Best 7 Popular Places in Medellin

Medellin, the City of Eternal Spring, is adept at reinventing itself. Pablo Escobar’s former base and a current haven for digital nomads. Take a stroll through its lovely gardens and watch the flower parade. In Poblado, you can stay out all night dancing salsa or clubbing. Paraglide high above the streets lined with tropical fruit vendors from Barefoot Park. Allow yourself to see this city not just for what it was or is, but also for what it is becoming, to truly appreciate it. Although it is not as large as Colombia’s capital, Medelln has just as much to offer. The city is packed with museums, restaurants, bars, and clubs to keep you entertained during your visit. Check out the top things to see and do in Colombia’s second-largest city. Book your tickets with Spirit Airlines flight Booking and visit and enjoy these amazing places.

Guatapé’s rainbow colors

Guatapé’s rainbow colors are stunning. Although not part of the city, Guatapé is a town in the larger municipality of Antioquia that is a must-see for anyone visiting Medellin. El Pool, a towering rock that towers over the entire area, is the main attraction of this small town. The steep 600-step climb is well worth it, and the top offers some truly breathtaking views of the lakes and hills below. Visitors come to admire the town’s pretty colored houses and soak in the surrounding area’s natural beauty, which is located two hours outside of the city.

Medellin’s Metrocable

Medellin’s Metrocable is an impressive transportation system that connects the city’s hustle and bustle with the residential areas built upon the hillsides. Visit the park for some peace and to observe the diverse wildlife. It stretches up to Parque Arvi, a large nature reserve in Medellin’s hills that offers a great escape from the city. Nearby is the town of Santa Elena, where you can grab a bite to eat or even stay for a night or two. Book your Spirit Airlines flight tickets if you haven’t booked yet.

Statues of Fernando Botero

The Botero legend states that the 23 plump bronze statues of Fernando Botero scattered throughout Botero Plaza bring luck and love to all who rub them. All of the plaza’s statues, ranging from a plump horse to a voluptuous lounging woman, were sculpted and donated by Botero. Botero, a well-known Medellin painter and sculptor, created Boterismo, a style of art that combines neo-renaissance, figurative, and contemporary elements, resulting in bulbous people and animals. It is located in Medellin’s Old Quarter, between the Museum of Antioquia and the Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture. The statues in the plaza are free to enter, photograph, and rub. Spirit Airlines reservations provide amazing flying conditions and connect this land with all major cities. You can book your tickets in simple steps.

Plaza Botero is a great place to appreciate art.

Fernando Botero Angulo is a Medellin-born sculptor, and the Plaza Botero is the best place to see his larger-than-life figures. While you’re there, don’t forget to visit the Museo de Antioquia. The museum is free to enter, and inside you’ll find many of Botero’s paintings, as well as works by other well-known Latin American artists. It is centrally located in the city’s old quarter and can be reached via Parque Berrio metro station. Visit Spirit Airlines official site and book your tickets.

Walk in flowers

There are approximately 4,500 flowers that grow in yellows, pinks, and reds. The reason for Medellin’s nickname, City of Eternal Spring can be seen in full bloom during the Feria de las Flores. A parade of 500 flower vendors march the streets with overflowing bouquets and massive flower arrangements overtake the city’s balconies, billboards, and malls. Picnic in the Joaquin Antonio Uribe Botanical Garden instead. If you can’t make it to the festival in early August, you can still enjoy the flower abundance by visiting the flower market at Placita de Flórez, the city’s largest plant market. The garden is free to enter and includes a natural rainwater collection system, the Orquideorama, which also protects the butterfly and orchid gardens. Spirit airlines manage booking allows users to make changes and manage bookings easily.

The Parque de Los Pies Descalzos

The Parque de Los Pies Descalzos invites visitors to remove their shoes and explore nature with their bare feet. Put your feet in the Well of Sounds to have water jets massage them, or walk on the Zen Garden’s stones to stress your foot fascia. The park is free to enter and explore, and guides are available to lead visitors through installations and activities centered on the elements of water, air, and land. Walk on the beams of the Level Towers to practice your balance, or go through the Maze with your eyes closed, relying on your other senses to guide you. It is open every day except Monday and can be reached by taking the Metro to the La Alpujarra station.

Paraglide site

Take off from San Felix’s hills to paraglide over the lush Aburrá Valley and Medellin’s red-roofed houses. Medellin Paragliding, located about 40 minutes from downtown Medellin, offers tandem 15-minute day flights as well as certification courses for those who want to learn how to fly on their own. The school, founded by Colombia’s father of paragliding, Ruben Dario Montoya Vargas, or Ruben Fly, has internationally certified instructors who are all bilingual in English and Spanish. Take a taxi from Medellin or the Metrocable to La Aurora, or book a door-to-door pick-up service directly with the school.

It is a very biodiverse country with a wide variety of fruits. Colombia is one of the best countries globally for eating healthy street food. Street vendors in Medellin cut up fruit salads, such as green mango with salt, for a hydrating, light lunch or as a palate cleanser for those who’ve chosen heavier street fare like arepas and bunuelos.

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