Factors to Consider While Choosing a Backend Framework

While there are a plethora of technologies available today, how will you make a choice that is right for you? The answer is a thoughtful and holistic approach! Yes, while making choices in life, considering the pros and cons of all the available options is very important.

“Don’t base your decisions on the advice of those who don’t have to deal with the results.”


Isn’t the above quote accurate? Taking advice from people who are not concerned with your project is not a very good idea. Neither is choosing the tech stack as per your whims and fancies. So what to do?

Whether you are a developer, lead a development team, or are a client of a development company — you can use the following questions in italics to choose between MEAN vs MERN or whatever choice you are confused between.

8 GREAT Factors to Consider While Choosing the Backend/Frontend Technology

Before deciding upon the final technology, there are certain factors, regardless of whether it is backend or frontend. Let’s look into them in more depth!

  • Community

“How large or widespread is the community?”

What difference does the size of the community make? Well, the size of the community does create a lot of difference. Adding more to this – is the community welcoming enough to the new entrants, or do they make them feel inferior? The trends of that technology’s community play an essential role. Fascinating, isn’t it?

  1. Technology Readability

Is the codebase of this technology complicated?”

While checking out the codebase of the projects, whether or not your development team can read and understand the code is an important issue. Also, if there are any bugs, can they find and solve them? If it becomes necessary, would you be able to make your own copy out of it, which means fork it if necessary?

  1. Security

“Is this technology secure enough?”

Another question you must ask yourself while choosing the technology is whether the technology has any known threats or risks that people talk about in the market. Don’t choose a technology that does not have or can’t be integrated with multiple layers of security.

  1. Extensibility

Is the technology flexible enough for add-ons and allows customization?”

Is it difficult to add any plugins? If the answer to this question is yes, try to find an alternative technology if possible. Secondly, not only about plugins; it is about adding any new element to the code?

  1. Training

Is there a learning source available for this technology?”

Undoubtedly, developers are artists. But, they are not pros at all the technologies. By this, I mean that a coder can know one language very well and can only be an amateur at another one. In such a scenario, if the programmer is not very well-versed with the chosen technology, it is crucial to check if any official trainer or online tutorials are available to learn the language.

  1. Features

“How many or how little are the features that this technology has to offer?”

While fixating on one technology your project needs, you should categorize the features under ‘must have’, ‘should have’, and ‘could have’. 

For Example – Let me share a use case with you. I was confused while selecting the technology stack for the most recent project. While choosing the frontend technology, my team and I were confused about is Flutter good for app development? Well, we used the above checklist, and our tech stack choice process went smooth like butter.

  1. Maintenance Cost

What will it take to support and maintain this technology?”

The more customized the solution is, the more expensive it is to maintain the same. There are also some other indirect costs for which you should keep some room in the budget.

  1. Interoperability

“How easily does the technology communicate with the other technologies in the organization?”

This is something that you should optimize! I intend to point out that sometimes two technologies together are more robust than one independent technology. And if this is a possible scenario in your case, then why not make the most out of it?


To Conclude!

The factors mentioned above are not the only factors that you should consider. However, pick the ones that suit your project’s needs the most. Choosing technology can be an intimidating task. But, be patient and make a wise choice!


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