Advantages of Studying MBBS in Georgia for International Students

Indian students enroll in foreign medical schools every year to pursue MBBS. Several countries, notably Georgia, have low costs for international education. As a destination that boasts world-class research infrastructure and top-tier education, Georgia attracts many international students, especially Indian students who want to study MBBS abroad. Geographically located between Europe and Asia, Georgia is home to some of the world’s most impressive monasteries, cathedrals, and churches. With a literacy rate of 100%, Georgia can boast a high-quality education system.

Georgia, a European nation, has gained worldwide prominence due to its economic progress, high-quality education system, weather, and hospitality. Georgia is a significant nation located east of the Black Sea and south of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Its northern and northeastern borders are Russia, Azerbaijan, the Black Sea, Armenia, and Turkey. It has solid borders and good dissemination.

Why Study MBBS in Georgia?

A European MBBS program has always been one of the best options for Indian students, and Georgia is known for its medical education worldwide. The tuition fees to study in Georgia are relatively low as well. The universities in Georgia have been recognized by MCI and WHO, as well as other medical bodies, which is a significant plus for Indian students.

Eligibility Requirements for the MBBS Program in Georgia

  • A student must have reached the age of majority in Georgia to be considered for admission to the MBBS program there.
  • A high school diploma or an equivalent degree from an accredited university or board is required for employment. NEET is a prerequisite for MBBS in Georgia.
  • A solid score on the IELTS/TOEFL is required.
  • Students must have a combined higher secondary grade point average in physics, chemistry, and biology of at least 50 percent (English should have also been a compulsory subject).

Studying MBBS in Georgia has the Following Advantages and Benefits:

1) MCI and WHO Recognized:

The MBBS program at Georgian universities is renowned for its excellent quality. A total of 18 medical universities in Georgia are accredited by MCI and WHO, among other groups. Therefore, it would be a perfect option for Indian students who wish to achieve their MBBS degree abroad through this course.

2)Up-to-Date Equipment and Infrastructure:

There are a number of elite medical universities in Georgia that have world-class infrastructure and advanced technologies at their disposal. During their first semester, students get the opportunity to do experiments and clinical clerkships, which gives them a better perspective of what it is like to be a doctor in today’s real world.

3)Entrance Tests Are Not Required:

A student who wishes to study MBBS abroad in Georgia has an easy admission process when they apply for admission. A student’s chances of being accepted into a Georgian medical school are primarily determined by their scores in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology subjects in the 12th grade. To be eligible to study MBBS at Georgian universities, students must score at least 50% in these subjects.

4) Budget-Friendly:

Georgian medical universities offer low-cost MBBS programs for students interested in studying abroad. A 50% discount on travel is also provided to international students as part of the scholarship program. This allows Indian students studying for the MBBS abroad to drastically reduce their daily living costs, which is undoubtedly a huge benefit for them.

5) A Safe Environment:

As a student in Georgia, you will find that it is a very safe place for you – males as well as females. As a developing country with a low crime rate, they are among the world’s most peaceful nations. Using public transportation is a safe and convenient way for students to get around. Finding separate hostels for males and females on campus is also possible. As far as quality of life is concerned, Georgia is unrivaled in the world.

6) Obtaining Permanent Residency:

 Students who choose to study MBBS in Georgia can apply for their permanent residency as soon as they have completed their third year of study. As part of the program, there is also the possibility of students moving to Europe in order to pursue their post-graduation.

7) Learn in English:

Indian students interested in studying medicine in Georgia can look into the universities in Georgia that offer MBBS programs. It is a good option since most universities in Georgia use English as the language of instruction.

Wrapping Up:

The state’s numerous government-run medical colleges and affordable tuition rates make MBBS an attractive career option. The cost of studying MBBS in Georgia is affordable for the majority of Indians who are interested in this career.

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