If you own a small business and regularly send products for shipment, you need to know how to properly secure the orders and make sure they don’t get damaged in transport. Here are 7 useful tips on how to ensure the safety and security of your products during shipping. 

Consider the box size

First and foremost, when you start packing your orders you have to consider the shape and the size of the box you will be using for your order. The box shouldn’t be too small or too large for the order you’re packing. If the box is too big, the content of the box will be able to move around a lot during the transport which can cause damage to it. If the box is too small, you’ll struggle to squeeze the product in and you will most likely cause damage both to the product and the box. The size and shape of the box should be exactly right for the order and there should be just a little bit of space left for the foam or other fillers you may choose to wrap the product in so that you can protect them. 

Use tamper resistant boxes

Speaking of boxes, you should also consider the material you will be using. The industry is always moving forward and trying to improve the design of boxes so there’s always something new on the market. One of the newest improvements is a tamper resistant box that is just perfect for secured product shipping purposes. 

These kinds of boxes include internal folds. They provide an extra security barrier in the box and ensure that the content of the box stay intact and completely secured during the transport. The boxes are also perfectly sealed and no one can get to the contents of the box through gaps while your order is in the postal system. 

Try tamper evident tape

In case you are using cartons, there are other efficient ways to secure your package. One of the easiest and most secure ways is to use tape to seal the box. You can use tamper evident tape to ensure your package is definitely secured and safe. If someone does manage to remove the tape it leaves a message behind like “void” or “opened”. This way, you will know for sure if your package has been tampered with and compromised. 

Use fillers

Whether you find a perfect size and shape for a box, you still need to secure the insides of the box so that the product doesn’t get damaged while shipping. It can easily happen to anyone. All it takes is for someone to drop the box and the product can easily get damaged within seconds. That’s why you need to use fillers and make sure that the product is secured and protected from any possible damage during the transport. Here are a few ideas about what materials you can use as box fillers:

  • Newsprint paper
  • Foam
  • Foam sheets
  • Pouches bags
  • Cushioning rolls
  • Bubble wrap
  • Airbags

All of these materials are great at preventing the products from moving around inside the containers and they absorb shock during the transport very well. 

Use Padded Envelopes and Plastic Mailers for Smaller Products

Boxes are great when it comes to packing bigger orders. However, you won’t necessarily have to use only them. Sometimes, you’ll be sending orders that are so small you won’t be able to find boxes of that size. That is where padded envelopes come in. They are thickened by extra foam, bubble wrap, or paper and are used for mailing documents that need protection such as books, photos, coupons, collectible stickers, and so on. They can also be used for packing inexpensive jewellery, keychains, and other similar smaller products. Postage cost is calculated based on the envelope size and weight. 

You can also use plastic mailers or pouches. They are very efficient when it comes to packing small products samples, materials for media, and foldable items. The plastic material of this kind of packaging is great because it protects the content of the package from getting wet. You can also get the packaging coloured for customisation. If you want to add an extra layer of protection, you can bubble wrap the content of the package. These are often used for shipping cosmetic samples, CDs, clothes, and so on. Just like with padded envelopes, you will be charged for postage based on the plastic mailers’ size and weight. 

The best part is that all of these are recyclable materials. The only drawback is that, unlike boxes, these materials won’t be looking brand new once they are used. 

Consider security seals or tags

You should also consider investing in some high-quality security seals or tags. Security seals come in various different shapes, colours, and materials. They even operate in different ways. You can get bar seals, bolt seals, adjustable seals, cable seals, and many other types of security seals that will protect your package while it’s getting shipped. 

For instance, for medical products such as emergency kits, it’s best to use plastic pull-tight tags. For heavier duty packages, you should use metal swing tags which are usually sealed with copper or lead. On top of that, all security tags can be coded or printed with your shipping information. This makes it easier for you to track your shipments. 

Think about branding the inside of your packaging

Lastly, while branding may be a very important part of customer journey, you should re-think your decision about having your branding printed on the outer side of the package.

What are the benefits of the inside branding? Well, first of all it protects privacy. Outside branding gives away the content of the package. Internal packaging gives that surprise effect by means of reveal while protecting your customer’s privacy. That way, only the customer knows what they ordered.


Overall, there are many efficient ways to protect the packaging for the transportation. From the materials, sizes, and shapes of the box, all the way to the type of seal you use, you can efficiently secure your package and make sure it arrives to your customer’s home in perfect shape. 


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