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The advertising platform best known and used by many is Facebook and Instagram, they have more than 2 billion users around the world and it is a great opportunity for small businesses to get their offers to their audience.  Facebook and Instagram are designed to do business each account is a great asset that generates income.

For these, the platform always makes things easy for SMEs to invest in advertising.  Many go to invest in advertising, simply with the button promote a Facebook post, they do not know the main methods to make a successful advertisement, and sometimes, they lose money by not doing an ad set up correctly.

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To avoid wasting money and get the results you are looking for when advertising, I am going to show you 7 mistakes that you should avoid when advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

 Bad planning

Bad planning can lead to the total failure of your digital campaign. To be successful, it is crucial that you determine your goals and develop an action plan. By identifying your strengths, needs, weaknesses, as well as your budget, you will have a better understanding of the most effective means to distribute your campaign.

Undefined target audience

It is important to determine who our client is and the platform will allow me to make a segmentation with the characteristics of the public that I need to see my advertising. For digital marketing to work at its best, it is crucial that you know your audience deeply, so that you can segment them and model your strategies according to their interests and needs.

Call-to-action or call to action without clarity.

Once your audience sees your advertising it is important that it has a clear and attractive call-to-action that guides them to take the action you want. Otherwise, you will not have any reaction from the public.

 Inappropriate content

The content of your advertising is essential for the success of your campaign, if you are going to use a design you should avoid having a lot of text in the image, you should avoid being heavily loaded with elements because this distracts the view and does not obtain the expected results. If it is a video you must bear in mind that the first 3 seconds are crucial for the public to see the total content, if you did not manage to capture the user’s attention in the first 3 seconds you lost it.

Poor budget management

Although digital marketing can be classified as low cost, good budget management and distribution is crucial for a successful campaign. It is important to know well the size of your audience and for how long you are going to advertise. You have to keep in mind that the minimum that Facebook or Instagram accepts is $ 1 a day, but don’t make the mistake of setting up a $ 50 campaign for 30 days and leaving a daily budget set, because it will charge you $ 50 for 30 days.

Do not measure the results

One of the most important parts of a digital marketing campaign is the evaluation and measurement of results. In this way, you will be able to confirm the return on investment of your campaign. Otherwise, you will not know if the money, time, and effort invested in your strategies were worth it.

Unrealistic expectations

The fact that digital marketing is so accessible does not mean that it will lead to immediate results. Like any campaign, it takes a number of factors, such as planning, budget, and time to begin to see the benefits of this type of marketing. For this reason, companies must set clear and, above all, real objectives.

To avoid these mistakes that cost a lot of money, you must learn to develop this type of advertising.


Now advertising on the internet has become a science and that is how you should deal with it. There are many factors to success and you need to study and work hard. Remember that there will be difficulties and frustrations but everything is just part of the process. Do not lose your optimism and try to be better every day. Use your knowledge to keep a record and transform your hard work into quality results. Nothing comes easily especially in digital marketing and Social media 


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