Air Bar Lux Plus

As we assume you are already aware of how vaping is becoming popular. It is a precious way to help addictive smokers quit the hazardous habit and is an ideal option for beginners who are craving nicotine hits. Having said that, you need to have the right kind of vape that neither makes you an addict to nicotine nor gives you an iota of tobacco consumption. Here. This is when disposable vapes come out as the wise choice for vaping for two reasons. One, they have a limited number of puffs and two the nicotine strength is also limited to half of what you get in a conventional cigarette.

Additionally, the added advantage is that you get to have a delicious flavor ride which brings a double dose of satisfaction to your senses. Realizing that, we thought of introducing you to one of the precious disposable vapes in the industry- Air Bar Lux and Air Bar Lux Plus that uphold an inch-perfect combination of performance, vape juice, and design. Once you have a look at their vaping features. No other vaping unit would be able to tempt you for vaping. So, let’s get started…

Air Bar Lux and Air Bar Lux Plus- What’s the Claim to Fame all about?

There are a lot of perks about these little vape gadgets created by the Suorin! Beginning with the very first one is that you would never face any interruption in your throat hits and this comes as easy as a cake. All you have to do to get it going is to make an inhale and your vaping gets ignited! This comfort stretches so much so that throughout the entire vaping session with these vape units, you won’t have to arrange the vape accessories. These come pre-filled and precharged and their coil structures and wicks survive until their entire e-juices are deployed into the satisfying cloud hits.

Other than this, these also have an extra-pleasing design that is jaw-dropping for their slim and simple design. These are very light in weight and the shimmery-rich colors are used to make them attractive on the outside. The drip tip is super soft and you will just love the touch of it whenever you’ll pull in your draws. Plus, they get easily fit into your pockets!!
Along with the super-fast ergonomically advanced batteries. There also are amazing varieties of e-juices to boast about Air Bar Lux and Air Bar Lux Plus. Moreover, there is an adjustable button to personalize the vapors as per your personal liking. The LED bright light glow on every inhale makes them look even classier than the rest of the throwaway vapes down the line. So, now you know the reason for the fame of these vapes by Suorin. They are an embodiment of everything that makes a dream vape for all MTL vapers.

What are the flavors of Air Bar Lux and Air Bar Lux Plus? Are these safe?

The flavor scale of both is different and mesmerizing to hear forget about the taste that certainly will drive you crazy. Despite the different taste palates in both these disposable vapes, branded by Suorin. The Vegetable glycerine and Propyl Glycol and nicotine’s strength and quality remain similar in both. The VG/PG is 70:30 while the nicotine is 5% of the concentration of the respective quantity of e-liquids of Air Bar Lux and Air Bar Lux Plus, that is, 2.7ml and 6.5ml respectively. The safety of flavoring compounds is guaranteed as no preservatives are added. The proportions are maintained in accordance with the safety standards required for upkeeping the consumers’ health safe. The deliciousness is so pure that your tongues are going to have the best swirl ever. So, here is the chart for the vape flavors for both, Air Bar Lux and Air Bar Lux Plus…

How many puff counts are in Air Bar Lux and Air Bar Lux Plus?

Both have a good number of cloud hits. Air Bar Lux can give around 1000 puffs while Air Bar Lux Plus can release around 2000puffs for its vapers to get the double dose of its predecessor.

Which one’s better? Air Bar Lux or Air Bar Lux Plus?

There are many factors that will help you decide which one’s better than which. Since these come from the same brand and with similar battery material, technology, and vape juice qualities. There are only the following reasons where you can judge one over the other and these vary from person to person based on personal preferences. To be able to pick the best one for yourself, you can ask the following questions

1. Are 1000 Puffs better than 2000 Puffs?
2. Is flavor the first priority of puff count?
3. Is the design first priority than flavor and puff count?
4. Does the weight and dimensions matter the most?

You can prioritize your requirements and the one in which you get the maximum of them would be your kind of disposable vape out of the two.

Are these vape batteries safe to use?

Suorin’s mantra to fame is its authentic manufacturing process. It uses the best quality material and experts that take care of the safety standards the most. Here, Air Bar Lux with a battery of 350mAh and Air Bar Lux Plus with a battery of 1250mAh can be trusted in every sense. These won’t lead to extra heat up on the outside even if you are vaping for a long time. Plus, there won’t be any mishap of battery explodes. So, vapers, no worries if you have these as your vaping supports. Just enjoy your vaping journey. However, we advise you to buy only the original ones as there are many fake ones being circulated in the market about which we take no guarantee.

Can Vaping get any better?

Talking everything and all, we would like to wrap up by asking you a question that can your vaping get any better without any of the Air Bar Lux and Air Bar Lux Plus? We know your answer and now you can’t hold on to the patience of ordering one of them for yourself!! These have all that a vaper can best have!! Succulent vape juices, cool style, and a great vapor flow that is sure going to take you on a blissful mood in an instance of your very first inhale. Having discussed the ins and outs of these two in-trend vapes. It is now the time for you to take a decision and get yourself the one that pleased you the most. In any case, we hope that you would return with a happy vape time!! We request you to vape wisely and stay safe!!

Care for the environment?- Dumping electronic waste is a major environmental issue. And if using these vapes is adding to guilt then here is the news. For vapers who think beyond the ordinary and can go the extra mile then they can also make these disposable vapes recyclable!! Many special programs are offered by some manufacturers. You can take a step by visiting your local recycling center to see if they accept this electronic waste. If there is a chance then why not use it !! Vape Wise and Live Safe Vapers 🙂


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