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What is Add Me to Search and How to Add Your Name in Google Search Results: Create a Google virtual card and get famous by getting your name in Google search

Have you ever googled your name?

I can bet. You must have done it and you will have many regrets after seeing the search results. Because Google did not show any of your information. This happened to me too.

But, now you will not have to regret it. Because, following the principle of equality, Google has launched a new feature. By which everyone will now come to Google after searching on Google like celebrities, businessmen, and ratios

The name of this new feature is – Google’s People Cards.

Yes! Through these people cards, you will be able to come to Google by adding yourself to the search result. You can also recognize this card by the name of Google Virtual Card and Add Me to Search.

What is Google Add Me to Search?

This is a virtual visiting card. In which you share information other than your name. In which apart from contact sources, social media profiles, website/blog, location, and job title are prominent. This service also calls People Card and Search Card.

Actually, right now Google only shows the names of big personalities like actors, businessmen, sportspersons, politicians, etc. If someone’s name is found from these gentlemen, then his name will not be found anywhere on Google.

This is where the problem starts. Everyone wants their identity. With the aim of fulfilling this desire of the people, Google has solved this problem with Virtual Visiting Cards. This virtual visiting card has been named “People Card” or “Add Me to Search”.

Google has this to say about it:

“Today, we are solving these problems through People Cards. This will be a virtual visiting card where you will be able to show your website or social media profiles, along with some additional information that you want to tell people about.

People Card will prove beneficial for Freelancers, Business Professionals, Artists, Influencers, Journalists, Job-Hunters, and all those who want to have an online presence of their own.

Now you have got information about Google Virtual Card. Come, know how you will make your own Google People Card or say how to make Google Virtual Visiting Card?

How to make your own Google Card?

Step: #1 – Open Google App

First of all, go to the Google app installed on your Android smartphone and tap on it with your finger. So that the app gets launched.

Step: #2Add me to search

Type “add me to search” in the search bar and then search.

Step: #3 – Tap on getting started

add me to google search

A screen will appear in front of you. From here you tap on the “Get started” button on the right side. So that the process of making people’s cards starts.

Step: #4 – Fill in your details

After tapping on getting started a form will open in front of you. In which the required fields will come up and the fields with optional information will open below.

You have to fill in all the information asked in the required information correctly. These fields contain this information.

  1. Name
  2. Location
  3. About
  4. Job

When you have filled in this information, then go to the optional fields to add additional information and the additional information you want to share with the public. It contains this information.

  1. Work
  2. Education
  3. Hometown
  4. Website
  5. Social Profiles
  6. Email
  7. phone number

Google provides you the free facility to add the following profiles to your social media profiles.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Soundcloud
  • Twitter

Note – You will fill in most of the information yourself. But, the phone number and email address will be taken from your Google account. You cannot change them. To change, you will have to change your Google account.

Step: #5 View and Publish

After filling in the above information, you should see the preview of the card before publishing it. To do this, tap on Preview.

After that, when you are satisfy with the given information. Submit your virtual visiting card by tapping on Save. As soon as you save, you will get the “Success” message.

Congratulations! Your digital visiting card is ready. Which you can see by typing your name in Google search. Some important things to keep in mind while making People Cards

This card will only work on mobile devices and can only be created through the Google Search mobile app. If you are trying it on a desktop app or computer would be a waste of time.

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Google Virtual Card or People Card

Google Virtual Card or People Card will work as a digital visiting card. Which anyone will be able to see in the Google app by typing your name.

While making this card, fill in the information asked for and correct it yourself. 

Don’t make the mistake of filling similar names with other people and popular names. Otherwise, your People Card will die before it is created.

To protect yourself from popular people, definitely use a profession or job title in front of the name. like; Your name is “Wasim Akram” which resembles a Pakistani cricketer. Therefore, to save yourself from this name, you can write “Wasim Akram Blogger” or “Wasim Akram Writer”.

In this article, I have told you about Google Card. Do you know what is Google’s new service Add Me to Search and how to make your own virtual Google card through it? You can also learn a search engine optimization course or SEO course

Today you learn about what should be in mind while making a Google People card. I hope you will like this information very much and will prove useful for you.

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