Skin care Routine

The face shines and the beauty shines, this is the desire of every girl today, no matter what her age. There are many such things in the home and kitchen, (Skin care Routine)with the help of which we can make our face shine. Some good habits can also help you in getting glowing skin.

1. Get good sleep – Get good sleep

Working all day, staying up late at night and not getting enough sleep for 8 hours is not good for your skin. It also adversely affects your mental and physical health. Not getting enough sleep will make your eyes puffy in the morning. If this cycle continues for several days, then the day is not far when dark circles will appear under your eyes. You will feel tired and your skin will look dull.

When you are sleeping, your skin cells are being boosted at the same time.

2. Drink water for Skin care Routine

Plenty of water helps to make our skin glow. Removes the dirt inside our body and makes new body cells. If you want, you can also drink by adding healthy things to your water, in this way the benefits of water too will increase

In the morning, you can drink boiling water mixed with a pinch of cinnamon. This will not only help in reducing weight, you will also get glowing skin. Apart from this, if you want, you can also drink strawberry juice mixed with water. Its regular intake. Due to which the spots and spots of the face disappear and there is a glow on the face. you can read this blog also Casual Fashion Tips That Will Make You Slay Your Look

3. Exercise – Exercise regularly

Exercise means not only to lose weight, but to bring the body in shape and bring glow on the face. Exercise increases the glow on the face and the mind is also happy. It goes out. Not only this, the mood is also good, the body gets tired and sleep also comes deep, which is very important for the skin of the face. The face starts looking beautiful.

Exercises like Surya Namaskar [2], walking, cycling, jogging, skipping, dancing, are excellent for making the skin glow. If nothing else, at least do a brisk walk (walking with brisk steps) daily. If you do the exercise for only 5 minutes daily, then after a month you will find your face changed. This home remedy is such that you do not need anything. l

4. Practice of Yoga(Skin care Routine)

To make your skin glow, yoga plays an important role. Yoga tightens the muscles of your skin and enhances it. Along with physical exercise, it calms you mentally. As long as you are not healthy from inside, it will Satisfaction and peace will not be seen outside.

The main ones in the yoga that bring glow on the face are – Chakrasana, Sarvangasana, Halasana, Shirshasan and Pranayama. These asanas increase the flow of oxygen and blood in the body, which bring glow on the face. These yoga poses reduce wrinkles on the face. It reduces the slackness of the skin and is essential for getting glowing skin. If you’re interested than you love this blog also Sadak Suraksha Par Kavita

5. Do not use soap

Without using soap, you do not feel clean on your skin. But did you know that excessive use of soap [3] is not good for your facial skin? There are some chemicals in soap that make the skin lifeless. Not only this, making your skin dry, taking away the natural oil and sebum from the skin and taking away the moisture. The pH level of the skin becomes unbalanced and the skin starts getting damaged. is l Skin care Routine

If you want, you can keep your facial skin healthy by using household items instead of soap. There are some natural face washes also available in the market, which do not dry and lifeless your skin. Whatever face product you use, Make sure it suits your skin type.

6. Don’t be in stress

Stress is such a disease, which is not visible from above, but eats you inside. In addition to disturbing you on a mental level, it also attacks your health [4]. Our body is affected by stress, a hormone called cortisol. Due to which the skin releases excessive amount of sebum, due to which the pores are clogged. One of the reasons for getting acne on the face is also your constant stress.

To calm your body under stress, you should take a cold water bath. If you want, use a fragrance product while taking a bath, it will bring peace to your tense mind. It is effective in removing to a great extent. You can rub ice on the face to make the nerves of your facial skin feel relaxed.

7. Sleep with your face clean(Skin care Routine)

Makeup on the face, pollution outside, dust particles reach inside through the pores on your face. Have you ever thought how much damage this dirt can cause to your skin? Your skin goes into a repair state at night. Therefore, it is important that you sleep at night after cleansing your skin thoroughly.

First of all, remove the makeup from the face as soon as you come home. For this you can use cleansing milk or makeup remover. Also, using a good night cream while sleeping at night will give you a glow on the face.

8. Protect Your Mind

Frustration and anger are some of the reasons why your face loses its luster. So it is important that whatever the situation may be, you try to keep your mind calm. Take your mind in such a state that you can easily No sorrow and trouble can shake. To achieve this state you can meditate. It helps to keep your mind calm to a great extent and your skin will never stop glowing.

9. Adopt a natural diet

We all know that our body will look like what we eat. That’s why we should include fresh fruits and green vegetables in our diet. It works magically on our skin and they contain proteins, vitamins, minerals etc. Bring benefits. The season that is going on, one should definitely eat vegetables and fruits available in that season. Like in winter, fruits like oranges and green vegetables like spinach, fenugreek. (Skin care Routine)

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