Have you always been struggling when finding the right gift for your loved ones? It’s a bit complicated, isn’t it? Not just because you’ve seen their things, but because you also know them personally and you know how will they react to certain things.

Anyway, since it’s the time of the year again where everyone’s buying something for the people they love, you might also want to start hunting for gifts. That way, you can still have the liberty to choose without the pressure of shopping in a crowded place or the horror brought about by the sign “out of stock”.


So if you want to know the different kinds of jewelry that you can give your loved ones this holiday season, or even on any other days of the year, then you should check the list below!

1. Ring for your girlfriend/ wife

Want to give something special to your girlfriend or soon-to-be wife? Then maybe it’s time to buy a pink diamond ring (or any other color you preferred). You have a wide range of options so it might take you a while to find the right one.

They say diamonds are forever, and so is your relationship. It’s the perfect gift for your girl that will never go out of style.

Anyway, if you’re both not yet ready for an Argyle diamond engagement ring, you can still give other rings that she can wear to match her everyday outfits.

2. Earrings for your sister

It’s a sweet gesture to give your sister a pair of classic earrings on her special day. Whether it’s a graduation or birthday, she deserves to wear something from her sibling. Luckily, earrings don’t come in sizes so there’s nothing to worry about the fit.

Don’t be nervous when picking the right ones because you can always stick to the basics that she can easily pair when there are important events. Some examples of classic earrings are studs with colorless or pink diamonds, pearls, or crystals.

It’s another timeless piece that can be paired with different outfits and can still look as elegant as always.

3. Watch for your dad

Can’t think of something to give to your dad on Christmas or Father’s day? You should give him a designer watch. Although nowadays, a wristwatch is categorised as a luxury instead of a necessity, he will still appreciate it. Besides, dads usually love wristwatches that a lot of them are collectors of this luxurious jewelry.

In addition, if your dad is not the kind of person who likes to constantly check his phone just to know the time, then you’re giving him a gift that he deserves.

Now your only problem is what kind of watch you’re going to buy, which you can base on his current watch or his personality.

gift watch

4. Bracelet for your niece

If you’re looking for a gift for your niece, then a bracelet would be nice. She’ll appreciate it because it’s something she can wear every day. In addition, it’s easy to customise so you can add a bit of her personality to this jewelry.

Worried about getting the wrong size? If you stick to the usual type of bracelet, then it’ll be fine because it can still be resized. On the other hand, you can also buy an open cuff bracelet so that you won’t need to worry about altering the jewelry.

5. Necklace for your mom

Spoil your mom with a lovely and classy necklace for a special day. Well, when it comes to your mom, every day can be a special day. However, there’s an extensive variety of necklaces so you might want to take your time in selecting the best piece for your mom.

Just a quick tip, if you don’t have any clue of what to get, you can always check your mom’s jewelry box for references. If you think a simple necklace wouldn’t suffice, then try giving her a layered necklace just to turn her outfits up a notch.

6. Pendant your aunt

If you haven’t given your favourite aunt something for a while now, a pendant would be a great idea! You can ask your mom or dad for ideas on what kind of pendant she would like. Of course, you should know her style before you buy anything.

If you feel lost on what to get, a customised pendant with her name on it would be nice. In addition, nothing can go wrong with a gift with the recipient’s name on it. If not, you can also give her a locket where she can put her and her family’s picture. It’s also a classic but timeless piece.

gift necklace

7. Brooch your grandmother

In the earlier times of brooch, it was used to secure clothes altogether and was not as pretty as it looks today. Later on, it became a fine piece created by hand using metal as the main materials As years go by, the brooch became an ornament just to add something to an outfit.

Nowadays, the brooch is considered a piece of jewelry used to add an accent to an outfit. However, if you give it to your grandmother, she will truly appreciate it because there are only a few fine pieces of a brooch in the market.

8. Personalised set for an extra special day

A personalised jewelry set will never go out of style as it is all about the person you’re giving it to. It’s also a way on how a person can be celebrated. In addition, if it’s high-quality jewelry, then it can be passed from one generation to another.

You can ask the jeweler’s help for variations if you don’t want to settle with one stone or metal. For example, if you want a pink diamond as the base for the jewelry set, you can add side stones such as ruby.


Now that you have the list of the basic kinds of jewelry that you can give your loved ones, it’s up to you to choose the right pieces that represent their personalities. Let us know what piece of jewelry is your go-to gift by leaving a comment below!


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