Patient registration

Traditionally, the patient registration process is done at the clinic or hospital lobby where patients will answer forms. After completing the forms hospital clerks will enter their information into the clinic or hospital’s database. It is done to give the doctors an overview of the health condition of their patients. However, this patient registration process of using paper and pen is no longer reliable. In this day and age, patients need a modernized technology that relies on automation and reduced manual processes.

Making Patient Registration Process Easier

IntelyHealth has seen that having an online patient registration process is both beneficial to the patients and the providers as well. That is why they created intelyReg, a user-friendly patient portal that offers a more efficient and modernized approach to collecting and maintaining accurate and pertinent data for the healthcare organization.

These days, patients are more likely to engage with providers who offer their services online. They want to be more in control of their health. With intelyReg, patients will have a way of viewing their health records online and managing their healthcare data. If patients are able to actually own their records, they will surely feel more responsible for their health. In fact, 81% of doctors agree that the public needs to be more in control of their health records so that they can make properly informed choices about their care.

With intelyReg, patients will no longer have to rely on second-hand data entry. Second-hand data entry is very much prone to many clerical errors due to the legibility of patients’ penmanship and other factors. Inaccurate data collection can lead to patient financial liability due to lower insurance reimbursement.

IntelyReg also serves as a hospital portal where patients can view their medical records online, anytime, anywhere. It is very convenient and it makes patients more informed of their health conditions. IntelyReg will be very helpful for people who are conscious about their health.

Benefits of Online Hospital Registration

Patient registration is the very first step to the entire process of healthcare. Like any other process, the starting point is very important.

Saves Time

Traditional patient registration can be time-consuming, as patients are taking time to understand and accurately fill up the registration forms handed to them. If patients are able to register on the hospital’s system prior to the visit, doctors will have more time to examine and study a patient’s health condition.

Gets Accurate Information

The patients themselves are the ones who answer the online patient registration forms, so we can be sure that the information entered is accurate. Furthermore, patients won’t be shy in disclosing other relevant information about their health.

Improves Patient Flow

Patients are already registered online, so providers can regulate the number of patients they will accommodate for a certain day. An online patient registration system will streamline the patient flow inside the hospital or clinic. Because all necessary information is already available, physicians can focus on giving care and treatments to patients.

Improves Revenue Cycle

The revenue cycle of any healthcare provider starts with registration. Like any other business, hospitals need to generate good revenue to keep its operations. With an online patient registration system, organizations can directly bill the patients through the online hospital portal, hence, increasing cash flow.

Automates Workflow

Hospital staff will no longer need to hand out paper forms. They will no longer need to explain difficult terms to patients, and they will no longer need to manually enter patient’s data into the hospital or clinic system.

IntelyReg Highlights

Capturing patient data at the point of contact should be seamless and not require a manual iterative process that can be riddled with errors.IntelyReg allows its users to register their health records online, wherever and whenever the necessity arises. We need to maintain the patient’s data with the help of Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Improve Patient Experience

IntelyReg captures the right data at the right time without the need for paper registration forms. Patients can conveniently register through intelyReg and come to the hospital or clinic for a doctor’s visit.

Once registered, patients can access their medical records online. They can access their records from their computer and their smartphones as well, as long as they have an internet connection.


IntelyReg integrates with the patient profile to automatically pull data and reduce manual efforts. It is designed primarily for the convenience of patients. With a modernized patient registration system like intelyReg, patients will receive better care.

Reduce Risk & Liability

IntelyReg removes the possibility of downstream errors due to poor and missed patient registrations. Traditional patient registration errors sometimes end up to patients not getting their insurance claims. With intelyReg, this risk can be reduced.

Self-managed patient information

IntelyReg allows patients to manage the information they share with their healthcare provider. Patients will feel more in control of their health; hence, they will take care of themselves better.

On-demand, automated, data transfer

Patients and providers can transfer their needed data whenever they need it.IntelyReg allows its users to securely transfer data without the need for any manual intervention.

Improved Quality of Data

Through intelyReg, providers can get more accurate data because the patients themselves entered the data into the system. Also, providers won’t be held liable for any insurance money that can’t be claimed due to wrong spellings, birthdates, etc.

Improved Revenue Cycle

The revenue cycle of a healthcare organization starts with patient registration. If any data is incorrect or missing, the next steps of the revenue cycle will likely fail. With intelyReg, the registration process will improve; hence, the revenue cycle management will improve, too, which results in more collections for the organization.

In a nutshell

Most healthcare organizations fail to see the importance of a well-built patient registration system. Sometimes, the traditional process can be too difficult for patients. With intelyReg, the registration process can be much simpler for patients and providers alike.

We can’t ignore this process because If a patient visits a doctor then they have to register their details. So, you have to follow this modernized approach to the patient registration process.

With the benefits listed above, don’t you want your patients to experience healthcare in the best way possible? Contact us today and request a demo.


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