An aquarium is an establishment where water-dwelling animals are kept. While most people associate it with fish, aquariums also house large marine mammals. Aquariums also contain various plant species, which bring a perfect aesthetic view to your home. They are mostly used as corner units, main attractions, or room dividers.

In addition, many scholars claim that aquariums can help improve mood perception, relaxation, and anxiety. A good aquarium store is always recommended, as they will know what will work best for your pet. You can also test out the aquarium from the store you wish to purchase from before purchasing. 

Nevertheless, the following are helpful tips that can help you set up a home aquarium.

1. Pick a Theme

When you consider your aquarium theme, you can pick from the following: underwater, tropical, marine, etc. This theme is mostly a matter of choice since it does not always have to be the same. For example, if you plan an underwater aquarium, it is essential to purchase live rocks for your fish.

Those who do not have much space and would like to include exotic freshwater fish in their home aquariums are recommended the Tetra Aqua Complete line of aquariums. This type of tank has a unique outer shell filled with heat-active glass beads.

2. Choose a Suitable Location for Your Aquarium

Aquariums work best when they are close to a window with natural sunlight exposure. Do not place them in direct sunlight as it will make the water temperature rise and can harm the fish inside. 

Ensure that the aquarium is placed high enough for children, as children are more likely to be attracted to it and can easily break it accidentally. You can also look for aquarium stands to keep your tank good and sturdy.

3. Choose Your Fish

Aquarium fish are very important. There are several different types of fish, but only three common types that you can find in an aquarium: freshwater, saltwater, and tropical. For example, freshwater fish include koi, goldfish, and pike. 

While an aquarium will help you create an appealing environment, it will also encourage your older kids to learn about fish care and make them take responsibility for the tank.

One benefit of getting a freshwater tank is that it does not need any special equipment for feeding since it has its food supply. Depending on their size, saltwater fish may have to be fed brine shrimp and bloodworms.

4. Choose Your Planter

Suppose you plan to have several fish inside your aquarium; set up a planter for them. The following plants are recommended for your fish:

  • Anacharis for oxygenation
  • Terrestrial plants for good air circulation
  • Echinodorus or java ferns for overall good health

Pure sulfur is also a great addition to a tank environment.

5. Perform Regular Aquarium Maintenance

Another helpful tip to creating a successful home aquarium is remembering regular maintenance. Do not forget to clean the tank and replace water regularly. One way to ensure that your get rid of harmful waste, uneaten fish food, and fish excrement is by vacuuming the gravel. A siphon can also be helpful when extracting aquarium water.

In addition, the variety of fish that you have in your home aquarium will determine how much time you need to spend on them. A single goldfish, for example, will only need some simple cleaning from time to time, but that would not be the case with larger varieties of fish like large-scale goldfish or small saltwater fish such as starfish or clam, which need more care and attention.

6. Consult Your Aquarium Expert Before Adding More Fish

If you are new to fish keeping, you must take your time to get advice from your local aquarium store. They will help you set up an aquarium and give you more information about the various fish species. In addition, if you have a question or concern, you must consult them before adding another fish to your tank.


Aquariums can be a great feature to add to your home. Aquariums are also an excellent way to help those dealing with stress since marveling at colorful fish is relaxing. 

All in all, consider the tips above before setting up a home aquarium.


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