Why You Should Move From Blogger to WordPress

Blogger to WordPress should be moved only when you are serious about blogging, Blogger.com is the best platform for beginners.

In Blogger you don’t have to buy web hosting and you get a sub domain so you can learn blogging.

Many websites offer free blogger templates that you can use to make your blogger site user friendly.

Custom domains can be added to Blogger and your website can be run. If you don’t want to spend for a custom domain, the subdomain is blogspot.com

But there are many things in Blogger that blogger should keep in mind, Blogger does not have features like WordPress.

Since Blogger offers free web hosting, each of your posts will be stored on its server. The owner of each of these posts will also be Blogger which is not a good thing for you.

If your post is duplicate or negative, Blogger will remove it. Blogger can do this without telling you.

This is not possible in WordPress as here is your web hosting and its server. Here Google can only down the ranking of your website.

I will tell you some of the reasons why you should move Blogger to WordPress. Anyone who is serious about blogging should know these reasons.

Why You Should Move Blogger to WordPress

Here I will tell you some reasons why you should go to WordPress. Here you will also realize why WordPress is so popular.

1. SEO for Website

There is no option for SEO in Blogger and Blogger has not made any arrangements for the user. In the Blogger Dashboard you find trending questions from which you may think of writing.

In WordPress you will find many SEO plugins that you can use to rank your website. This is the main reason i moved the website to WordPress.

2. Website Security

When you create a blog in blogspot, you get the benefit of Google’s security and there is no question about Google’s security.

Google will not allow the blog to be hacked and will also manage the traffic that will come.

WordPress is also very secure but you have to take care of security. Here you will find plugins to save the website.

These plugins will help you protect your website from hackers and will also try to provide information on where the hack is coming from.

In terms of security, both the platforms have good features but the selection is in your hands.

3. Attractive Themes

You will find many templates for Blogger but not all of them are attractive or responsive. Even customizing the theme in Blogger is more difficult than WordPress.

If you have knowledge of html, it will be easy to edit the Blogger theme; otherwise you will see an error.

You will find many attractive themes in WordPress and it will be easy to customize. Along with the theme you will also find its related plugins which will make your work easier.

You can easily customize from header to footer in WordPress and easily rearrange everything when changing the theme.

4. Plugins

Plugins are bit of code that used to make work in a website easier. In short, it plugs in to self hosted website.

There are no plugins in Blogger and its only found in WordPress. Plugins are used in WordPress that make it easy for users to work.

There are many plugins in WordPress that help a lot in customizing the website as well as improving SEO

Apart from this, WordPress has many plugins for security and backup. In my opinion the important work for a website can only be done in WordPress.

5. Web Hosting

Blogger is Google’s own platform and it’s connected to Google server, Here you don’t need to buy web hosting.

When you create a post in blogspot, all of that post is stored on Google’s server. This means Google is the main owner of your website.

Google can delete your website at any time and this is the biggest loss for you. There is something different about this in WordPress.

Here you have to buy your own web hosting from any hosting provider and install WordPress in it.

You will be the owner of your website as well and here you will have full control of your website.

There are many hosting providers available in the market, many of which offer services at affordable prices.

There are many hosting providers available in the market, many of which offer services at affordable prices.

Having full control over the website, I moved from Blogger to WordPress.

6. Easy to Use and Update

Blogger does not have regular updates and its use is a bit complicated. Updates keep coming to WordPress from time to time.

Knows and resolves WordPress user queries and provides regular updates. There are also regular updates of themes and plugins in WordPress.

The WordPress dashboard is easy to understand for the user. Blogger dashboard is also simple but complex to use.

7. Permalinks

Website posts have a URL address called permalink, did you know?  It’s part of link building

Blogger does not have the option to make the permalink SEO friendly. The structure of permalink in Blogger is set by him forever.

The structure of a permalink in Blogger is the arrangement of the domain name, year, month and then the words written for your post.

While in WordPress there is an option to create a permalink. Here SEO or user friendly permalink can be created.

When you move from Blogger to WordPress, you have to use Blogger URL format in permalink. Because the URL of the post you wrote will be in Blogger format. The option to modify this URL is provided in the WordPress Permalink Settings.

8. Fast Loading

There are many fast loading templates available in Blogger but if you use too many widgets in it, the speed of the website slow down.

Blogger template is fully html so that even if other CSS and HTML coding is added to it, the speed goes down.

There are many fast loading themes available in WordPress and there are many plugins to speed up its loading.

WordPress has plugins to minimize CSS, HTML file and also plugins to compress image size. This plugin helps to increase the speed of the website.

9. eCommerce Website

It’s difficult to create eCommerce website in Blogger. Because even if you have enough knowledge of html here, you will get in trouble.

WordPress has a plugin for eCommerce website that makes your work easier. There are many plugins on the internet that will be helpful to you.

WooCommerce is the best plugin for creating eCommerce website in WordPress.


Here are 9 reasons why you should move from Blogger to WordPress. In this post i have told you why you should use WordPress.

Blogger is the best platform to start blogging. But the feature that is in WordPress is not in Blogger, so there is a problem in blogging.

If you are serious about blogging and want to make money through blogging then you should select WordPress.


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