Things to do in Marbella

Marbella is one of the best and luxurious beach destinations that attracts millions and millions of tourists worldwide. The fantastic city of Spain – Marbella holds its own French Riviera and consists of the best things that can make this city the prime destination for beach lovers. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful beaches, lavish restaurants, top-notch yachts, designer boutiques for shopping, golf courses etc. Celebrities and Millionaires visit Marbella to stay in the resorts, explore the old town and witness the beauty of hidden Roman Villas. 

So, are you interested in exploring this beautiful city of Spain? If yes, you need to list the seven best things to do in Marbella. This list will help you enjoy every bit of your holiday in Marbella. 

Here are the points that you should keep in mind to enjoy your visit to Marbella, Spain: 

If you want to start your exploration, then the oldest part of Marbella will be the perfect place to start. In the old town of Marbella, you will witness the pedestrian streets designed with crazy pavements and red tiles. You will also see different buildings having terracotta rooftops which are all whitewashed and some of the buildings are wrapped in bougainvillea that makes it look mesmerizing. It will be the best choice to add this place to visit to your list. You can also book your pocket-friendly flight ticket from the Qatar airways booking service. 

  • The Private Garden of Marbella – Alameda Park

Alameda Park of Marbella will legit make you feel that this is a private garden. The beauty of greeneries in this park is impeccable. Visitors can enjoy spending precious time by walking alongside the fountains with their better half. The marble-paved walkways make it more special and historical for most travelers across all over the globe. It would be best if you indeed visited this place with your family and friends to enjoy the beauty of this garden. You will never regret your decision to visit this beautiful garden of Marbella. 

  • The Resort Beaches of Marbella

You can find around 20 beaches in Marbella in which most of them consist of white sand with the facilities like bars and restaurants. You can enjoy your stay in these resorts and enjoy spending your precious time sunbathing, surfing, scuba diving and many other water activities. One of the famous beach resorts is El Faro, which is entertaining millions and millions of visitors worldwide. You should also visit here once in your lifetime with your family and friends to spend your vacation. 

  • The Walkway of Marbella – Avenida del Mar

Avenida del Mar is an impressive walkway that spreads next to Marbell’s marina from Playa de la Venus to Alameda Park. Visitors can enjoy seeing the palm trees alongside the pedestrian avenue, lots of great public art and hedges. You can also visit the shop and bars to spend your time. There are lots and lots of activities one can do and spend a precious and refreshing vacation on this destination. 

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  • The Museum of Spanish Contemporary Engraving

This museum hides in the old town of Marbella, which is dedicated to engraving in Spain. This is a 16th-century Moorish-style palace that was transformed into a museum and now holds more than 4000 art and illustrations, lithographs, aquatints, etchings, xylographs, and many other designs which are designed by some of the famous and skilled artists. Art lovers will indeed appreciate this museum for its vast collections. 

  • Water Sports Activities in Marbella

If you love playing in the water, Marbella has lots and lots of space to spend your time doing water activities. You can enjoy doing scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing and many other water activities. Jet Skiing, parasailing, white-knuckle powerboat rides and wakeboarding are some of the hot sports activities of Marbella. 

  • Let’s End your Journey by Playing Golf!

Lush-green field with the professional golf courses and coaches waiting for you to pick the stick and play golf! It is very affordable to play golf in Marbella. It is worth visiting here with your family and friends who love playing golf. To visit here, you need to book your flight ticket from Spirit airlines reservations and get the best deals and discounts. 



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