autocad course in urdu

Before you understand everything that is an AutoCAD course in urdu, you need to know a few things. By learning this information before taking an AutoCAD course, there is almost no guarantee that the entire course will be successful.

Search Interface

The AutoCAD interface is much easier to guide new users. Ribbons and other advancements have been appreciated by newcomers, although veterans who have taken AutoCAD courses in the past are less enthusiastic about these changes. You should find out how to use and enable drawing tools as well as change tools. For those who are already familiar with Windows applications, little effort is required as AutoCAD is compatible with Windows.

Open the drawing and move it around

It is very helpful to learn the navigation tools and become familiar with them before taking an AutoCAD course in Urdu. zoom in and out Move and spend time playing with tools. This will help you feel comfortable with them so that when you start studying They can jump right in and focus on other lessons, try creating a new design!

You will be familiar with drawing tools. Many teachers will use individual techniques and methods of use. But it often moves too fast, and the truth is that if someone doesn’t have enough time to work with each tool. Its use will be forgotten within a few days.

Working with Tools – Simple Tips

Although the drawing tools are pretty self-explanatory in terms of what they do. Depending on the naming method (e.g. Line creates a line, Circle creates a circle), each tool is used differently. Each tool has a different set of steps! Fortunately, the command line can be used. This is a simple method. To remember all the steps, an example is:

The command: _line specifies the first point:

Specify the following point or [Cancel]

Once the line tool is enabled, AutoCAD prompts you to specify the next point or cancel. Click on the drawing to indicate the point! Click again, Tah, you have a line! According to the command line, everything will be easy.

Next step: Fix the tool

One of the AutoCAD courses will teach you how to change tools. as well as drawing tools The name or icon indicates its function. Allow the pointer to hover over the icon and help will appear. Another option is to press F1 while the selection tool is enabled. which will open the help file

Object selection

Another important aspect of AutoCAD classes is the selection of learning objects. Artists have to select objects when dealing with them. It is important to learn what to do if you select multiple objects.

First, the artist can customize the window selection by clicking on the two dots. This is the first point on the left. Then the second point on the right All items will now be displayed in the window. If you select the correct point On the left there will be a selection across the window. You can enable window selection by typing “W” then “Enter” when AutoCAD prompts for the selected object.

The options Things to learn in an AutoCAD class include:

• cross window
• Polygon window.
• card
• Cross Polygon

With these simple guidelines, it’s easier for everyone to get through this colorful AutoCAD course.

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Autodesk AutoCAD 2021 4 Top New Features

Autodesk launched AutoCAD 2017 in March 2016 with the goal of helping users stay at the forefront. This latest version helps you work faster and smarter between your desktop and connected mobility solutions. Create a custom design experience Collaborate with colleagues easily And stay up to date with the latest features and updates. AutoCAD 2017 also includes AutoCAD 360 Pro, a mobile application that allows users to use AutoCAD on the go. The latest version handles user functionality requests. multiple And it offers enhanced features for everything from workflows to graphics processing. According to Autodesk, AutoCAD users worldwide will benefit from many of the improvements added in the latest release, such as the 3D printing gain. improvement New features such as “smart center line” sharing of design views in the cloud. and improvements to the PDF management feature.

In the updated feature of version 2017, PDFs have been added as a supported “import file” format. As a result, users can import geometry, True Type text, and raster images from PDF files or substrates into The current drawing is an AutoCAD object. The centerline and center marker are also updated accordingly when the user moves the corresponding object. Learning content and product updates are seamlessly supported to help users get the most out of the new features with Autodesk Desktop, an application that replaces Autodesk Application Manager here. Get the latest security patches and updates for Autodesk products running Microsoft Windows 2015, 2016, and 2017. Now, let’s talk about the first four new features Autodesk has included in the AutoCAD 2017 version.

Top 4 New Features in Autodesk AutoCAD 2021

Improved 3D printing

Using Autodesk’s new print studio, you can create 3D-ready files and print them directly to almost any 3D printer. This 3D printing tool is powered by Spark technology and only works on 64-bit machines. You must access the AutoCAD 3D Modeling workspace and select the Studio Printing Tool from the 3D Printing panel on the Results tab. If this is your first time using this tool. A prompt will appear from where you can download the tool. After downloading and installing Click Print Studio again, and then click the sealed or closed mesh object on the drawing that you want to use for 3D printing.

Smart center line and center marker

This new version of AutoCAD allows you to easily add a centerline and centerline to geometry. In addition, you need to type the command “Centremark” and click on a round object to create a center mark. You can use this command to mark the midpoints on circles, arcs, and tabs.

Share design views on the cloud

You can now share files directly with users who don’t have AutoCAD using their A360 cloud account, and they only need a web browser to access the shared drawings. to share a drawing Make sure you are connected to the Autodesk 360 cloud and your drawings are saved.

Coordination model

In AutoCAD 2017, coordination model functionality has been improved with support for object snapping. Attach Navisworks or BIM 360 Glue to AutoCAD drawings so you can view them as textures, and then use standard AutoCAD endpoints. and a center stud holder to indicate the exact location while creating and editing designs based on the attached templates.


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