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In recent years, the concept of online shopping has become a trend as people are showing interest in buying products online. The net value of the ecommerce market in 2020 was nearly about $4.28 trillion and it would reach $6.3 trillion in 2024.  Apps such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay are popular among people who have marked their presence in the marketplace. So, adapting to the ecommerce business model with a similar app like Amazon is a good choice as it will pave the way to increase the ROI (Return on investment).

Most importantly, developing and launching an ecommerce app like Amazon is not sufficient in the digital era. With constantly changing market trends, it became essential to update its new features that appeal to the users.  

A ready-made Amazon Clone will facilitate you to incorporate as many features as you need to. So, let’s explore what factors will contribute to developing an Amazon Clone app in this blog.

4 Significant features to consider for Amazon Clone app development

  • Simple registration process

Once the users install the ecommerce app, they have to complete the registration process. Never make this process complicated for the users. This is to eliminate the app uninstall count. Integrating your app with social media helps users sign up with a few steps as they do not have to fill in their personal details. 

  • Multiple payment modes

Each customer has different choices. So, to fulfill all the customers’ demands, it would be great to provide multiple payment options as they will choose their preferred payment modes to make transactions.

Apart from offering digital payment, you can also let the users prefer cash on delivery. Digital payments include UPI payment, debit cards, credit cards, and e-wallets.

  • Cart

This is the essential feature for on-demand delivery apps, including ecommerce apps. This feature lets the users add the products to purchase as they have the option to review them before payment.  

  • Users’ feedback

Allowing your users to provide reviews and ratings will help your business to grow further as you will gain loyal customers. Also, it encourages new users to make decisions on purchasing a particular product via the app.

What factors will contribute to the cost of building a similar app like Amazon?

The cost to develop a marketplace app like Amazon depends on the individual business requirements. To simply say, the app development cost relies on the features and functionality. Let’s explore the three main factors that contribute to the cost.  

  • Wireframe

It is a process in which a prototype model is developed. This will give a basic idea of the app regarding its functionality. To a rough estimation, the cost of developing a wireframe would be in the range of $800 – $1000. 

  • App design

The appealing and simple design is required to draw the attention of a wide range of users. Moreover, your users will see and interact with the app’s interface to navigate through various features. If you want to make an eye-catching design, its cost would be around $7000 – $10,000.

  • Development

It is the final stage of the Amazon Clone app development process where your business idea is implemented into reality. In this stage, app developers will incorporate the necessary features that you would like to include in your app. So, the development cost mainly depends on the feature-set and resources required for including those features. Considering these, the cost would be around $30,000 – $80,000.

Apart from these, the geolocation of the app developers’ team or company will play a significant role in determining the app development cost. Companies based in Eastern Europe charge between $50 – $150 per hour, the United States-based companies charge about $80 – $250 per hour, and India-based companies charge in the range of $20 – $80 per hour.

In a nutshell, a basic version of the app with the general features would cost around $10,000 – $20,000. On the counterpart, an app with the additional features would be around $25,000 – $50,000. 

You have to invest a significant amount in customizing your app based on your requirements and recent market trends. More importantly, running this type of app on different platforms (Windows, Android, iOS, and Web) helps to get a wider reach among your target users. Based on your budget, target audience, and resources availability, you can choose which platform to launch your ecommerce app.

Choose a suitable technology partner for Amazon Clone app development

Development of an ecommerce like Amazon right from the beginning seems to take more time and requires a significant amount of investment. In contrast, Amazon Clone Script is a tailor-made ecommerce app solution crafted with the fundamental features that replicate the original version of Amazon. 

Nowadays, most mobile app development companies provide clone apps and assist entrepreneurs in establishing their businesses in the shortest possible time. As many companies offer the clone script, it is essential to partner with a reliable & suitable mobile app development company. You can check out the companies portfolios to find out the experience of developing an app you specialize in. 

After partnering with the company, discuss your app idea and proceed with the further steps of designing and developing. Once the developed app passes various levels of testings, it is ready to launch on iOS, Android, or both. Before app deployment, conduct marketing campaigns to reach a wider base.    

Ensure to choose the best Amazon Clone script for your business. Simply, launching the app will not help you anymore to run a successful business in this digital era as the ecommerce market is highly competitive. To put it in a simpler term, the ecommerce app’s success is determined by the customers’ satisfaction and convenience to use. Conducting the market study will help you to frame a business plan that perfectly matches the recent trends. 

Wrap up

2021 is a promising year as ecommerce mobile apps have taken an uprise with the surge in customer demand. Therefore, it is the right moment for you to start an ecommerce business with the Amazon Clone website/app. With this, you can increase the revenue and attract more customers. Also, you have a lot of opportunities to cultivate effective strategies to uplift your business.  


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