Informatica Online Training in India


Informatica is a popular ETL tool used for sourcing data and loading it to the target location after adding the information. Also, it is known as the Informatica Power Center tool, designed by Informatica corporation in 1993. Moreover, its popular products include Master Data Management, Power Center, Information Data Virtualization, and Integration Platform.

Thus, to gain extensive knowledge of this technology, it is necessary to acquire Informatica Training in Noida. Such training aims to provide hands-on experience on the technology and help the candidates and aspirants with their career goals.

Architecture of Informatica:

It depends on the service-oriented architecture concept. A service-oriented architecture is a collection of interconnected services. Moreover, communication can be either simple data transfer or comprises two or more services coordinating the same action. Furthermore, it consists of several services and components such as:

Repository Service:

This service assists in storing metadata and making it available to other services. Moreover, they access, insert, and modify the information in the repository database.

Integrative Service:

Integration Service helps in transferring the data from one source to another.

Reporting Service:

This service eases the process of report generation.


Node is the computing platform that runs several services. They comprise actual data such as the hostname and port number. Moreover, they are responsible for applications and core services.

Informatica designer:

The Informatica designer builds mappings that show the data flow from source to target. Moreover, they are responsible for creating source definitions, transformations, and target definitions.

Workflow Manager:

The Informatica workflow manager creates the workflow and other tasks and helps them to perform. Moreover, it executes a series of mappings and other processes.

Workflow Monitor:

The Informatica workflow monitor is used to monitor workflow execution. Moreover, this tool is beneficial for several purposes:

  • View information about a process or task execution in the Gantt chart or task view.
  • Workflows or tasks can be started, stopped, aborted, and resumed.
  • Workflow Monitor shows the tasks have run at least once.
  • The Workflow Monitor gets information from the Integration Service and Repository Service continually. Also, it gets details from the repository to present historical data.

Repository Manager:

The Informatica repository manager helps to manage the repository’s objects. Moreover, they are responsible for creating, deleting, and editing repository users and groups.

Unique Feature of Informatica:

The main features of Informatica include the following:

  • Informatica serves as the core unit for all administrative and management requirements.
  • Moreover, it is a relational database repository. Also, it is used to extract, transform, and load data.
  • Furthermore, Informatica Administrator is a web application for data security and domain administration.
  • Domain configuration feature of Informatica stores all of the domain’s specified information.
  • Power Center Integration Service aids in the knowledge and control of the integration process, resulting in the development of various integrations based on business requirements.
  • Web Services of Informatica assist in providing the main functionalities of a product to clients.
  • SAP BW Service aids in the extraction of data from various sources and the loading of all extracted data into SAP Netweaver BI.


Lastly, It is completely dominate the market by proving to be the most powerful tool. As a result, to become a professional in this domain, you must ensure proper Informatica Online Training in India. Such training will enable the applicants and the candidates to have in-depth knowledge of the software. In addition, you must have basic proficiency in computer programming and know-how of operating and database system works. So, this is the time to get yourself certified and start working as a professional.


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