Friends, if you are a vegan then tempeh is the best substitute for you. It originated in Indonesia but there are many people who do not know about this nutritional food. There is a myth related to tempeh. Tofu and tempeh are similar to each other. Actually, they both are made from soybeans, but the nutritional and textural qualities of both are different.
The tempeh is hard as compared to tofu that’s why it is perfect for grilling and frying. You can use tempeh in different ways, for example, you can use it to make a nutritional bread sandwich, you can also add tempeh in your soup which will make your soup more nutritional and many other ways in which you can use tempeh. If you want to add tempeh in your diet then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about all the important things related to tempeh. 

Q. What Is Tempeh?

Tempeh is nothing but a fermented product that is made up of soybeans. With the help of culturing fermentation, the soybean is turned into a solid cake of white colour. Tempeh gains its nutritional properties because of the process of cultural fermentation. Usually, the grains which are used to make tempeh are barley, flax, oats, etc. It is a brief introduction of tempeh. Now, the question arises, where did the tempeh come from? Let us find the answer to this question. 

Q. Where Did Tempeh Come From?

Friends, as we discussed above, tempeh originated from Indonesia, and it is one of the oldest food forms of Indonesia. There is a book named Serat Centhini – a compilation of the twelfth volume of Javanese Tales and teachings written in 1814 tells, the tempeh was eaten by the time of the publication of this book.
It is also very popular in Europe, and it came to Europe from the Dutch because the dutch ruled Indonesia. It is also very popular in the US as a protein food for children. This is all about the origin of tempeh. Now, let us talk about tempeh’s taste. 

Tempeh Taste:

Basically, the original flavour of tempeh is a nutty flavour, and it can easily absorb any flavour of the sauce or food which is added to it at the time of cooking.
I hope that this doubt related to tempeh is cleared. Now, let us talk about tempeh nutrition. 

Nutritional Value Of Tempeh:

As we all know, tempeh is one of the most healthy diets which you can add in your daily diet. If you consume 84 grams of tempeh then you will get the nutrition given below:

  • Calories: 162gm.
  • Carbs: 9gm. 
  • Total Fat: 9gm. 
  • Sodium: 9 milligrams.
  • Iron: 12 % of the daily intake.
  • Manganese: 54% of the daily intake.
  • Magnesium: 18% of the daily intake.
  • Riboflavin: 18% of the daily intake.
  • Niacin: 12% of the daily intake.

These are the nutritions which you will get by consuming 3 ounces (84 grams) of Tempeh. This is a detailed list of the nutritional value of tempeh, now let us talk about the perfect way of cooking the tempeh. 

Q. How To Cook Tempeh?

Friends, you must be wondering how to cook tempeh? well, there are many different styles of cooking tempeh. Today we are going to discuss, some ways with the help of which you can make delicious tempeh. Pan fry is the most common way to cook the tempeh but today we will discuss recipes for tempeh in which you have to air fry and bake the tempeh. 

  1. Baked Tempeh:

Put the fresh tempeh on the baking sheet and bake it for 15-20 minutes. If you cut the small pieces of tempeh then you can reduce your baking time but if you cut the large pieces of tempeh then you have to increase your baking time. Simply, the baking time totally depends on the size of the tempeh. 

  1. Air Fried Tempeh:

Firstly, heat your air fryer at 200 degrees celsius, and then cook the tempeh properly from both sides for 12-15 minutes. 

These are some common ways of cooking tempeh. Now there is a very common question that arises in the mind of most people, What is the difference between tofu and tempeh? Let us find the answer to this question.

Q. What Is The Difference Between Tempeh And Tofu (Tempeh vs Tofu)?

When I was new in this field at that time I also had the same doubt, whether tofu and tempeh are the same or not because they both are made up of soybean and both are rich in protein. 

Actually, they are different from each other. Tofu is made from coagulated soy milk, on the other hand, tempeh is made from the fermentation of soybeans. Soybean milk is the most essential product in making tofu but if you are allergic to soybean then soy-free tempeh is available in the market.
Tempeh is slightly harder as compared to tofu. These are some differences between tofu and tempeh. Now, it is time to find the answer to another popular question, Is tempeh Gluten-free or not? 

Q. Is Tempeh Gluten-Free?

If you want to eat a gluten-free diet then you can eat tempeh because it is made up of soybeans and grains that’s why it is a natural product. But when you purchase tempeh from the market then you should check the ingredients used to make tempeh because some companies make tempeh in which the gluten is present. 

Q. Where To Buy Tempeh?

You can easily purchase the tempeh from your local grocery store, it is usually placed in the section of healthy foods, but there are many places where the tempeh is not available in local grocery stores. If you are suffering from this problem don’t worry you can purchase fresh tempeh online at a great price in the comfort of your home. 

These all are the most important things which you should know before purchasing tempeh online or from your local market.


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