beats studio vs airpods pro

AirPods Pro comes in a smaller charging case, so has the benefit of greater portability and though Beats Studio Buds are brilliantly made, I think the charging case has higher build quality. Both sets of earbuds come with easily removable ear tips. Three pairs are included in the box for the perfect fit.

What Are The Differences Between AirPods and Beats Studio Noise-canceling Headphones?

With no wires, AirPods can be easily moved from room to room and dropped in a pocket while on the go. They provide hours of uninterrupted listening without the hassle of charging or storing an extra pair of earbuds. As a premium option, Beats Studio Wireless headphones are less portable but come with a wired mode that allows you to listen on the move for 30 hours on a single charge. They provide equally great audio quality. My personal preference is for a wired and wire-free pair of headphones, as I don’t like wires interfering with the best possible audio reproduction. At least with wired headphones, I can turn them off when I don’t need them. Both pairs of Beats headphones also come with carrying cases.

AirPods Pro


AirPods Pro comes with Apple’s W1 wireless chip, which means battery life is excellent and they stay connected even when you’re playing music. For me, the most impressive thing about AirPods Pro is their noise isolation. While on the move, I can forget that I’m listening to Apple Music or even regular music. However, when I step back in my office, I can hear my colleagues talking over the music. The volume at this point is still fairly loud, but there’s enough of a separation that I can’t quite make out what they’re saying. The key to this is the AirPods’ noise cancellation, which means that you can block out external noise completely with a relatively light amount of white noise in the headphones.

Charging case

The AirPods charge via Lightning on the bottom of the case. The Beats charge using Micro USB. Plug-in cable The AirPods come with a small plug-in cable, and no one has an issue with it. The Beats, not so much. The cable is too short and it’s not made of the same high quality as the AirPods and for me, that has made a big difference. The issue is that if you need to move the cable a lot you end up getting a few spots where you can’t bend it properly. Also, it can get a bit yucky on the end after a while and I ended up taking out a bit of the silicone so that I didn’t end up chewing on it like a dog when I had a bit of a fidgety tummy. Apple has changed the charging case to include a Lightning connector.

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Bluetooth and battery life

AirPods have superb connectivity, while the Beats are a little lacking in this area. The latter provides a slightly disappointing 14 hours of music playback, compared to AirPods’ 24 hours. Battery life is just 5 hours with AirPods, and 9 hours with Beats Studio Wireless. Bluetooth range both sets of earbuds have excellent Bluetooth range, which means you can listen to music from across the room. My car has a great Bluetooth range, but not every vehicle does. The only things that beat both sets of buds are the Bose SoundSport Wireless, which has an extra feature I think Beats customers will be interested in: a separate noise-canceling headphone so you can take phone calls without removing your earbuds.

Beats Studio Buds Noise Cancelling Headphone


In terms of performance, I have found both sets of AirPods to sound excellent. No matter what type of music I throw at them, they sounded punchy, clear, and responsive. With what I would call radio listening – just ‘classical’ stuff with the occasional lyrical element – they produced perfect music reproduction, with sounds that were clean and spacious. However, the bass seemed a bit muddier on the AirPods. The Beats Studio’s produced perhaps slightly better bass, with a fuller sound. I found the AirPods to be slightly more natural sounding, although the Beats studios have a little more mid and treble as well as extra bass to the mix. However, the Studio did not sound sibilant and stayed put in my ears no matter how loud it got. They are super comfortable to wear.

Charging case

AirPods can easily be charged from the case, which has an 18-hour battery life, while you can get up to 40 hours of playback time from the Beats Studio earbuds. However, the AirPods have been reported to come with a lifetime warranty, which means they will last even longer. AirPods are great if you forget your headphones at home, but if you want to take a sports jog without being worried about getting an earplug stuck in your ear for the rest of the day, the AirPods may be out of your reach. The case Now that I think about it, the only thing that I dislike about the AirPods is that I have to charge them by plugging them in every couple of hours. But this is actually a great advantage as if you lose them, you have to buy new ones.

Bluetooth and battery life

The AirPods are rated at 5 hours of playback on a single charge, while the Beats come in with a 12-hour rating. In use, my iPhone battery life seems to match up. My AirPods earbuds run out in about 6 hours of charging, while I can generally make it through a day’s worth of use from about an hour on each set of Beats. Comfort AirPods have a snug fit, which I can take for granted given how close they fit into my ears and how light they feel. The Beats are slightly more comfortable. Setup Pairing to an iPhone is about as straightforward as it gets. They just sound a tone, a vibration and you’re away. That said, it isn’t as instant or robust as the AirPods’ pairing.

Beats Studio is priced at $350. With sound quality, audio fidelity, design, flexibility, ease of use, true wireless audio, and wireless charging, AirPods truly stand alone from the competition. Like it


The AirPods look fantastic and the sound quality is outstanding. But a world of headphones has been transformed by truly wireless audio and now they have reached their natural conclusion with Apple AirPods. But AirPods have no issues in sound quality or design. What’s left is price and battery life


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