cafe in Clarence
cafe in Clarence

Have you ever been to a new city and felt awful not knowing where to go for coffee? It must be a terrible feeling anyway. However, to avoid this unpleasant situation in life here is your guide to finding the best cafe in any city worldwide.

1. Use Instagram hashtags to find a place: 

Instagram is one of the powerful tools when it comes to searching for a good place. It is essential to mention that when using Instagram hashtags, you need to go beyond generic tags to find what you are looking for.

You must search deep to find the relevant result. Use hashtags like #cafesofinstagram #frenchpresscoffee #dailycortado to find cafes that are using these hashtags. You can also use hashtags like #food or #foodporn for finding the most popular restaurants in your area.

Besides, if you have a preference dish in a particular place, suppose you want to visit a crayfish cafe in Clarence, then search by using the hashtag #crayfish #clarencecrayfishcafe #bestcrayfish.

2. Google is always there at rescue:

If you are looking for a cafe in some particular area, don’t worry, Google it. Many results will come up based on your search term. Remember to use the right keywords that are relevant to cafes when searching for something.

For example, if you want to visit a coffee shop, search by typing’ coffee shop near me, ‘coffee shop in (location),’ or ‘Top cafes near me’ in the search bar. Next, Google will display the top reviewed and rated cafes near the location you asked about.

3. Contact local bloggers for recommendations.

If you are someone who loves to try new food dishes, cafes, and restaurants each time you visit a new place, then reach out to local bloggers/famous bloggers you have traveled to that place you are staying at.

Food bloggers or travel bloggers are blogger categories that may help you find a suitable place for dining in a new city. You may reach out to them on their social media handles or an even convenient option if you know one personally.

  • Join Facebook Groups/Local forums

Various cafes conduct meetups and exclusive gatherings on Facebook groups. Joining such groups will allow you to interact with the cafe owners and also local food lovers. This way, you can get the latest news about events, offers, etc.

You may also join active forums that are related to your locality or neighborhood. You will find many passionate people who love to visit cafes. These people will help you to get the latest news and reviews about restaurants nearby.

  • Take Help from ‘Foursquare’

Foursquare can be considered as the most popular app for finding nearby cafes. While some may argue that it is full of user-generated content with unreliable results, many users tend to share their experiences with others. That means if someone has a good experience at the cafe, they are likely to share that on Foursquare. You can look for restaurants near you based on your tastes, ambiance, and whatnot.

  • Ask the popular site’ Yelp’

Yelp is another popular app with millions of reviews written by people who have already visited the place. All you need to do is look for nearby restaurants, suppose Clarence cafe. This helps in finding a cafe suitable for your taste buds and pocket too.

  • Befriend a local

If you are new somewhere and don’t know who to turn to, befriend a neighbor or anyone near you. Since the locals, especially the teenagers, have good ideas about great places to visit, they can help you with a suitable location, the upcoming events nearby, or special deals and offers. This way, you can save a lot of your time and money.

What are the Qualities of a good cafe/restaurant?


There are plenty of cafes and restaurants out there, but how do you know if they’re worth your time? Below are some of the top qualities that prove a restaurant/cafe is good to visit. 

  1. Good service: 

The restaurant/cafe should have Good & Quick service. Their staff must be polite, courteous, well-trained, and engaging to interact with the customers. They must also know the food items they serve and their preparation method to guide the customers upon asking.

  1. Must be listed on the Google map: 

The place where you want to go for excellent dining must be listed on the Google map. This makes it very easy for the customers and the restaurant staff to find their location and reach their place without significant trouble. They may also have an official website/Facebook page listing with a site map of the outlet’s contact details, menu, and service pages.

  1. Hygiene & Maintenance: 

A good restaurant/cafe should be hygienic and maintained adequately. The staff must always remain dressed in appropriate clothes while working. They must not wear stained clothing, which would leave a wrong impression on the customers. Also, the dishes must be well-cleaned off any dirt or dust particles, and the food they serve must be adequate.

  1. Different range of quality food:

A good restaurant/cafe should have a great range of food based on the type of food they serve. From their outlet’s signature dishes to the primary and most-demanded meals by the customers in the town, a good dining place must serve them all. If it’s a crayfish cafe, it must have a special crayfish dish on its menu that stands out from the rest. They must also have a stock of all the raw food materials to cook with/beverages/cutleries to serve the customers on time.

  1. Staff must have good management skills: 

Generally, the restaurants operate well regularly, but their management skills and staff service go in vain during peak hours and any festivities. Thus, the staff and the cooks must know how to tackle the management perfectly, even during extreme workloads or peak hours.

  1. Reasonable cost: 

The restaurant/cafe must have a reasonable price range for their food items. They must also not charge any extra amount other than the actual price of the food item to avoid hurting the customer’s feelings. However, they should be very honest about their charges and not go too low to cheat the customers.

  1. Smart menu planning:

A good restaurant/cafe should have intelligent menu planning, so the customers do not have to wait for hours or stick around their place to order food. They must have well-thought-out menus which are easy to read and manage. This way, they will serve more customers in less time without compromising the quality of food they do.

  1. Spacious & Comfortable seating: 

A good restaurant/cafe must have spacious seating space for their customers to relax with family and friends. The seating must be available for both small groups of people and prominent fat families. Plus, the seating arrangement must be comfortable without causing discomfort at all.

  1. May offer discounts/complimentary dishes: 

A good restaurant/cafe may offer crazy discounts or give complimentary dishes occasionally to draw more customers. They must also have an updated menu that will make the customer visit them again and again. If there is no discount, they may offer a few complimentary dishes from the customers for google reviews and ratings.

5 Points that Proves its a Must-Visit Cafe/Restaurant

1.) They offer free wifi:

It’s always a plus point if they offer free Wi-Fi since not all cafes/restaurants can afford to provide free Wi-Fi to their customers regularly. Therefore, if a cafe offers one, visit it once.

2) They serve complimentary food to all the customers: 

The cafe serves complimentary dishes such as a free drink, muffin, ice cream, etcetera for a google review or 5-4 star ratings.

3) It has an Instagram-worthy ambiance: 

If you have a lot of followers on Instagram, and the cafe has a fantastic view with topnotch ambiance then, this cafe is a must-visit anytime.

4) The place has a new theme in your city:

If the cafe has a new diverse theme in your city, suppose a Greece theme cafe with all blue and white ambiance, then why not explore a different country while staying in your current country?!

5) They offer great discounts: 

For those who want to save money, you can avail discounts such as buy one, take one, or buy one free one good for both your wallet and tummy.

The perfect cafe is different for everyone, but some qualities make a good one. What were your thoughts on our list of 7 Unique Ways to Find the Best Cafe in any City? Are we missing anything?

Let us know, and we’ll continue to update this post with more insights into how to find the best café or restaurant near you! We hope these tips will help you find your next favorite spot!

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