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7 Ways To Make Your Wedding Unique

If you’re someone who has been invited to a lot of weddings, you will have undoubtedly noticed that most couples tend to stick with traditions that make their wedding an average affair. Now that you’ve posted your rustic save the dates to family and friends, you’re probably wondering what you can do to make your own wedding more special, unique and memorable.

With a little imagination and creative vision, it’s possible to plan the wedding of the year that everyone will talk about for a long time to come.

Here are 7 fabulous ideas to inspire you…

  1. Showcase Themed Decor

Couples that opt for the classic and popular rustic style for their dream wedding generally only feature a number of elements in their theme. To ensure that your informal wedding is more unique, it’s essential that you’re not afraid to go OTT.

Use the design of your beautiful rustic save the dates as a starting point for your theme. The pre-wedding cards will give your VIP guests an idea of the theme and mood of your wedding day. Pick out a particular decorative element you have featured, and use it throughout the themed décor of your wedding ceremony and reception venues.

Choose a softer palette for your wedding colours, and romantic hues like blush, sage green or dusty blue that blend beautifully with the elements of nature. Consider working in nature-inspired details like floral designs, wood grain accents, greenery motifs and burlap ribbons.

  1. Repurpose & Upcycle

The rustic wedding style is quintessentially shabby chic, casual and romantic. Its décor typically features repurposing and upcycling. By adding a twist on the traditional rustic style, you can make it your own. Work with what you have available, and let your imagination run wild with possibilities.

Repurpose some vintage items as striking decorative embellishments for your wedding ceremony and reception venues. Whitewashed chairs can be instantly upcycled and transformed by dressing them up with muted metallic accents and lush greenery vines. Mismatched china crockery can certainly add a quirky touch to table centrepiece displays, and can also show off an arrangement of candles for an enhanced romantic boho vibe.

  1. Mix & Match The Table Plan

Organising where family and friends will sit can sometimes prove to be challenging for the happy couple, especially when you’re sticking to the traditional format of table planning. To make your wedding unique, it’s time to break the rules…

Mixing table sizes and shapes allows for a more organic seating plan, and invites guests to mingle. Include a variety of long, square and round tables, with vintage chairs, benches, or old recycled church pews, to accommodate all of your guests. You can even provide a few hay bales that have been covered, or include a cushion or seat pad, for a genuine rustic feel.

  1. Follow Floral Trends

One wedding décor accessory that is absolutely essential is flowers. Blossoms and greenery not only provide colour and fragrance, but also enhance the romance of the moment. If you love to follow the latest trends, ask your florist to create gorgeous floral arrangements that only use a single type of bloom.

The mono-floral look is minimalist and centred on showing off your favourite flower in all of its stunning glory. You don’t need to have bouquets made from a variety of flowers, when you can make just as much impact with only one.

If you’re not keen on mono-florals, perhaps the mismatched trend is more your style… Dress your bridesmaid in elegant mismatched gowns and complement each outfit with individually created floral bouquets.

Another fashionable plant trend that you may want to consider is the use of fragrant fresh herbs as table centrepieces. The aromatic herbs can be displayed in charming rustic planters and left plain, or displayed in arrangements that are dressed up with candles or twinkly lights.

  1. Choose A Stunning Backdrop For Photos

If your rustic save the dates featured a photo of you and your partner posing in front of a backdrop, now is the perfect time to repurpose it for your wedding.

Adding a backdrop creates a focal point at your wedding venue, and a dramatic atmosphere. The backdrop is the perfect location for the happy couple to pose together, or for separate portraits. Guests can also take selfies in front of your DIY backdrop.

Your backdrop can be any size, as long as it’s oversized and creates a visual feature in an area of the wedding reception venue. If you’re getting wed in the spring or summer, you can erect your backdrop outdoors and blend it in with the surrounding nature. Cover a canvas backdrop with fabric that matches your wedding palette, flowers and greenery, or whatever takes your fancy.

  1. Make It More Fun!

Every couple wants their guests to have a great time at their wedding. You can’t go wrong having plenty of food and drink, and a variety of entertainment options available.

During the day, invite guests to play silly and fun games like hitting the wedding piñata. A colourful wedding piñata makes a big statement and draws your most playful guests directly to it like a magnet. You can customise your wedding piñata by filling it up with your favourite sweets or grown up treats like tiny plastic bottles of booze.

Hire a skilled professional who can teach your guests how to make a top notch cocktail, or a stunning floral bouquet or headdress.

Once the reception party has started, and guests are up on the dance floor, ask your DJ to let everyone know that there will be a wedding karaoke at the end of the night.

  1. Go Alcohol-Free & Vegan

Friends and family members that have received your rustic save the dates, and follow on wedding invitations, are most likely to expect you to cater the event in the traditional way. If you really want to surprise everyone, go alcohol-free and vegan!

To host a successful dry wedding, you’ll need to have a good selection of alternative beverages available to tempt your guests. Offer colourful mocktails, soft drinks, flavoured waters, and set up a juice bar. You can also serve gourmet versions of hot chocolate, tea and coffee.

A plant-based menu may not initially delight some guests, but they’re likely to be impressed by food that is imaginative, tasty and creatively presented.


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