Acrylic Round and Diamond Shaped Custom Eyelash Boxes

The acrylic round lash box is a great option for small orders. Due to its large production, it is inexpensive even if you order a low quantity. You can also opt for an acrylic diamond-shaped box. Its small size makes it easy to transport and looks beautiful. This acrylic box is also easily combined with paper eyelash boxes. If you want your custom eyelash box to be unique, you should choose the diamond-shaped option.

Diamond-Shaped Acrylic Lash Box:

One of the main advantages of an acrylic eyelash box is its uniform appearance. Since they are produced in large quantities, they can be easily transported. Moreover, a diamond-shaped box is a smaller volume, making it easier to move. A diamond-shaped acrylic lash box is also attractive and can be combined with paper eyelash boxes to maximize your marketing opportunities.

Besides the aesthetic appearance, diamond-shaped Eyelash Boxes are highly durable. These cases can protect eyelashes from dust and dirt. They are also available in a variety of colors. Another advantage of custom eyelash packaging is that you can add your brand logo and social media handle to them. You can add a small design to each box, thereby allowing your customers to identify your products easily. Once your customer opens it, they will be more likely to buy your products.

Acrylic Round Lash Box:

If you’re thinking about getting eyelash packaging for your retail store or salon, then you’ll want to look into the options available. Customized eyelash packaging can be made of either paper or plastic and comes in a wide variety of styles. If you’re not sure what to choose, the most popular style is an acrylic round lash box. You can even get an acrylic eyelash case with a mirror. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll want a professional-looking, memorable slogan.

Another option is an acrylic round lash box custom-made with a plastic tray. The acrylic tray is smaller in volume than the box, so it doesn’t take up much space in the box. This means that your logo can be printed on both sides of the box, but it’s more difficult to print your logo on the top. Because of that, you’ll want a box that has a lid that can open.

Glossy or Matte Finish:

Custom eyelash boxes are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes. You can use any of these materials to make your eyelash packaging stand out from the competition. Choose a glossy or matte finish for your box. Besides its look, you can also add a company logo or message to the box. Depending on the product you are selling, a glossy box will attract more attention.

Choose between a glossy or a matte finish for your custom eyelash packaging. Glossy packaging will reflect light while a matte finish will absorb light. Matte boxes will not create a harsh glare, making them easy to read from a distance. Glossy boxes are better for products that are difficult to see. If you are not sure, you can always visit the supplier’s website to see sample samples.

Magnetic Lash Book:

Magnetic lashes are an excellent way to display your makeup. These lash books usually have enough space for several pairs of lashes, along with tweezers, glue, and a makeup brush. They also can be customized to hold several types of lashes. You can use a lash book as a cosmetics organizer by separating the lashes by makeup steps. To keep your lashes in perfect condition, you should invest in a magnetic lash book.

These magnetic lash books are much larger than standard magnetic eyelash boxes. They can hold as many as three pairs of false lashes. Some of them are customized with glitter surfaces and holographic designs. You can also get one with a lash application mirror and other cosmetic tools included. Customized magnetic lash boxes can be an excellent addition to any makeup bag or cosmetic case. There are many advantages to purchasing a magnetic lash book.


Another style of custom eyelash boxes is the diamond shape. This style is popular and allows for easy viewing of the lashes inside. Several different types of surfaces are available, including holographic, glitter, and pure color. Custom Printed Boxes can also be decorated with a private label or an eyelash logo. A diamond-shaped box can be customized to look like a mini handbag. There are many ways to design a magnetic lash book.


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