Carrot kanji is a fermented drink that is made with carrots. Its origin is from the North Indian states. Since it is an acidophilus drink, it is incredibly profitable for the body. It promotes digestion and is very significant for the gut. The ancestral procedure of making gajar ki kanji is made up of black carrots. But nowadays, due to their scarcity, red carrots and beetroot have evolved to be the replacement. It has a sweet and sour flavor. Since it has to be kept in the protection of sunshine for 3 to 4 days, the whole process of making this drink takes about a week. But waiting is worth it because of the benefits that this drink transmits. It is made with the help of the simplest ingredients that might be in everyone’s kitchen anytime. 

One can add this healthy and nutritious drink to their day-to-day life. It possesses several health benefits that we are going to talk about in detail. So let us know more about this healthful and nostalgic drink in brief.

What are the benefits of carrot kanji?

  • A tremendous mixture of healthy elements.

Carrots have an abundant amount of beta carotene. It is free of fats and cholesterol. It contains active vitamins like vitamins B, C, E, and K. It is low in sodium but high in minerals like fiber, biotin, potassium, calcium etcetera. 

  • Helps in better digestion.

The top benefit of gajar ki kanji is that it aids digestion. This drink is made in the winter season. The amount of fiber that carrots have is ideal for treating constipation and other digestive issues. It stabilizes the sugar level in the body that controls cholesterol levels. It detoxifies the liver. 

  • A magical therapy for glowing skin. 

Carrots are not only miraculous for active and rosy skin but also prevent aging. It stalls down the aging cycle resulting in a lovely and radiant beauty. The presence of vitamin C is great for increasing collagen which is valuable for the elasticity of the skin. 

  • Acts as an immunity booster.

We already know about the ability of vitamin C. White blood cells are the protective cells of the body. They prevent the body from any harmful diseases. Vitamin C contributes to the production of these soldier cells and hence boosts immunity. 

  • Beneficial for the eyes.

It is always advised to increase the intake of beetroots and carrots for people who have weak eyesight. They are rich in anthocyanin which improves eye condition. It also contributes to a better vision. 

Carrot kanji recipe.

So now that we have enough knowledge about the numerous health benefits of this magical drink, let us make this by ourselves. Here is a complete guide for you to prepare gajar ki kanji at home. Just follow these twelve simple steps and create your own best carrot kanji and enjoy the various benefits that it delivers: 

  • Start with the byproduct of this recipe which is carrots and beetroots. If you have involved black carrots, then you must skip beetroot.
  • Discard the top and bottom of the veggies and wash them properly. After that, peel the outer layer of the carrot and the beetroot.
  • It is advised to take 200 grams of carrots and 50 grams of beetroot. 
  • Make a coarse powder of 5 teaspoons of yellow mustard seeds.
  • Compile other ingredients such as spices.
  • Boil 2 liters of water in a large bowl (turn off the heat after it comes to a boil).
  • Add the veggies to the bowl and cover them for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Transfer the veggies into a jar and cover the top with a muslin cloth.
  • Let the jar stay in touch with explicit sunlight for three to five days straight. Do not skip stirring it now and then. 
  • After fermentation, remove the cloth and refrigerate for some time. 
  • Consume it within 2 to 4 days otherwise, the drink would lose its flavor. 
  • If you catch any green mold on the drink, it conveys that you have fermented it more than required. 

Carrot kanji online.

If you are someone who does not prefer to spend that much time preparing a drink, leave it to us. You do not have to worry about the lengthy preparation of this nutritious drink because you are just one click away from buying the best carrot kanji online. Our carrot kanji is made with the best quality carrots that are mixed with water, salt, Haldi, and mustard seeds. They are deemed to get fermented for a decent number of days. It is fat-free, cholesterol free, and low in salt. This gajar ki kanji has fiber content that aids digestion, strengthens immunity, and gives rise to healthful and radiant skin. It has numerous other benefits that result in a healthier and happier body. So, what are you waiting for? Get the greatest quality and delicious carrot kanji online here. 


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