Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has suffered massively in the past two years due to the abrupt arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. The rapid increase of infected patients has left medical practitioners scrambling for tools that can help ease up their work. In the past decade, investing in modern healthcare IT solutions significantly helped countless health organizations make processes more efficient even though the demand for services constantly increases as time goes by.

One of the emerging modern technologies in healthcare is interoperability, allowing two or more existing systems seamlessly exchange health information and use it accurately when needed. This solution helps enhance data flow within the medical firm and is crucial in improving medical services. It can also enable companies to streamline several back-office processes, such as information management and finance.

The importance of interoperability in the healthcare industry has led to the continual increase in the market value of the healthcare interoperability industry in the past decade. In 2021, the global valuation of interoperability technology providers had reached more than $3 billion. This is expected to further increase in succeeding years as more healthcare facilities adopt the technology moving forward.

Apart from helping organizations make healthcare-critical tasks more efficient, there are other benefits of implementing interoperability in the sector. It can help reduce the amount being paid by patients when they use medical services. Administrative costs take up a large portion of hospital bills, and interoperability solutions can amplify the financial performance of both the medical firm and the patients.  

It can also help healthcare companies improve data security, especially with the growing number of cyberattacks in the industry. Patients give plenty of personal information to the organizations whenever they use medical services, and it must be well-protected. Interoperability solutions can help firms comply with regulations that require healthcare facilities to ensure that the information is stored and secured correctly.

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Healthcare Industry


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