8 Tips to Save Money on the Post-Pandemic Music Festival (1)

The world is returning to its normal state after the devastating pandemic. The music festivals will return once the population is vaccinated and the situation is under control. The music enthusiast can start their preparation to save money once the ticket window opens.

People with numerous visits to the music festivals are well versed in the techniques and hacks to save money. You must learn from them to enjoy the most with a limited budget. If there is no contact in your social circle with the experience to share, you can use the online community.

Here are some tips for the regular attendants of the music festivals to save money for their next visit, whenever the situation gets back to normal.

Start with a BudgetYou need to create a budget for every spending in the music festival. Create a spending plan for each day if the festival is not a single day affair. There are many expenses apart from the tickets, including travel, food, alcohol, and camping gear.

You will get a better insight into the available money for each expense with a budget. It is easier to save money with a documented plan and spending. With everything on paper, people find it easy to find ways to cut cost and save money.

Also, a budget will help you find the affordability of the event. You can apply for no guarantor loans to create the perfect vacation plan for a music festival. After all, a break from the stressful time is the need of the hour for a huge population.

  • Save Money for an Emergency

You cannot ignore the chances of a mishap in a music festival with unpredictable consequences. You can forget some critical gear at home or even lose the money to some thief. These situations will require an emergency fund to make sure the experience is not ruined.

Thus, save a little extra for the music festival in a separate account to ensure the money is not spent on some other expense. You can use the emergency fund for some additional expense in future. Thus, keep in mind the money is not to spend on festival unless it is an emergency.

  • Do Not Take Expensive Clothes

Musical festivals are not the ideal place to wear expensive clothes. They will get stains, damage, and some tears because of the rough audience. Moreover, life inside a tent is messy and may leave a mark on the clothes forever.

Therefore, take clothes that will look good but won’t create the same level of regret if they are damaged. Even expensive gadgets are better at home because of the limited security. In the end, keep in mind the dirt while packing the bag for the next music festival.

  • Smart Charging Options

A portable power bank for your smartphone and other devices is a simple solution to charge them. You don’t have to spend money on the charging stations at the festival. Many events are offering cycle to power the tents as part of their green initiative.

Moreover, there are charging stations where visitors can charge their mobile phones for free. However, the limited space will make you regret not buying a power bank for the event. You can also switch off the devices to cut yourself from the outside world to truly enjoy the musical weekend.

  • Take Cash Instead of Cards

Cash is not the preferred mode of payment at a festival because of the security. Many people lose their wallet, and there is no way to get the money back from a sea of unknown people. Nevertheless, you should carry cash instead of cards to keep the spending in check.

Debit or credit cards will make you lose control over your spending and budget. You will make more purchases on impulse with a card in your pocket. Therefore, pick a safe place to put your money and avoid the use of cards during these events.

  • Go for Early Booking

Early booking in a majority of the cases brings some monetary benefit to the customers. The event organisers offer special early bird passes with a significant price difference. You can use them to create additional space in the budget for some extra booze.

The same is true for travel arrangements as well. Booking air tickets to the location at least a month prior is cheaper when compared to last moment purchases. The travel arrangement to the location from the airport is better made in advance as the cabs use the rush hours to make more money.

  • Share the Experience

You should find the other music enthusiast in your social circle to create a shared plan for the event. Even the tickets of some music festivals offer a discount for multiple bookings. Therefore, ask your friends about the event before finalizing any plan.

You can take a road trip to the destination with the other attendees of the festival. You will find plenty of people to carpool on social media platforms. Moreover, ask friends and family for camping and other equipment to save more money.

If you are lucky, the positive spending habit of others will help you save money on unnecessary expenses. The hype for the event will increase with numerous stories about past events. Therefore, finding the right company for the music festival is recommended to increase the fun and save money.

  • Buy Inexpensive Equipment 

You don’t need a luxurious tent to spend the weekend at a music festival. Neither the overpriced collectibles sold at the even makes sense. You can save significant money with the proper spending plan for the equipment and accessories.

Focus on the quality and price while trying to buy camping equipment for the weekend. A cheaper product is not always the ideal solution. If possible, carry the stuff required to stay for the festival from the outside after reading the rules and regulation.

In the End

To sum up, saving money at a music festival is easier than you might have imagined. People are simply not aware of these tips because they don’t spend hours planning. You can start with the above tips and explore some other hacks with online research.


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