintings in the spire are definitely lovely as are the painted pillars.

6. Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary and Jorbeed—A nature lover’s Bikaner

Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary encompasses thickly forested hills that makes for the right safari whilst you could spot desolate tract foxes, blackbuck, wild boar and nilgai. If Bikaner metropolis’s bustling nature starts offevolved getting the better of you, head out to this former royal hunting ground and spend the day driving thru a floral paradise.

Birdwatchers preserve an afternoon aside for Jorbeed, a haven for raptors simply 30 minutes faraway from Bikaner. Egyptian vultures, steppe eagles, griffon vultures are all located right here, resting on excessive branches scoping out their prey. If you’re lucky, you might just spot the swooping picture of a majestic Saker falcon.


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