The main purpose of creating a website is to create a first positive impression of a brand on its target audience. Businesses want that their websites look promising, impressive, and engaging to retain customers for long and boost the chances of conversions. One thing that can help them do so is adding custom images to the web pages that will make prospects stuck to the site and turn them into customers.

Good images are a win-win for a website. They break the monotony of the text and give visitors a visual example of the text content mentioned on the page. Using images relevant to the content allows businesses to better engage with the audience.

So, do you have any idea how to properly use images in a web design? If not, no worries. You always have the option to approach the best web development agency that can assist you in the task. The right website designing services will ensure that only the optimal images go on your website.

But if you want to take the task into your hands, the article might be of great help. Here, we are listing six great tips to help you use images correctly on your website. 

Use Relevant Images

Before adding images to a website, make sure you use the ones relevant to your brand or the text on the respective web page. The right images will improve a page by upgrading the visual aid for things the page talks about.

For example, if you’re writing a post about Christmas, you will never put a Thanksgiving photo in the post. It isn’t relevant to what you are posting. Therefore, you must use relevant images on the page.

Additionally, the images should make sense on the page on which they are posted. Before putting images on a page, step into your customers’ shoes and think about what they expect to see after visiting the site. Remember that only relevant images enhance the text.

If you are an HVAC company, your audience would expect to see photos of air conditioners, heating systems, fireplaces, or a worker installing a system. These are relevant photos that enhance the text.

Another thing is that don’t use images just to use them. Every image you use must add some value to the page and deliver the audience a great visual representation of the brand and motivate them to convert.

Originality Is Must

If you want to win the hearts of your target audience, it’s better to go for original images. It will add a touch of authenticity to your website and motivate visitors to trust. 

Using original images doesn’t mean that you can’t use stock photos. They also offer a great way to upbeat the site. Although, the original ones offer a better feel of the business to the target audience.

It is better to use photos of your office/manufacturing unit, products, and team members. Such photos offer your audience a sneak peek into the business and its operation. The visual representation of your business is crucial to help customers understand the business better.

The same goes for photos of people. It is not rocket science to identify the stock photos of people. When they see how the staff works in the company, they see that they enjoy working and business is good.

Therefore, implementing original photos can help you showcase your business better, improve connection with the audience, boost engagement, and get higher conversions.

Go Beyond Just Images

The word “images” is not restricted to the pictures you take from a camera. They are much more than that. 

Infographics are one of the famous images that businesses can use to enhance their website’s appeal. They are the visual elements that showcase statistics, facts, and other crucial information. The graphics are a great way to catch users’ attention and make them read the crucial information.

While designing a site yourself or with the help of website designing services, use more than just photos. They are a great way to enhance a website’s experience and are eye-catching too.

Make sure to vary the images to keep the audience engaged and improve the conversion rate. Additionally, the same will enhance the user experience on the website, which is another factor in improving the site’s ranking on SERPs.

Multiple Images Work Better

Without a doubt, images have a better impact on how people see your products and make their decision. If your business is into products, it’s better to use multiple images of a single product.

When customers see multiple images of products, it becomes easier for them to understand the product and how it can benefit them. The images help them checkout the product from all angles.

Showing multiple images is a great way to get more engagement and conversions for the business. You can hire the services of the best website development company to ensure that the images are of the optimal quality and work best for increasing the business’s sales.

Optimize Images

When using images on a site, it is necessary to optimize them first. Image files can be big files that take up a lot of space and impact the loading speed. You must ensure that every image you use on the site is optimized so it doesn’t slow down the page loading.

Compress the image file size to make it load faster. Also, if you are using a lot of images in your website’s design, optimize them to dodge the slowing down of your site.

Integrate Icons

Images are the visual representations of the words that keep the leads engaged on a web page. Many businesses are also using icons to cut the amount of reading on the site.

There are numerous icons with symbolic meanings that can be used on a page. For example, for the homepage, you can use an icon that looks like a house, a magnifying glass for a search bar, and so on. Plus, they take up less space.

They are small and make the web pages look clear and cleaner, making your site look organized and easy to navigate.

Wrapping Up

Images are a big part of every web design. They help customers understand the business better in less time. We hope that the article has provided you with enough tips to use images precisely in your web design. But, if you still need any help with the website designing services, feel free to contact us through the comments section below.



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